Comments - Maserati Updates GranTurismo MC Stradale

Published: Feb 27, 2013
Description: The new Quattroporte will be the star of Maserati’s display at the Geneva Motor Show this year, the Trident marque is also coming with an updated version of the GranTurismo. The model in question is ...
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Lead Peddalin Feb 28, 2013
It has a little built In wing there. Adding a wing would look ridiculous.
Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
Love those exhaust pipes!
Brittany Sawyer Feb 28, 2013
Haha well i can lol
Justin Routh Feb 27, 2013
Ehh idk i just cant see a wing on something this classy and nice
Brittany Sawyer Feb 27, 2013
no, not tacky aftermarket ones. i mean actual racing wings
Colby Church Feb 27, 2013
No Brittany. Lol. No wing. Some look good, but many are kind of tacky.
Dylan Bruder Feb 27, 2013
Some of the class was lost I think
Lucas Raggio Feb 27, 2013
Oh yes. That is good
Matthew Crighton Feb 27, 2013
The back looks like an old mazda i really like it
Brittany Sawyer Feb 27, 2013
this car needs a wing...i have a thing for wings lool
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
Sex on wheels. The sophisticated way.
Craig Lafey Feb 27, 2013
I want it. Damn that's nice
Tyler Wallace Feb 27, 2013
That's clean mami
Tyler Tarbox Feb 27, 2013
Didn't think it could get any better looking but it did
Matt Piccolo Feb 27, 2013
Max Müller Feb 27, 2013
Yeah, looks cool
Caleb Nelson Feb 27, 2013
Holy $*** Gorgeous
Description: While Maserati had removed the rear seats from the MC Stradale, the new version has put them back in. The American version (which dropped the Stradale name) always kept those extra seats, but fitted a...
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Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
Us geargeads deserve them more than most people driving them! That might sound a little dumb, but motor enthusiasts would love them more!
Justin Routh Feb 27, 2013
Same with people buying ferrari, lambo, mclaren, ect its so damn annoying i wish gearheads would buy them instead of people with more money than brains
Demid Petrov Feb 27, 2013
Love the design, however 100-150hp more would not do any harm
Shelby Cassandra Feb 27, 2013
The people buying a Maserati don't want a manual. Simple.
Dylan Porteous Feb 27, 2013
I wish they would give these more power!
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
I knew the day would come
Ricky Austin Bride Feb 27, 2013
Great now we have no form of manual...
Lead Peddalin Feb 28, 2013
Interior pics???
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Feb 28, 2013
Such a gorgeous car!
Jacob Burford Feb 28, 2013
Switch the rims and it would be even better!
Tanton Stoneman Feb 28, 2013
I think the only reason I don't like it are those dumb looking rims
Pratik Parija Feb 28, 2013
Ferrari hood. Lol
Dale Fredriks Feb 27, 2013
I love the hood scoop, but not the wheels so much. However, as long as it still makes the same noise, I'd buy it in half a heartbeat.
Brittany Sawyer Feb 27, 2013
this is why i love italians
Zane Turner Feb 27, 2013
Hope it's still offered in the White/Black trim as before. Hope it sounds the same aswell! Best sounding car ever!
Alex Bouckley Feb 27, 2013
Such a big improvement!
Shelby Cassandra Feb 27, 2013
Looks like it would be 150k spent very well. I would have to choose this over a Continental if given the choice. It'd be a real hard choice between this and the SLS though.
Jordan Smith Feb 27, 2013
Wow. That is fantastic.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 27, 2013
New background
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
Just change the rims and we are good
Quinn Rogers Feb 27, 2013
To me this is one of the best looking cars in the world
Peter Mark Gacek Feb 27, 2013
Not the right color for me, but this GT MC is as a stunning car as the original. Gotta love Italian design.
Matt Piccolo Feb 27, 2013
I really can't believe this car was introduced in 2007! If it was introduced today, it would look amazing! Easily going to b a collectors car.
Patrick Schalk Feb 27, 2013
I'd change the wheels but that front end is badass.
Thibault Leroy Feb 27, 2013
Wow its beautiful
Brittany Sawyer Feb 27, 2013
drop dead gorgous
Wyatt Gordon Feb 27, 2013
Oooh shit. Thats nice.
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 27, 2013
I used to not care much for this thing but it's grown on me recently
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 27, 2013
Man-o-man. Good stuff maserati
Elias Harb Feb 27, 2013
The rims look like aftermarket ones
Will Will Feb 27, 2013
The mc stradale looked a bit wierd before, but this facelift looks amazing.
Jt Collier Feb 27, 2013
beautiful, not sure if i like the hood scoop or not