Comments - Fiat Announces 500 GQ for Geneva

Published: Feb 25, 2013
Description: The 500 has been a successful model for Fiat – in most markets, anyway – but it has been met with particular enthusiasm among fashion-forward buyers. Fiat hasn’t missed that point, rolling out specia...
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Tyler Tarbox Feb 25, 2013
I actually quite like the new Fiat 500. However since I am a guy I wouldn't be caught dead driving one. But it would be a great first car for some 16 year old girl
Ricky Austin Bride Feb 25, 2013
Just why.
David Jefferis Feb 25, 2013
Great little car, and I like the matt paint. But the stripes and GQ badging let it down - I mean, do I really want to be a rolling ad for a fashionista mag? Now, if they paid me, maybe...
Tyler Wallace Feb 25, 2013
This is so fuccn stupid I swear
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Feb 25, 2013
Its still ugly.
Description: Distinguished by a unique matte grey and carbon black two-tone paint job, the Fiat 500 GQ is based on the 500S model and is further augmented by chromed mirror housings, unique 16” alloys, GQ badges, ...
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Adam Thomson Feb 26, 2013
Everything's black lol