Comments - BMW i3 Tests in the Cold

Published: Feb 27, 2013
Description: In a few months’ time, BMW will put its i3 EV into production. So the automaker has taken the all-electric hatchback to the Arctic Circle for a spot of cold weather endurance testing. The shots come ...
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Dylan Bruder Feb 27, 2013
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
Camo or no camo, this is going to be an ugly car
Rodrigo Allen Feb 28, 2013
I think this will do great in the U.S. It looks great, and has more storage than a smart car. Also more luxurious.
Tyler Wallace Feb 27, 2013
Really tho just because its by BMW doesn't mean it's good lookin or a good idea or even a "masterpiece"
Chris Gaines Feb 27, 2013
you forgot the *(sarcasm)
Elias Harb Feb 27, 2013
Who cares anyway. This car is a masterpiece.
Elias Harb Feb 27, 2013
They re also testing the i8, check out EVOTV on Youtube.
Description: The 0-62 mph sprint is timed at 7.9 seconds and top speed stands at 93 mph. It also boasts a range of approximately 140 miles on a single six-hour charge. Buyers who deem that insufficient will have t...
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Ashton Summers Feb 27, 2013
The acceleration is not bad. Faster than the typical economy car and family car that run 0-60 in 9.5-10.5.
Chris Gaines Feb 27, 2013
or jump off a bridge
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
You might a well get a smart car
Shift Knob Feb 27, 2013
Yep! Skinny tires are also better on ice/snow. There was a recent carbuzz video about ice racing Porches that explained it well.
Noah Roberts Feb 27, 2013
It's to reduce drag
Ben Bright Feb 27, 2013
Those are some skinny tires.