Comments - Restomod '51 Kaiser Visits Leno

Published: Feb 25, 2013
Description: When industrial designer Keith Charvonia first decided to take on a restomod project, he couldn’t have imagined his labor of love would turn out this good – or take eight years to complete. The 1951 ...
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David Junior Frost Feb 26, 2013
looks amazing! mafia type of look
Description: Legendary customizer Gene Whitfield was then tasked with the amazing era-specific paint job, and the finished article is nothing short of a rolling work of art.
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James Salaba Feb 26, 2013
Just amazing! Loving it!
A.J. Brady Feb 26, 2013
Just amazing. Just amazing.
Debdoub Tin Feb 26, 2013
Great job Keith, the car is flawlessly perfect.
Patrick Joseph Feb 25, 2013
Well done. Admirable man.
Marco Tomaselli Feb 25, 2013
That is one gorgeous car
Rico Turner Feb 25, 2013
This thing is truly automotive art. Well done.
Adam Thomson Feb 26, 2013
Taylor Rosello Feb 25, 2013
Lead Peddalin Feb 25, 2013
It looks like a cartoon car to me.
Garrett Murrell Feb 25, 2013
Yeah man, that's a sexy car
Stephen Cobbs Feb 25, 2013
Sexy as hell
Drew Humphrey Feb 25, 2013
You could store several dead bodies in that boot.