Comments - BMW Planning AMG Black Series Competitor?

Published: Feb 03, 2013
Description: Despite a lagging global economy these days, luxury car sales have been holding steady, especially in the US. The battle between Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz remains fierce on all levels, including hig...
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Lance Vincent Jul 30, 2013
Both performance division of these brands are competing. AMG for Mercedes and M for BMW. Both brands make V12 engine, but AMG performs well than M.
Ameer Balkore Feb 23, 2013
Game on
Jr Dawkins Feb 04, 2013
About time!!! AMG has some monsters! BMW has been pretty quite...
Harrison Trapnell Feb 03, 2013
YAY! More limited edition overly-priced extremely over-done cars that only major enthusiasts can buy!
Edgar Jauregui Feb 03, 2013
it's like the muscle car wars here just with luxury included. Love to see some competition, pushing each other to be better
Blaise Harned Feb 03, 2013
That'll be so sick of they do!
Pierangelo Gibellini Feb 05, 2013
Spaventosa !!!!!!!
Serge Pankratov Feb 03, 2013
Love this thing
James Salaba Feb 03, 2013
Loving it!
Jordan Nishida Feb 03, 2013
I like it
Luke Purdy Feb 03, 2013
I would love another CSL
Gray Conron Feb 03, 2013
BMW needed to make more GTSs and lower the price a little bit. Sort of like the E46 CSL.
Austin Marks Feb 03, 2013
Drew Humphrey Feb 03, 2013
I've sat in one of these. It was a dream come true.
Kai Andrew Carlson Feb 03, 2013
I really like this. Yes please!
Tanton Stoneman Feb 03, 2013
Best looking M3 in history is the GTS
Description: Speaking to Automobile Road Test editor Mark Noordeloos at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, a BMW PR rep said that it will be "an interesting year" in reference to one or two new products aimed d...
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Paul Gladman Feb 03, 2013
Joe Hero Feb 03, 2013
I know it has aerodynamic purpose, but me and this spoiler will not get along v.v
Ameer Balkore Feb 23, 2013
Beauty redefined
Jeffrey Frank Feb 03, 2013
Such a beautiful car.
Joe Lamouk Feb 05, 2013
Ah, my bad, I thought the CRT was more exclusive
Redge Diakité Feb 04, 2013
@Joe 67 were made ;)
Joe Lamouk Feb 03, 2013
It's sad*
Joe Lamouk Feb 03, 2013
I like the CRT ! But it's that there's only 20 of them.
Lou Guerrero Feb 03, 2013
Agh! These are great
Wyatt Gordon Feb 03, 2013
My ideal daily driver is the new RS7 Audi
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 03, 2013
My dream daily driver
Ameer Balkore Feb 23, 2013
It's just a matter of time.BMW will take the lead
Derrick McCarthy Feb 04, 2013
M3 is by far my fav, but they need Somthing like the black series. These look like it would eat an M3.
Jackson Michael Feb 04, 2013
Every single person at AMG is a lunatic and it shows in their cars lol love em
Tyler Wallace Feb 04, 2013
Tail happy no grip
Juan T Garcia Feb 03, 2013
I'm surprised he's not sideways
Jordan Nishida Feb 03, 2013
Like the front
Gurjit Singh Feb 03, 2013
M3 is bad but this is its Dad
Edgar Jauregui Feb 03, 2013
the m3 gts looks athletic but this just looks brutal :D!
Kyle Christenson Feb 03, 2013
I REALLY like that front bumper
Wyatt Gordon Feb 03, 2013
Doesn't Clarkson have one of these?
Kai Andrew Carlson Feb 03, 2013
With you all the way Oscar. This is BA
David Guerrero Feb 03, 2013
Oooh, yes.
Oscar Galvan Feb 03, 2013
I am a BMW fan but his looks so monstrous
Jonny Carter Feb 03, 2013
These in real life blow your mind saw one today