Comments - Motorsport Marques: McLaren

Published: Feb 27, 2013
Description: We nearly didn’t include McLaren in this series. They are, after all, much more racing team than manufacturer. But then, so was Ferrari at first, and McLaren has also been getting much more serious a...
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Ben Knorr Mar 01, 2013
nearly didn't include McLaren in a series entitled Motorsports Marques?? Jeez who writes this garbage???
Noah Roberts Feb 28, 2013
No surprise to see McLaren here
Noah Roberts Feb 28, 2013
F1 has always boggled my mind
Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
I'm certainly a McLaren fan in F1! McLaren also has won about 1 in every 3 F1 races they ever entered making them the most successful team in formula 1 history!
Description: Though reasonably successful in Formula 1, Bruce McLaren didn’t want to limit himself to one series, and started his own team as a means of competing in as many series as he could handle. This started...
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Description: Many people believe that McLaren’s first foray into building road cars came in 1992 with the F1, which still stands as an absolutely amazing car today, but McLaren made a couple of earlier attempts lo...
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Noah Roberts Feb 28, 2013
This looks pretty cool
Adam Thomson Feb 28, 2013
I love the M6GT
Γιάννης Νικολάου Feb 28, 2013
Jason Levy Feb 28, 2013
This would be cool to see on the street
Description: McLaren’s next street car venture came in 1980, when it teamed up with Ford to make a special McLaren Mustang. The resulting car was an incredible technological achievement, but also horrifyingly expe...
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Bobaloo Anderson Feb 28, 2013
R.I.P. Ayrton
Description: From there came the debut of the F1 road car - at the time, the fastest production car ever made - and McLaren would become a well-known name even to those who weren’t racing fans. Of course, though M...
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Noah Roberts Feb 28, 2013
Description: McLaren had an absolutely bombproof reputation at this point, as there was no shortage of evidence that it definitely knew exactly what it was doing. McLaren is now the second oldest and second most s...
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Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
Ver sleek! LOL
A.J. Brady Mar 04, 2013
So Noah is from Massachusetts?
Noah Roberts Feb 28, 2013
This car is wicked
Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
Such a sick race car!
Joe Wurl Lamouk Feb 28, 2013
That GTR Longtail is wonderful !
Roggina Froggina Feb 28, 2013
That's so sweet. That roof scoop could eat a small child.
Noah Roberts Feb 28, 2013
McLaren should make this a bodykit
Noah Roberts Feb 28, 2013
I like those vents!