Comments - Snowbound Car Avoids Two Crashes

Published: Feb 03, 2013
Description: Driving on snow-covered and slippery roads is difficult no matter where you are but you just need to be careful. When you're in Russia, that difficulty is often augmented by a disturbing display ...
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Description: Again nobody seems to be hurt but it's amazing just how great one's chances are of getting killed or seriously injured while driving in Russia - in rain, shine or snow.
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Emil Ilie Bratu Feb 05, 2013
I wonder how much are the insurance rates in Russia.
Dustin Schoenith Feb 04, 2013
Wish I could understand them. And what's with all of the purple clothes?
Anthony Boggs Feb 04, 2013
Welcome to Dumb-town, were anyone can Drift.
Jr Dawkins Feb 04, 2013
How did that second car miss the big red truck with blinkers on??? Like Canada Russia should mandate all cars need snow tires...
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 04, 2013
To be honest screw them all a smartcar with crazy snow tires or other super light small cars
Nathan Lo Feb 04, 2013
Need AWD cars lol
Zeus Mocha Feb 04, 2013
Oh Greg sorry to inform that you are the child here. When has RWD ever been good on traction? On top of that throttling isn't going to do anything, it's snow, the more you throttle the less grip it will have.
Kev Berkel Feb 04, 2013
Agreed. In snow.. AWD>FWD>RWD
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 04, 2013
@Greg it snows here a LOT. My dad doesn't like driving his rwd car in the snow, he asks to borrow my Civic or my mon's Santa Fe. Fwd is best in snow, unless you have awd.
Brian Howard Feb 03, 2013
Acura SH-AWD vs Audi Quattro which one wins?
Greg Lewis Feb 03, 2013
Really? FWD? You're along for the ride if and when you lose control. At least RWD you can throttle it. Kids...
Raymond Reynoso Feb 03, 2013
It's probably a cheap camera that distorts the colors. That's one lucky guy though not a scratch on his car
Luke Crigger Feb 03, 2013
FWD sucks, RWD sucks. Audi Quattro ftw! :P
Aaron Crisp Feb 03, 2013
I think it's just the lighting making it all looks purple. No clue though. Sweet video.
David Justice Feb 03, 2013
Those Russian tow trucks are huge!
Javier Alonso Rivas Feb 03, 2013
why is every one wearing the same ugly color of jacket/shirt
Nick Smith Feb 03, 2013
I was just going to say, some of you have never driven in snow. FWD in snow+engine pushing down on front wheels=traction
Jack Howard Feb 03, 2013
FWD actually does better in the snow than RWD. And Will have you ever driven in snow?
Matt Nourie Feb 03, 2013
I think it's funny that the guy put the e brake on when he is clearly stuck in the ditch like the car is going to roll away
Mohamed Alhasan Feb 03, 2013
What happened to the other car ? That caused this
Ryan Lopez Feb 03, 2013
Death why else would you run
Ryan Sansossio Feb 03, 2013
Whats with the guy who runs away after the second crash?
Caleb Malcolm Feb 03, 2013
Why are they all wearing purple?
Austin Whitener Feb 03, 2013
Sometime the diches are deeper than u think plus I think his car was fwd
Dillon Dixon Feb 03, 2013
Geez! That was a fantastic reaction on the first wreck. That second car was flying! That had to hurt!
Will Will Feb 03, 2013
The car with the dashcam looked like it could have gotten itself out of the ditch. Wonder why it needed the truck's help.
Saad Warraich Feb 03, 2013
why is everyone wearing purple?