Comments - Cheaper Corvette Coming in 2015?

Published: Feb 28, 2013
Description: Throughout the development of the C7 Corvette Stingray, there were rumors that it could be powered by a new twin-turbo V6. While that didn’t turn out to be the truth, the fact that a lower-priced Cor...
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Nh Lifter Mar 01, 2013
Based upon comments made by Corvette Engineers on page 5 of the Corvette Action Center's review article on the 2014 Corvette, I would be very surprised if they came out with a lower cost base model:
Michael Durfee Mar 01, 2013
Good idea
Adam Thomson Mar 01, 2013
The new corvette is a very cool car but i think the SRT Viper looks much better and id rather have it.
Mike Puno Mar 01, 2013
The kid just needs to quit trying to get acknowledgement from the world about Corvettes. There are others that read CB that are mature and more knowledgable about Corvettes and do own ZR1s themselves who would laugh at his "fanboy" comments ;)
Ben Knorr Mar 01, 2013
That's the way Colby rolls. Walks in, reads comments, slings shit at anyone who's called him out in the past or said anything remotely negative about his precious corvettes. Rebuttals only consist of more severe name calling and other irrelevant bs
Mike Puno Mar 01, 2013
Colby, no rebuttals? Man, isn't that a shame. Respect other people's opinion without attacking them in such a negative tone. Either way, C7 or Viper, does it f*cking matter? Both are fast, but you definitely won't be buying neither one anytime soon.
David Justice Mar 01, 2013
The words 'Subjective' and 'Opinions' are irrelevant to some unless it is of their own.
Michael Durfee Mar 01, 2013
Why are you people talking about a viper if the v6 is good then people might be able to afford it
Matt Piccolo Feb 28, 2013
Though the viper was nicer. It's HIS OPINION. Damn ur such a fanboy.
Matt Piccolo Feb 28, 2013
Colby, you are such a dumb ass. U can't call him a liar be he tho
Andy Sattler Feb 28, 2013
I like the vette but love the viper
Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
@Colby How can you call him a liar! I too think the viper is sleeker and more aggressive looking!
Colby Church Feb 28, 2013
Lol, Curtis you're a liar. Wherever the C7 goes, it gets plenty of attention. And having seen both also, I prefer the Corvette much more than the Viper. The Vette looks much cleaner and meaner.
Noah Roberts Feb 28, 2013
Eh...good car for the buck but I wouldn't want one
Craig Lafey Feb 28, 2013
Yea and the viper still lost against the ZR1 a few weeks ago. Corvette will always be better than viper.
Curtis Dougan Feb 28, 2013
I saw both the viper and stingray at the autoshow, and the viper is soooooo much better looking. It was one of the stars and nobody really talked about the corvette because the viper shined brighter
Wyatt Gordon Feb 28, 2013
David, yeah but still a bit similar. To the Viper and also even the Agera's headlights.
David Gomez Feb 28, 2013
Never mind, they're a little different.
David Gomez Feb 28, 2013
I see viper headlights
Dylan Bruder Feb 28, 2013
I can't wait to get to see this in person
William Downs Feb 28, 2013
Love that front end, but not feeling it in red that much
Description: Instead, it’ll likely have a version of the all-aluminum direct-injection 5.3-liter V8 that’s currently being used in GM’s lineup of new pickups, only now it’ll be re-engineered to produce a little le...
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Ryan Patrick Clauson Mar 02, 2013
Under a displacement of 5.0L, some what of an larger BRZ or s2000 type car but comparable performance to a mustang GT without that big bulky broad shoulder mustang and camaro look
Ryan Patrick Clauson Mar 02, 2013
@AJ with the turbos, you can increase your torque than a V8 with the same horsepower rating. I just wish Chevy did a sports car with corvette basis (FR set up, lighter sportier) but smaller, more affordable, less gadgets, and a smaller block V8
Jon Ashley Mar 01, 2013
it will be fast no doubt. if it looks anywhere near as good as the stingray, it'll be sweet
Jake Dula Mar 01, 2013
YAY V8! V6s are great and all, but it's just not right in a Corvette.
Vince DeMasi Mar 01, 2013
If they are going to put a completely different engine and front end on the vette why not just make it a different car with the same stuff but we will see how it turns out
Vince DeMasi Mar 01, 2013
I meant it shouldn't be a vette
Vince DeMasi Mar 01, 2013
Some other companies 2 seater sporty cars, it's something GM needs in their line up but I don't think it should be a vette it should be a completely different car, GM is wasting money and dumming down the corvette their iconic car
Vince DeMasi Mar 01, 2013
Mike relax Colby was actually giving some insightful info and this is an article about the corvette so telling him to stop talking about the vette makes no sense. I think that this base vette is a good and bad idea because this could compete with...
Mike Puno Mar 01, 2013
Colby, no one cares about your goddamn Corvette. Get the f*ck over it.
Tyler Benoit Mar 01, 2013
So i had an idea. Idk why but i just thought of the Spada Codatronca. Imagine if chevy were to make a shooting brake of the corvette, like a ferrari ff competitor. It would be weird but interesting, thats for sure
Michael Durfee Feb 28, 2013
Good but what would it compete with ???? 2 seat roadsters
Colby Church Feb 28, 2013
Reserve your negative comments until you see what actually unfolds. And btw, my Corvette had 350 horsepower stock and it was very fast, this wouldn't be any different. We will have to wait and see what goes on.
Colby Church Feb 28, 2013
Okay, if they make this, it will still look good, be fast, and they still won't be as common as Camaros, because they are more expensive, and harder to insure. But we have no clue what they will do, we have no verification of this.
Jennings Rengel Feb 28, 2013
I think the cheap corvette would be great! But the way I see it now the camaro has been marketed as too much of a sports car and so this is going to take sales away from it. Gm has blurred the line between muscle and sports car.
Jack Howard Feb 28, 2013
They don't use the 5.3 in many things. Good to see it in other stuff.
Justin Routh Feb 28, 2013
This is still gonna be Near 400hp in a 3300-3400lb car. Thats still wicked fast
Daniel Eads Feb 28, 2013
Ryan, Exactly my thoughts.
Aj White Feb 28, 2013
The reason they didn't use the twin six is because of weight. They knew, even with 50 less horses, the weight difference between the engines would have the "base" vette buyer right on the Stingray's ass.
Austin Sullivan Feb 28, 2013
Great, now there will be a bunch of cheap-model Vettes on the road. It'll give me that sick feeling I get when I see the V6 Stangs or Camaros rolling around.
Dale Schroeder Feb 28, 2013
Never thought I'd see the day that you could buy a Corvette with a truck engine in it. Should be interesting to see how we'll it works out.
David Justice Feb 28, 2013
I was thinking how Chevy was going to keep the Vette price down despite more HP, better interior, better bells and whistles etc. Now it makes sense. So the Stingray isn't the base variant.
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 28, 2013
What is the chance they are selling this coup-coup at a lower cost, because now people are expecting better interiors with this well designed body, and a good engine in it.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Feb 28, 2013
That Cadillac ats-v or what ever will have or a LT1 like the new Chevy SS
Ryan Patrick Clauson Feb 28, 2013
I got an idea, scratch cheap corvette, just make a sports rwd coupe similar to import sports cars like the 370Z and genesis coupe V6 that starts at a lower price and then has a top trim level of SS that has a different engine like the new turbo v6
Zeus Mocha Feb 28, 2013
Because then it won't be a corvette. I think this is a fantastic idea. At the same time it's going to be even less exclusive then it was before. I feel very bipolar about this.
Zaire Wilkins Feb 28, 2013
I dont get this at all just get a camaro
Lou Guerrero Feb 28, 2013
I don't get the reasoning behind this. They don't expect to sell enough stingrays? Why not just turn it into a whole new car?
Aaron Sparks Feb 28, 2013
They'll have to place this somewhere between 375-390 HP I would imagine. They can't overpower the SS Camaro and they'll probably want to do around 60-75 HP less than the Stingray. It has to be more than 350 HP or it'll just seem silly.
Patrick Schalk Feb 28, 2013
Shoot I don't ever wanna see a V6 in a Vette. I think this was a good move. Those 5.3s have a lot of potential.
Dylan Bruder Feb 28, 2013
Part of me doesn't want that v6 to show up at all
David Parenti Feb 28, 2013
Victor, CB claims it will be a little les than 400 hp. 320 is significantly less, I was thinking like 390-385 would be a "little less".
Boyd Boudreaux Feb 28, 2013
Willing to bet it'll be smoother looking than the stingray, sometimes less is more
Victor Pitts Feb 28, 2013
I just researched and Chevy has like 5 different versions of the 5.3 vortec engine, but it should be about 320hp/312ft lbs.
Victor Pitts Feb 28, 2013
Vortex aluminum LM7? That's kind of cool!! Could've used the LS1, but that's actually more lightweight than that!
Jon Ashley Mar 01, 2013
looks even better in person, but I hope GM goes with some different styling for the cheaper vette. It just wouldn't make any sense keeping the styling the same. At least give it some of its own personality.
Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
Not a fan of the front grille!
Colby Church Feb 28, 2013
I agree with Brittany. Lol
Gray Conron Feb 28, 2013
Best color combo
Mohammed Shamma Feb 28, 2013
Yeh i agree with wyatt. The c7 is more european looking car. This can still shine near an sls amg aston or even ferrari 458.
Daniel Kenneth Babler Feb 28, 2013
Wyatt I don't get what you mean by "more European looking"? I still see an 100 percent American supercar
Justin Routh Feb 28, 2013
He said 100.000 in some places they use a period instead of a comma..
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 28, 2013
Anything Tara and Brittney say, Most guy will agree 101% even if they are wrong :)
Taylor Garry Feb 28, 2013
I would hope its over $100
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 28, 2013
This need to be in the new movie coming out this summer.
Hady Fritz Feb 28, 2013
In indonesia will be price over $100.000
Zeus Mocha Feb 28, 2013
White for me.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 28, 2013
I waay prefer this to the C6, much more-dare I say-european looking
William Downs Feb 28, 2013
The day these go on sale I know exactly where I'm going
Kyle Rawn Feb 28, 2013
Heard dat. C6 fo sho bro.
Ricky Austin Bride Feb 28, 2013
It's good but seems too busy. It's still hasn't grown on me. I still prefer c6
Dylan Bruder Feb 28, 2013
I like your thinking this is great
Brittany Sawyer Feb 28, 2013
God bless america! This is the perfect corvette
Reva Barris Mar 03, 2013
They should have spaced the pipes way out
Thai-Chau Ha Mar 01, 2013
Why only four? Should make it eight! Let them know c7 is serious about exhausting.
Tyler Benoit Mar 01, 2013
Brittany is right. The quad pipes just look weird. If they were spaced out a little more in pairs it would look better but oh well. Front looks better imo
Michael Durfee Mar 01, 2013
????? Will they make a zr1 from this body
Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
Prefer the rear of this car to the front! I find the front badly proportioned, while I find the back much more muscular!
Colby Church Feb 28, 2013
Perfect. :)
Brittany Sawyer Feb 28, 2013
Brittany Sawyer Feb 28, 2013
The quad header look doesnt work for me. Just my opiniono
Judah Lindvall Feb 28, 2013
That glass t-top looks kinda weird
Derek Soanes Feb 28, 2013
How do you not like that exhaust
Brittany Sawyer Feb 28, 2013
Hate the exhaust though
Matt Piccolo Feb 28, 2013
No thanks
Tara Fitria Feb 28, 2013
Gloss black looks better than the plasticky looking diffuser
Zeus Mocha Feb 28, 2013
It's nice but I just wish that diffuser wasn't so big.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 28, 2013
Dat ass lol