Comments - 2016 BMW 7 Snapped for the First Time

Published: Feb 28, 2013
Description: These are the first images of the upcoming all-new 2016 BMW 7 Series, caught undergoing winter testing in Northern Sweden. Codenamed G11, the next-generation flagship sedan is in the early stages of ...
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Sam Biggin Mar 01, 2013
Needs to beat the s class which has been the king of the class for years
Michael Durfee Mar 01, 2013
Needs to be good the a7 and a8 are a lot better right now
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 28, 2013
2016 holy crap that's a ways away
Rob Clark Mar 01, 2013
I just hope the headlights aren't touching the grill.
Sam Biggin Mar 01, 2013
Will never live up to a jag
Tyler Benoit Mar 01, 2013
@Greg Trust me i know how you feel. Im a skinny 18 year old and i drive a Ford F250 crew cab lol. You get used to it, then it becomes fun :p
Rodrigo Allen Feb 28, 2013
I bet this thing is going to be amazing.
Greg Kenerly Feb 28, 2013
Yeah. I am a skinny guy and I feel stupid driving these behemoths. The 5 is as big as I care to go.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 28, 2013
Better looking than most current BMW's. haha just kidding, seriously though, that new M3 really is pretty ugly, how the lights join the grille and everything
Description: BMW is approaching the building of cars from an entirely new perspective in an effort to make them greener, focusing on the use of lightweight materials and fuel-efficient powerplants. Up to around 18...
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Description: A plug-in hybrid will also be introduced, as will a new M Performance model, while expect a raft of advanced technology including self-parking and perhaps even autonomous driving tech, as well as the ...
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Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 28, 2013
The profile looks slightly more "6 series gran coupe-ish" compared to the current 7er