Comments - Mercedes Launches Special C63 for Japan

Published: Feb 27, 2013
Description: A little over six months after revealing a special edition C63 AMG for Japan, Mercedes-Benz has announced another special edition of the same car exclusively for the Japanese domestic market. While t...
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Thai-Chau Ha Feb 27, 2013
Shorter wheel base for those shorter legs lol. Smaller driver seat for small driver in this version? These are people that drive S2000 and miata and still have room to exercise at red lights.
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 27, 2013
Jdm Merc? Sounds interesting
Edward Galligan Sep 29, 2013
This would be easy to recreate because if you have a normal c63 you can just go to a proffesional Car wrap place and they'll take off the parts that are red and wrap them red
Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
I'll stick with a regular c63!
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
This doesn't look that bad
Craig Lafey Feb 27, 2013
Color matching side mirrors and spoiler thank you. Or even a black carbon fiber spoiler
Description: It also sports a two-tone red and black leather interior with brushed aluminum trim and sports steering wheel, and rides on multi-spoke alloys finished in black with white edges. The Japane...
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Ashton Summers Feb 27, 2013
But back on topic, probably would not go over too well in Japan if Mercedes' PR department described the power as Atomic.
Ashton Summers Feb 27, 2013
This is even more off topic, but a good number of drivers in California don't even have a drivers license or insurance lol. Learned that one day in traffic court when I was the only speeding ticket. The others were there for driving with no license.
Shift Knob Feb 27, 2013
Somewhat off-topic but it is super easy to get a driver license in America and decently hard to lose it in most states. Think how much safer it would be if everyone had to pass an autobahn-like license test to drive over 45mph in the US?
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
That's really limited. How come America gets the lower power versions? Does the entire world think Americans can't drive?
Frankie Ferreira Feb 27, 2013
Me too sometimes I make NA v8's with 500hp <3
Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
Works very nicely
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
Great color combo
Peter Mark Gacek Feb 27, 2013
Craig Lafey Feb 27, 2013
Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
I like there speedos
Edmond Gebara Feb 28, 2013
Mercedes always let's me down with such a crap speedo. I'm not the biggest Audi fan, but their speedos are top-notch