Comments - Did Pagani Cheat on Top Gear?

Published: Feb 27, 2013
Description: Top Gear season 19 kicked off last month, and in the opening episode the Stig recorded a new lap record of 1:13.8 in a Pagani Huayra, eclipsing the previous record held by the Ariel Atom V8 by 1.3 se...
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Zeus Mocha Feb 28, 2013
If I was that wealthy I would surely thrash it around. A cheap car isn't, at least to me, a car that is priced lower than another but one's that quality, design, performance, etc. is.
Stephen Healy Feb 28, 2013
Don't Whiteknight, Colby
Ashton Summers Feb 27, 2013
@Brittany. Yeah I find that annoying too. You and me both.
Aaron Abely Feb 27, 2013
If I spent that much money on a pagani I'm pretty sure I could afford to take it out on a track. Most tracks have very strict passing rules anyways for anything other than a competitive race. So chances are you'll trash the car before another driver
Kevin Blockley Feb 27, 2013
Throw those tires on the Atom 500 , it could be easily 3 secs faster , then we'll will see how good that aero package is on the huayra. The advantage is Definitely Mechanical grip this car weights double and has half the power to weight ratio
Brittany Sawyer Feb 27, 2013
@ashton it gets on my nerves when regular people act like they're rich. i was metaphorically speaking when taking about the bearings, so get over it.
Laura Anne Feb 27, 2013
Wheel bearing on a Lambo isn't what will get you. It's the oil change..
William Downs Feb 27, 2013
Those clever active aero bits were genius, they kinda mocked what Nissan did with the GTRs awd system, the gtr cont rolls grip by controlling the power to every wheel individually and changes it constantly, they just did it with down force, but the only flaw is pagani's system only works when your at the correct speed, gtr's awd is always working
Ashton Summers Feb 27, 2013
Colby, glad she won for that reason instead of me lol.
William Downs Feb 27, 2013
I'm still convinced that even on the corsa tires it would have topped the chart, but I think it would have been down to fractions of a second instead of over a full second
William Downs Feb 27, 2013
And yes the huyara is more then track capable, the suspension is taken straight from the zonda R, witch pagani stated in there email was a developing platform more then a new model, plus when u throw active aero on top of the crazy grip the zonda R suspension gives this car its still wicked fast on the track, the tires just made it a lot faster
William Downs Feb 27, 2013
@edge, that wasn't a guess they were the words from pagan I to an editor at jalopnik, there is a full article on there as someone already stated, the tires used are the one designed for the zonda R and aren't road legal, but are an option for the huyara
Colby Church Feb 27, 2013
Brittany still wins Ashton, sorry. She's cute, game over. Lol
Ashton Summers Feb 27, 2013
Oh Brittany, I wish you had a sense of humor. At least go "haha" a bit. So serious. Haven't priced wheel bearings lately on the Porsche or Lambo but do me a favor and let me know what they cost, sort of curious. Too busy doing other stuff.
Dillon Dixon Feb 27, 2013
If the tires are road legal then the lap is still legit.
Kevin Blockley Feb 27, 2013
When I saw da Huayra's time , I was blown away,thought Aventor's or Mp4's time , but a further sec and abit faster than the 900bhp per ton atom?! Da Huayra weighs x2 & is 520bhp per tonne ,gotta be super sticker tires, not it's aero alone.
Jake Dula Feb 27, 2013
You could put this thing on square tires and still set a record lol, it's faster than the Atom in a straight line. It's more powerful, lighter, and handles better than the MP4-12C and Aventador. I don't see how it could be slower, personally.
Brittany Sawyer Feb 27, 2013
cheap? ashton im willing to bet you cant afford a wheel bearing on a lambo. price doesnt matter when driving cars, its the way you feel driving it that counts.
Ashton Summers Feb 27, 2013
The most important question. If you spend a million and some on the Pagani, would you take it to the track and thrash it around with cheap little Lambo's and Porsche's
Aaron Crisp Feb 27, 2013
Different tires make a big difference but I'm sure the Pagani would kick ass on the track anyway.
Redge Diakité Feb 27, 2013
William you're almost right for the tires It's the same as the Lotus Exige S has got in option the Trofeo who are just more track focused but Still alloweded on road not like the Zonda R's tires ;)
William Downs Feb 27, 2013
Yup pagan I admitted to using 2 different sets of tires, the Pirelli Pzero Corsa were used for most of the driving but the lap time was set on pirelli P-Zero Trofeo, a tires designed for the zonda R. And something I didn't know is that the huyara has the sames suspension set up from the zonda R, I still believe it would have set the record but I don't think it would have been by so much
Jordan Smith Feb 27, 2013
I just read on Jalopnik that Pagani used different tires for the track time.
Tj Marten Feb 27, 2013
Maybe the driver had a better run with the Huayra? Who cares it's a damn show nobody should take that into consideration when comparing the 2.
Ashton Summers Feb 27, 2013
Well if Ailerons turn an airplane in the sky, imagine what it can do when applied to a car at speed. To my knowledge, no other street car before had ailerons. I think it is plausible.
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
Whatever. We don't look at top gear lap times when it comes to choosing supercars we like
Andrew Garcia Feb 27, 2013
I can't wait till all the haters give the huayra everything they want so it's not "cheating" anymore and it still beats all the other cars by such a big margin. Then everyone can shut up and respect pagani for the machine they created.
António Villas-Boas Feb 27, 2013
Truth is top gear is a comedy show, not a car show. Therefore forget all conclusions, results or verdicts, its just supposed to make you laugh. Thats it!
Kevin Su Feb 27, 2013
@Oscar, you have won the internet for the day
Peter Mark Gacek Feb 27, 2013
And it makes sense that the Huayra was the fastest of them all
Peter Mark Gacek Feb 27, 2013
Well Carbuzz is implying that the Aventador and MP4-12C set the same time as the Atom V8. The Huayra has just as much power, and more torque than the Aventador, and either weighs just as much or less than the MP4-12C. Add in the modern aerodynamics,
Tim Preisinger Feb 27, 2013
I wouldn't have a problem with slicks being used on the car... I would have an issue if they had other mods done
Violet Karamfilov Feb 27, 2013
1120 m / 3674 ft ; 970 m / 3182 ft ; 730 m / 2395 ft ; 480 m / 1574 ft
Violet Karamfilov Feb 27, 2013
@Mark Fei Ling Actually, the Dunsfold track where "Top gear" uses to race the cars is one of the fastest tracks on the planet. It has 4 very long straigh lines, one long turn and just few short turns to connect them. Here is how long are the 4 straight lines (measured in meters / foot respectively): 1120 m / 3674 ft 970 m / 3182 ft 730 m / 2395 ft 480 m / 1574 ft
Robert Young Feb 27, 2013
Cheat'ns winning too.
Mark Fei Ling Feb 27, 2013
The atom is too light, and top gear lap is not high speed track. When there is not much air down force, atom will suffer weak braking. Pagani is overall balanced car, also right for the top gear track.
Dillon Dixon Feb 27, 2013
I don't think people realize how capable the Huayra is. It is built by the same company that made the Zonda R! The Huayra also has the active aero which keeps it planted at all times. I think the lap is legit, and the people that had so much extra time on their hands to complain about it should get a life.
Joshua Arnott Feb 27, 2013
It's not like Pagani could have bribesd one of the most powerful and wealthy TV companies (BBC) in the world.
Nelson Alexander Feb 27, 2013
Lmao @ Oscar
Laura Anne Feb 27, 2013
Who cares as long as it's fast and sexy?!
Redge Diakité Feb 27, 2013
For me saying that Pagani cheated is just fucking stupid it's people who are haters and It's saying that the Pagani Zonda R cheated too
Sam Oglesby Feb 27, 2013
The atom v8 is faster than the pagani the atom is lighter faster and handles better they should get tiff needel back to race them both
Brittany Sawyer Feb 27, 2013
the car is so good looking i could hardly care. but its unfortunate if true
Ben Knorr Feb 27, 2013
Honestly, I was shocked that it beat the Atom V8 by that amount. It never crossed my mind that they cheated, but then again I know Mr.Pagani himself usually is present at top gear with the car and cares very much about setting a top time.
Zeus Mocha Feb 27, 2013
Alex your crazy but I respect your opinion. Who cares if it made the record or not. There are some really nice cars that go on there. I just want to see what happens. It would be funny to see.
Derrick McCarthy Feb 27, 2013
Lol @oscar!
Oscar Galvan Feb 27, 2013
Incase no one knows this Alex is legally blind and typed this using braille
Alex Smith Feb 27, 2013
Hate pagani in general. Their both this and the zonda are ugly as hell
Nick Schnee Feb 27, 2013
Never could such a car beat the Atom V8... the Aventador, the MP4, but not the Atom...
Jake Dula Feb 27, 2013
This is just a bunch of fanboys for those other cars getting all butthurt cuz the Huayra is an epic machine and those other cars can't even begin to keep up. This coming from someone who still prefers the Zonda.
Alex DeManche Feb 27, 2013
Just because something is quicker in a straight line doesnt mean its quicker around corners. The pagani is light. The aventador is not. And the ariel was gonna be beat someday. They huayra is the car to do it.
Joel Mitchel Kanny Jul 20, 2013
No they didn't cheat on them! TopGear should've chosen the right ones!
Dylan Bruder Feb 27, 2013
Probably not fast enough for them yet
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
The tail just came out in the corner.
John Car Feb 27, 2013
That would be a drift/fishtail not a corner or burnout
Ricky Austin Bride Feb 27, 2013
He's cornering though.
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 27, 2013
If he's doing a burnout from a stand still then that's probably why the flaps aren't up
Sam Oglesby Feb 27, 2013
Yeh the flaps work independently to adjust the weight on each wheel when cornering
Zeus Mocha Feb 27, 2013
Yup goes up with more factors then the brakes alone.
William Downs Feb 27, 2013
Wrong David there not just an air brake, they move up and down to adjust down force on the individual corners of the car duh
Chester Lam Feb 27, 2013
Doesn't seems like slicks
David Harris Feb 27, 2013
They go up when u brake hard. Duh
Alex Bouckley Feb 27, 2013
Why aren't the flaps working?
Description: According to Cars UK, people present when the Huayra set its top time voiced their concerns that something seemed off. Since then gearheads on the TeamSpeed forum have claimed the tires on the superca...
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Garreth Wachtel Feb 28, 2013
Ah but David they never said which road for all we know it could be the autobahn in Germany...
Pratik Parija Feb 28, 2013
Aaron Abely Feb 27, 2013
Carlos, will, y'all are right. This thing is set up great. Those flaps at speed are probably better than any kind of spoiler or other add on. Totally adjustable aerodynamics on the fly. The design is meant for handling prowess.
Lou Guerrero Feb 27, 2013
Just read the Jalopnik article, William. Must've been a sneaky switch up haha
William Downs Feb 27, 2013
They did use different tires for there lap, they already admitted it, but the car still would have topped the chart just not by as much, suspension is straight from the zonda R so it wasn't just the tires
Mikey Jenkins Feb 27, 2013
At end the day they think its all about paper facts well what about engineering like Carlos has said about the flaps General passion too make the car the best they can they had passion too succeed and they did end of
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
I agree carlos
Ashton Summers Feb 27, 2013
Carlos make a solid point.
David Gray Feb 27, 2013
Garreth, it is cheating cos to go on the lap times board the car has to be road legal
Tyler Wallace Feb 27, 2013
Top gear doesn't lie lml
Garreth Wachtel Feb 27, 2013
I don't think it would be cheating as much as using your resources.
Sam Oglesby Feb 27, 2013
They may have rigged it not to win by that much but the time is down to the driver and there is no way to predict the stig
Tyler Tarbox Feb 27, 2013
That's a very good point Carlos
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 27, 2013
I doubt this is true for the simple reason that if they did cheat they wouldn't have won by such a large margin in order to not raise suspicions like it did. I believe the reason for the amazing time is the incredible engineering and those flaps
Joel Mitchel Kanny Jul 20, 2013
Aaron, what are you doing? It's disgusting!
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 28, 2013
Wow how did my phone out R-Brake instead of E-brake dammit
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 27, 2013
I'll take this car AND sketchy looking R-brake
Aaron Crisp Feb 27, 2013
Fap fap fap fap fap
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
I prefer this over the zonda
Zeus Mocha Feb 27, 2013
Any of the Zonda's F and after I'd take over this.
Greg Kenerly Feb 27, 2013
I love the Tricolore myself. But who can argue with having one of these in the garage
Jordan Nishida Feb 27, 2013
Wyatt Gordon Feb 27, 2013
I still prefer the Zonda lol
Brittany Sawyer Feb 27, 2013
all this needs is a racing wing and it perfect
Joel Mitchel Kanny Jul 20, 2013
That interior!
Violet Karamfilov Feb 28, 2013
This shot was taken right before the Huayra starts to move, maning the tyres were still static. You can clearly see that the white Pirelli logo is missing:
Bill Estep Jr Feb 28, 2013
Besides tires this pic is awesome to showing ur car off it's soo cool how the hood n trunk n doors open up impressive
Felix Rhett Feb 28, 2013
I think it would depend on shutter speed. Regardless, the picture would likely show the Pirelli logo, if it were there.
William Downs Feb 27, 2013
Maybe not a dot but you'll notice the pirelli name as a white ring when the tire is moving, notice how that's missing on the prev picture
Raymond Reynoso Feb 27, 2013
This picture: car is parked Previous picture: car is racing You won't be able to see a white dot on a tire while the car is speeding.
Brittany Sawyer Feb 27, 2013
those tires look menacing...i like it
Jommel Marcella Feb 27, 2013
Why does everything have to open up? Just mad looking.
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 27, 2013
Whole article on this. C'mon guys,you gotta take in account that its not always the car. It's the driver. Also check the weather conditions and all that. Also, yeah you may say on paper this is slower but top gear always compare cars with paper and the results never turn out as they're supposed to.
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
This car is more than meets the eye
Elias Harb Feb 27, 2013
Who cares anyway. This car is a masterpiece.
Carlton Green Feb 27, 2013
I see tread in those tires.
Laura Anne Feb 27, 2013
Elegant is the perfect word.
Jordan Nishida Feb 27, 2013
Very elegant
Brittany Sawyer Feb 27, 2013
megatron in real life
Blaise Harned Feb 27, 2013
That's very true violet
Derrick McCarthy Feb 27, 2013
What's it doing now? Self cleaning? Self destructing? Yup self destruction to cover up all the cheating going on here! Really though, bring it back and test it again... The atom as well.
Violet Karamfilov Feb 27, 2013
If you notice, the tyres on Huayra that lapped on the Top gear track didn't have the white marks on the sides, nor their profile is so round. Also, the tyres in that particular image are not Pirelli PZero Corsa.
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 27, 2013
Looks like transformers
William Downs Feb 27, 2013
Doesn't mean new one couldn't be bolted up before the lap, but I don't think they did
Noah Gavurin Feb 27, 2013
that doesnt mean that they couldnt have switched them before the lap, not saying they did but it wouldnt be that hard
Elias Harb Feb 27, 2013
Yea stock tires
Read Mills Feb 27, 2013
The tires look stock to me in this picture
Max Müller Feb 27, 2013
Joel Mitchel Kanny Jul 20, 2013
Reminds me of the Gran Turismo 4 cover in which they show the Ford GT LM opening like that!
Jose Hernandez Feb 27, 2013
Flux that is definitely a decepticon brother!
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
I'd take the pagani
Flux Flow Feb 27, 2013
Autobots... Roll Out!
Carlton Green Feb 27, 2013
I see tread in those tires.
Kaigan Viner Feb 27, 2013
Well that 747's engines are fake so in this case, the Pagani
Will Will Feb 27, 2013
Pagani vs 747... Who would win?
Josh Negron Feb 27, 2013
ROFL!! @Noah!
Carlton Green Feb 27, 2013
They have to do warmup laps also duh. They dont only do a single lap in the car Noah. Thats how TV works.
Noah Gavurin Feb 27, 2013
ever heard of changing tires? i've done it on my car, and my parents cars, takes all of 30 minutes, tops
Carlton Green Feb 27, 2013
I see tread in those tires.