Comments - Mercedes 911-Fighter Back On

Published: Feb 03, 2013
Description: Several months ago it was reported that Mercedes-Benz had put its "Baby SLS" Porsche 911-fighter, called the SLC, on indefinite hold. No exact reason(s) were given but a rumor claimed the pr...
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Velocy Melendez Feb 04, 2013
Wow! I drew a car and I named it Mercedes SLC, and it looks just like that. I drew the car in like my 6th grade year in school
Allen Kim Feb 03, 2013
time to show Porsche that you shouldn't mess with AMG
Luke Purdy Feb 03, 2013
Might even be a replacement, who knows.
Mark Fei Ling Feb 03, 2013
Mercedes should go up against Porsche, because Porsche are the one who really begin to eating Merc's high-end market.
Obaida Habash Feb 03, 2013
Abood. Habash
Pablo Herasme Feb 04, 2013
All he did was to say it looks like (which clearly it is not) no way trolling, but something that is common with cars like gtr, corvette etc
Alex Smith Feb 04, 2013
I didn't say anyone did. I was saying that they usually do. Which is why it annoys me when people have to bring it up.
Pablo Herasme Feb 04, 2013
Alex no one said it was
Alex Smith Feb 04, 2013
It's just annoying how people troll articles just to say how the GTR is better.
Justin Johnson Feb 04, 2013
The GTR is for fanboys who miss the Supra. The GTR isn't my benchmark. ;)
Pablo Herasme Feb 04, 2013
I guess the GTR is the benchmark of supercars, I also guess you guys never knew that.
John Chase Feb 04, 2013
Lots of cars look like other cars. Who fucking cares?! The GTR IS OLD NEWS.
Alex Smith Feb 03, 2013
Why are there always people who have to bring up the GTR whenever a cool car comes out. That coupled with the GTR being in almost every drag race comparison has made me completely despise it in every way.
Matthew Crighton Feb 03, 2013
I know we are all thinking it-whats ul with that rear rim.
Jackson Michael Feb 03, 2013
The if you see GTR in the front then you've never seen a GTR
Dillon Dixon Feb 03, 2013
@justin The only slight resemblance is the headlight position and shape. Other than that, it looks nothing like a GTR.
Ben Taylor Feb 03, 2013
Sexy love it
Justin Johnson Feb 03, 2013
If you do not see the GTR front end on this car, you are blind. I deal with these moronic blind fire comments every day. That looks like a GTR front end. Plain and simple. If you see a Acura TL rear end, good for you too.
Luke Purdy Feb 03, 2013
@carlos, yes but at least this baby SLS will have some sort of interior and no scaffolding in the back
Mark Fei Ling Feb 03, 2013
If this one have the promised performance, and reasonable price. People will buy it
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 03, 2013
Straight line* performance
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 03, 2013
I'd never buy this cause the 991 GT3 will have straight performance right up there with the SLS and destroy it around a track. So why get a car that with "German" options list will end up being over 100k like the GT3 anyway
Saqar Khudairy Feb 03, 2013
Because its a baby sls, the corvette is not a smaller version of another car
Mohamed Alhasan Feb 03, 2013
Im with Ryan
Ryan Faber Feb 03, 2013
@ Justin, what? @ Greg, what? this looks nothing like a gtr and Greg... an adult? what does that even mean??
Greg Kenerly Feb 03, 2013
A baby SLS or a cheaper SLS? Either way it'll cost $80k. Just give me my Stingray's an adult...
Ryan Lopez Feb 03, 2013
A little bit yes
Justin Johnson Feb 03, 2013
Looks like a GTR front end
Stanzel Washington Feb 03, 2013
It's a test mule silly.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Feb 03, 2013
Looks just like a sls but thats not a bad thing
Description: In other words, it won't be entirely new from the ground-up. The report also claims the SLC will ditch the SLS's gullwing doors in favor of conventional side-hinged units in an effort to fur...
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Justin Routh Feb 03, 2013
Since when is mercedes doing a small displacement V8???? News to me!
Mark Fei Ling Feb 03, 2013
That's good numbers
Description: Roughly a year after its launch, Mercedes may even offer the SLC with a V6 option with an estimated 333 hp. "SLC" may also not be its final name, as there are rumors that the iconic SLR name...
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Trevor Brown Feb 04, 2013
911s only have six cylinders...
Jose Miguel Fernandez Feb 04, 2013
If they go with a v6 Porsche will destroy it
Luke Purdy Feb 03, 2013
Don't touch the name Mercedes...
Aaron Sparks Feb 03, 2013
Surely Mercedes has the brains to not put the letters SLR anywhere near this. And the V6 option would be a smart move IMO.
Andrew McNeal Feb 03, 2013
We already have an SLR...
Pablo Herasme Feb 03, 2013
Stay away from the SLR
Ryan Faber Feb 03, 2013
it will be like an S2000 with a v8 under the hood. ill take it.
Justin Harris Feb 03, 2013
There's also a chance it could just be engine/chassis testing.
Justin Harris Feb 03, 2013
They're just using sls parts because the true slc parts either haven't been produced or they just don't want them spied. Remember when the 918 used 911 parts while testing?
Noah Gavurin Feb 03, 2013
having the doors cut into the roof would make it harder to get into, remember when clarkson couldnt get into his GT because may parked within a reasonable distance from him?
Aislin Cooper Feb 03, 2013
It's probably because they're using an SLS as a test mule
Braxton Omgbased Booker Feb 03, 2013
They could be like the ford gt doors that cut in to the roof line so its easier to get in to
Kyle Rawn Feb 03, 2013
The article said that they're ditching the gullwings for traditional side hinged doors.
Nick Schnee Feb 03, 2013
I would love to see a sub-100K car with gullwing doors!
Thibault Leroy Feb 03, 2013
Idk if its part of the camo but those are gullwing doors