Comments - Mercedes Offers Illuminated Star

Published: Feb 28, 2013
Description: Remember two months ago when Rolls-Royce revealed an illuminated hood ornament? Well apparently Mercedes-Benz has taken notice, offering its iconic tristar emblem in illuminated form as well. The glo...
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Emil Klossie Kleijsen Mar 02, 2013
@brandon, yes, that may be so, but that doesn't make it look good
Jake Dula Mar 01, 2013
Oh yeah, that's subtle! *rolls eyes* real classy, MB lol
Connor Smith Mar 01, 2013
I'd like to see this on the s class
Kyle Rawn Mar 01, 2013
So basically, to any car jackers, see the star, go jump in the car!
Blaise Harned Feb 28, 2013
Ya I know Brandon. But if they didn't have that extra 1 by 1 inch brake light it wouldn't really matter
Noah Roberts Feb 28, 2013
It's cool
Chris Friend Feb 28, 2013
Riley Di Pol it would glow the same way your headlights do when you unlock your car. It's called locator lighting. It would only turn on when you deliberately hit the unlock button and turns off for a couple of seconds
Rodrigo Allen Feb 28, 2013
Actually Rolls-Royce has offered it for years.
Riley Di Pol Feb 28, 2013
This way it will be easier to break into the car cause you will know if it's unlocked or not
Matthew Charles Feb 28, 2013
Not only do I like it, I'm getting it for my clk!
Chris Friend Feb 28, 2013
That's actually really cool.
Lucas Raggio Feb 28, 2013
That's dumb
Brandon Chamberlain Feb 28, 2013
On the viper it acts as a brake light so it has a purpose
Blaise Harned Feb 28, 2013
It's not awful, it's just lame and pointless. The same goes for the new viper also.
Blake Antil Feb 28, 2013
So it illuminates when the engine is off or the doors are unlocked? As tacky as it is, it should at least light up when ur driving along.
Nodnarb Ydil Feb 28, 2013
Yeah this is tacky as hell. It's one thing when Rolls-Royce does it, still tacky, but for Benz to offer it too? That's trying too hard. Like putting HIDs on a '91 corolla or something
David Markham Feb 28, 2013
I also think is gonna come across cheap.
Jason Brown Feb 28, 2013
You can find these in the after market for just about any brand. Nothing new. IMO a bit tacky.
Jose Miguel Fernandez Feb 28, 2013
It won't be offered in the s class?
Stephen Cobbs Feb 28, 2013
(Sigh) Is this the new trend like LED's? In a year Honda will offer the same damn thing.
Description: Could we be looking at a new trend here? In addition to Rolls and Benz, the Striker emblem on the back of the SRT Viper glows as a third brake light, and Ford has been toying with a projected Mustang ...
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Dale Schroeder Mar 02, 2013
"Mercedes-Benz has offered the star for years. Now we're charging you thousands of dollars for a couple of LEDs to make it light up, until they burn out in six months anyway. But you're rich, so what do you care?"
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Mar 02, 2013
Love it, but I'm seventeen, so my judgement may be clouded haha
Bala Uncc Mar 01, 2013
Love it.
Zalmy Ny Mar 01, 2013
This is just so epic. Probably one of the best automotive vids
Haamas Kariym Mar 01, 2013
How can you even use the word tacky when describing a Mercedes ? I think it looks great
Bala Uncc Mar 01, 2013
Tyler Benoit Mar 01, 2013
I was expecting it to look cheap and tacky but i have to say i kind of like it...
Drew Humphrey Feb 28, 2013
Dramatic video for a light-up hood ornament.
Charlie Gray Feb 28, 2013
I'm with Mark, tacky
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 28, 2013
I'm sure RR was a strong influence on this but I also think that the giant Mercedes Emblem that sits on top of the train station in Stuttgart, Germany had something to do with it. It lights up at night
Mark Hammer Feb 28, 2013
That was... Tacky
Zeus Mocha Feb 28, 2013
Jay Karabulut Mar 01, 2013
Looks cheap,
Asror Zafarzoda Mar 01, 2013
the best of the best)))
Ryan Lopez Mar 01, 2013
Lol that's awesome
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 28, 2013
It'd be cool if it still glows after I rip it off and put on a chain to wear around my neck
Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
Not sure if it classy or not!
Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
Not sure about this!
Noah Roberts Feb 28, 2013
Chick magnet
Vinny Coppola Feb 28, 2013
I mean its not bad if your just unlocking your car etc, but I wouldn't drive around with it on it would look totally stupid.
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 28, 2013
Now when driving at night i can show of my cash
John M Weishahn Feb 28, 2013
Attention all directors of rap videos...
Blake Antil Feb 28, 2013
It's like bright red brake calipers, no real purpose but look cool. Mainly just to get ur attention by saying "LOOK AT ME I'M BETTER OFF THAN YOU!!"
Wyatt Gordon Feb 28, 2013
Oh thats kinda cool
Drew Humphrey Feb 28, 2013
It would be cool if it lit up when you locked/unlocked the doors but otherwise it's kinda tacky
Gray Conron Feb 28, 2013
That looks cool.
Greg Kenerly Feb 28, 2013
Something else for people to vandalize. It'd be cool if you could do it while driving.
Kyle Rawn Feb 28, 2013
Does it come with my choice of underglows, suicide doors, and chrome wheels?
Michael Armitage Feb 28, 2013
Paul Dickey Feb 28, 2013
Looks great.