Comments - World's Fastest Coffee-Powered Car

Published: Feb 25, 2013
Description: Everyone needs a hobby. UK resident and conservationist Martin Bacon was recently behind the wheel of a modified Ford P100 pickup truck as he set an official Guinness World Record of 65.6 mph. Poweri...
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Johnny Matias Feb 26, 2013
That could extracted from any water source making it even cheaper.
Johnny Matias Feb 26, 2013
Lets just create an efficient hydrogen HICE engine with an efficient form of storing the hydrogen in a liquid form and then we won't destroy the environment and the gear head's cars won't change much, aside from quite nearly free gas.
Julian Rasolko Feb 25, 2013
I expected this to go 80 mph
Jon Strahs Feb 25, 2013
this idea is absolutely useless. I know "yada yada save the environment, less CO2 dude" but the reason why gas prices are so high is because there is a huge demand for it. If these "coffee pellets" became mainstream, it would ultimately result in an inflation of coffee prices.
Description: The truck set a new speed record at 65.5 mph, but it wasn't their first crack at it. They've applied the same fuel system to an old Volkswagen Scirocco and a Rover SD1, but the Ford pickup is the fast...
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Avalon Ford Feb 28, 2013
We hope to be able to sell trucks like this soon...
Ashton Summers Feb 25, 2013
I'll power mine with Irish Coffee for a little extra kick.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 25, 2013
One of the most boring videos I have yet seen on CB... I would have liked to hear about the technology, the process, specs, etc.
Griffin Ross Feb 25, 2013
Must have been using premium roast.
Drew Humphrey Feb 25, 2013
@David If you skip the filtering and stuff that makes coffee drinkable I'll bet it's not too expensive. Especially with mass-produced low-quality beams that yield very strong liquid
David Parenti Feb 25, 2013
Coffee is more expensive than gas... Hope this isn't their idea of an alternative fuel.
Andrew Spad Feb 25, 2013
If they want it to catch on they need to make it smaller look at the size
Nick Schnee Feb 25, 2013
Sean Mitchell Feb 25, 2013
I would've liked actually hearing the car instead of that gay music
Justin Routh Feb 26, 2013
Almost looks like a still in this pic
Ashton Summers Feb 25, 2013
That's quite a lot of kit to keep a car moving.
Kyle Gareau Feb 25, 2013
Looks like a ford Taurus station wagon with the back cut off to me