Comments - Cadillac Sixteen to Headline Amelia

Published: Feb 26, 2013
Description: The Amelia Concours d’Elegance is one of the premier events of the classic car circuit. When the show opens in just over a week on the Florida island, it will feature a mouth-watering array of classi...
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Jonathan Ippolito Feb 27, 2013
Hope the flagship looks at least as good as this beauty does .
Reva Barris Feb 27, 2013
It would be really cool if they made this but I can't really think of very many people who would actually buy it
Alex Semaan Feb 27, 2013
Anyone feelin a little chrysler crossfire?
Patrick Schalk Feb 27, 2013
Ciel > this. I like this but the Ciel is ridiculously awesome.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 27, 2013
@Jordan. No it doesn't. Read the article. It says it has a 13.6 liter
David Gomez Feb 26, 2013
I liked the CIEN concept better.
Jordan Nishida Feb 26, 2013
Wow. That car has a 16 liter
Paul Gladman Feb 26, 2013
Ryan Haverty Feb 26, 2013
They should have built this! But I agree with Dillon, they have the means to make an amazing automobile they should show what they are capable of.
Rodrigo Allen Feb 26, 2013
That awkward moment when their old concept cars are better looking than their current ones...
Jack Hurley Feb 26, 2013
More realistic selling price would be pushing $1M, like the Aston. I remember seeing this at the auto show years ago and its styling then shows up well in the XTS and ELR on a smaller scale. It was also in an Adam Sandler movie if i remember right.
Rodrigo Allen Feb 26, 2013
Why dafuq did they use a rainy day?
Noah Roberts Feb 26, 2013
Looks cool! But I am not a fan of American cars...
Luke Purdy Feb 26, 2013
One of my favourite concepts
Andrew Hubbard Feb 26, 2013
I loved this car the day it was revealed. I still own the die cast of it. Not only that this thing is so big (that's what she said ya ya ya) it's awesome.
Aaron Crisp Feb 26, 2013
Build it!
Brett Vincent Feb 26, 2013
I remember how cool this was on some video game I owned from a long time ago... I think it might have been Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition
Zaire Wilkins Feb 26, 2013
Talk about bring it back
Chase Fecko Feb 26, 2013
I have a hotwheel of this car. James drove it on top gear. I say build it!
Tyler Tarbox Feb 26, 2013
I agree completely with Dillon. That would be a great idea
Robert Young Feb 26, 2013
Lost for words.... Man I like this!
Ryan Yee Feb 26, 2013
This thing would play with the then new phantom and flying spur..
Vinny Coppola Feb 26, 2013
I hope Caddy starts building cars like this again. If they build this and the CIEL they will give Mercedes and BMW a run for there money
Dillon Dixon Feb 26, 2013
Cadillac could build this as a halo car similar to the One-77 was for Aston, and refresh the looks. 1000hp, make it reach a top speed of around 210-220mph, sell it for a couple $100K with limited production. Instant classic, and it would really show what Cadillac is capable of.
Sam Biggin Feb 26, 2013
You can keep that an America
Adam Brown Feb 26, 2013
Breathtaking. GM needs a car like this in their current lineup!
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 26, 2013
If cadillac had built this car on 2003 They were going to be the ultimate luxurious car
Matt Piccolo Feb 26, 2013
Too big
Anton Zhukov Feb 26, 2013
It still looks good. They should build it now.
Theo Hubbard Feb 26, 2013
They should have built it
Oleg Odessit Feb 26, 2013
Whaaaaa, love it
Eric Michalak Feb 26, 2013
A little plain for current tastes, but I bet it hauls ass.
Description: If your automotive fascination doesn’t stretch back a decade, allow us to refresh your memory. At the Detroit Auto Show in 2003, GM unveiled this elegant concept car that revived the legendary Cadilla...
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A.J. Brady Feb 27, 2013
For this engine, did they take two 6.8 liter engines end-to-end like Ford did to create the Aston Martin 6.0 liter v12 (two 3.0 liter v6 end-to-end)?
Daniel Kenneth Babler Feb 26, 2013
V16 no contest IMO
Jordan Smith Feb 26, 2013
Large displacement V16 for me.
Frankie Ferreira Feb 26, 2013
Large displacement v16 with 1000horsepower or "small" displacement quad turbo with 1000horsepower. Cast your votes
Rodrigo Allen Feb 26, 2013
A suburban.
Robert Young Feb 26, 2013
Anybody know what other car/truck this would be equivalent too in length wise?
Description: Also on display in the Cadillac Concept Car Class will be the 2002 Cien concept, a mid-engined V12 supercar that debuted at the 2002 Detroit Auto Show. Concepts of yore include the 1949 Coupe de Ville...
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Freddy Garcia Feb 26, 2013
@ryan I was thinking the same thing
Jon Strahs Feb 26, 2013
Why didn't they make this!
Ryan Faber Feb 26, 2013
this is what the cts v should have looked like just on a smaller scale
Tyler Tarbox Feb 27, 2013
Normally I agree with Lou, but not here. I think it would be awesome to see a Cadillac supercar. Other luxury brands like Lexus, Audi, and Mercedes have done it so why not?
Nicholas Di Prima Feb 26, 2013
Love it
Jt Collier Feb 26, 2013
im with Lou. Caddy is more than welcome to make fast csrs but leave the supercars to other companies. that would be like rolls royce making a 911 competitor
Tyler Tarbox Feb 26, 2013
Should make this and then later make a V version
David Gomez Feb 26, 2013
700 hp I believe
Julian Pilinci Feb 26, 2013
What is this supposed to be... a Gallardo-Cadillac?
Jordan Nishida Feb 26, 2013
Like it.
Lou Guerrero Feb 26, 2013
I love a fast Cadillac but this should've never had the badge on it. Just doesn't suite the brand IMO.
Tevaun Morgan Feb 26, 2013
I like it and I love driving this in midnight club 3 as well
Malwant Johal Feb 26, 2013
Nate Mata Feb 26, 2013
The cien was always one of my favorites
Zaire Wilkins Feb 26, 2013
This thing was fun in midnightclub 3
Tyler Tarbox Feb 26, 2013
Ok for a 10 year old design this thing is epic.
Ricky Austin Bride Feb 26, 2013
Ya you need to take your tastes back ten years to see how cool this thing was.
Dillon Dixon Feb 26, 2013
I think it is fantastic. Remember, this was 2002.
Daniel Finstad Feb 26, 2013
Make it in matte black, and Batman will drive it when he's old.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 26, 2013
Thats hideous
Nodnarb Ydil Feb 26, 2013
I do not recall this concept. Looks....alright.
Jordan Nishida Feb 26, 2013
Those lines remind me of the lamborghini gallardo
Nicolas Blake Mullen Feb 26, 2013
Or a Gallardo and an Opel Speedster
Nodnarb Ydil Feb 26, 2013
I keep thinking about the Pontiac Fiero and Toyota MR2 when I see this car
Josh C. Williams Feb 27, 2013
Beautiful masterpiece of a automobile indeed.
Lou Guerrero Feb 26, 2013
You were somebody in this.
Kyle McCullough Feb 26, 2013
Something about those fins looks wrong
Angelo Baclay Feb 28, 2013
Tit car
Wmg Chinchilla Feb 28, 2013
This car has boobs?
Omar Hash Feb 26, 2013
Penis and balls with sideburns & wings.
Matt Piccolo Feb 26, 2013
Jordan Nishida Feb 26, 2013
That's awesome
Shane Carroll Feb 26, 2013
To the Batmobile!
Rodrigo Allen Feb 26, 2013
Squirrel does not approve.
Andrew McNeal Feb 26, 2013
I'd drive it!
Oscar Galvan Feb 26, 2013
Imagine hitting someone......... Owwww!
Wyatt Gordon Feb 26, 2013
Lol would've been such an Elvis-Mobile
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Feb 26, 2013
Imagine flipping one of these lol
尤品敦 Feb 26, 2013
It's a weapon!
Jackson Michael Feb 26, 2013
The 50's and their rocket ships...