Comments - Classic Clarkson: Mercedes SLR McLaren

Published: Feb 25, 2013
Description: The relationship between Mercedes-Benz and McLaren is an interesting one. It was forged on the racing circuit, but when it reached the road, the distance between them could be measured in light-years...
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Paul Dickey Feb 26, 2013
Eric, take a minute and read the title. The first word is classic.
Eric Turman Feb 25, 2013
Jeremy drove the slr mclaren in lik 2004, car buzz, are you really that slow?
Wyatt Gordon Feb 25, 2013
You guys must really be hurtingfor articles today lol
Tyler Tarbox Feb 25, 2013
@Matt. Lol I was thinking the same exact thing
William Downs Feb 25, 2013
He reffering to the difference of cars McLaren and merc made for the road
Laura Anne Feb 25, 2013
Lots of pretty words, forgot what he was going for
Matt Piccolo Feb 25, 2013
The first paragraph isn't that confusing? Loo
LarryandStephanie Espana Feb 25, 2013
I'm trying to understand the first paragraph! Lol....what is the relationship between the two...good or bad? Distance in light years...???? Good or bad? Hello Carbuzz, dude just speak
Description: Jeremy Clarkson drove the SLR on Top Gear for the second episode of season 4 back in 2004. He compared it to a shrimp salad sandwich, but was suitably impressed before handing it over to the Stig to s...
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Jordan Nishida Mar 01, 2013
Best show is top gear. Love when clarkson does reviews on different cars
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Feb 26, 2013
The review they did of the base C6 was the most blatantly biased review I have ever seen. They did a drag race with 6 cars that ALL costed at least twice as much money (some of which are actually slower to 60) and then said "it's not even fast!"
Jacob Burford Feb 26, 2013
If you think Top Gear is biased against American cars then you don't watch it enough! Clarkson loves the Corvette ZR1 and Richard loves a lot of American cars!
Chase Fecko Feb 25, 2013
I would guess 90% of people who read carbuzz enjoy top gear. Seems to go hand and hand with loving cars.
John Patten Feb 25, 2013
Top gear is bias to American cars, yes, but I don't care I love that show!
Tyler Tarbox Feb 25, 2013
Sorry but who cares if Top Gear is a little biased at times? It's a great show that is both extremely entertaining and also factual as well
Ashton Summers Feb 25, 2013
Top Gear biased !?!?! Lol. Who said that? It's a scripted entertainment show. Bias makes for good ratings. Large audience from a single group = $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Daniel Eads Feb 25, 2013
American cars have a double tax on them as well when sold in Europe. So the European market as a tad bit different, but over all, everyone has their biases.
Daniel Eads Feb 25, 2013
I guess I wasn't that clear with my comment. What I meant to say was I know that German cars, for example, are cheaper in Europe because they have to pay an extra tax to the US to be sold in the US.
Jake Dula Feb 25, 2013
Nick, I'm gonna assume you meant Jack and leave that comment alone.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 25, 2013
Demid, you're an ignorant moron who clearly hasn't driven or been in a new American car
William Downs Feb 25, 2013
How about you try driving a car in general... Maybe how not to be the biggest douche bag on CB while your at it
Aaron Crisp Feb 25, 2013
Shut up Demid, just trying to start an argument. Everyone please disregard that comment. I'm still worn out from the dumb ass statements of Jack.
Demid Petrov Feb 25, 2013
Daniel, you sir have just said the most stupendous think ive ever heard! American cars will never EVER worth more than european! Fact of life! The reason is... they dont use cheap plastic:)
Tobias Mersinger Feb 25, 2013
Not true. Even european cars are more expensive here than in the States... We just love our own cars... ; )
Daniel Eads Feb 25, 2013
Jake, American cars are more expensive and European cars cheaper in Europe. Their market is just different. Also TG loves some American cars.
Jake Dula Feb 25, 2013
Can't watch this, it's annoying me lately how insanely biased towards European cars TG is.
Garrett Murrell Feb 25, 2013
Stop eating and telling us where your body parts are and start driving the car
Demid Petrov Feb 25, 2013
Slr is amazing, perfomance figure and power output is amazing! Wayy better than Sls! In my opinion
Janko Danis Feb 25, 2013
He liked the carrera gt more
Chester Lam Feb 27, 2013
Great car
Cohen Raphael Feb 27, 2013
I prefer this to an sls...
Ben Knorr Feb 26, 2013
Jack - the sarcasm in your comment was about as subtle as a mike Tyson uppercut.
Jacob Burford Feb 26, 2013
Still looks iconic if you ask me!
Jt Collier Feb 25, 2013
i dunno, i think johns comment was pretty good. dont get bent out of shape by someones opinion lol
Jake Dula Feb 25, 2013
Congratulations John Car, you've been awarded the Dumbest comment of the day award! Lol genius
William Downs Feb 25, 2013
From the front wheels back this car is very nice, just hate the front and the fact that Mercedes ruined.
Jacob Mullner Feb 25, 2013
It looks like two different designs bolted together at the firewall. The front styling doesn't seem to match the back
Brent Moulton Feb 25, 2013
One of My favorite cars
John M Weishahn Feb 25, 2013
Hard to compare it to the Carrera GT, though. This one was never offered with a manual transmission. This is a poser's car. Carrera GT was hardcore.
Ben Knorr Feb 25, 2013
McLaren probably regretted doing this car for Mercedes. It was fast enough but it could have been so much better if it wasn't so damn heavy.
Aaron Crisp Feb 25, 2013
Seriously? Lol I agree, the front end is butt ugly. Should have let Mclaren take care of the aesthetics, that aside this is truly an amazing car with an amazing engine.
Matt Piccolo Feb 25, 2013
I have agree with Patrick. I've always loved this car from the front to the doors, but from there back, it's pretty damn ugly.
Tobias Mersinger Feb 25, 2013
The front is one of the ugliest ever, but that ass is epic! As is the performance..
Patrick Schalk Feb 25, 2013
John, or anyone who has eyeballs.
Lucas Raggio Feb 25, 2013
Stephen cobbs in glad you threw in the your opinion part because its my opinion as wall. I've never been a fan
John Car Feb 25, 2013
Wouldn't let it bother y'all too much, don't think they designed this to catch the eye of jeep and fiesta lovers. They should have based it on a lotus chassis an charged twice as much. Then it'd be awesome
Jake Dula Feb 25, 2013
I always thought it was disgustingly ugly too; the Joker called, he wants his nose back.
Patrick Schalk Feb 25, 2013
It's retarded powerful and makes one of the best sounds ever but I think it's hideous. The front looks like a Sesame Street character with a big nose.
Ryan Faber Feb 25, 2013
Im with Patrick.. I've never liked the look of these. especially the back... I would buy SO many cars before this for the money.
Stephen Cobbs Feb 25, 2013
@Patrick. I couldnt help but laugh at your comment. But hey its your opinion.
Patrick Schalk Feb 25, 2013
I think this is one of the ugliest cars ever created.
Janko Danis Feb 25, 2013
This and the carrera gt were awsome I like the carrera gt a bitt more thouhg
Sergio Cornejo Feb 25, 2013
easily is my favorite car
Jon Strahs Feb 25, 2013
Easily one of my faves. Bold and fast, a lethal combo
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 26, 2013
Ahh the good old days when this was considered enough speed and power
Jacob Burford Feb 26, 2013
That rear is very sleek! Prefer the rear to the front!
Redge Diakité Feb 25, 2013
No need to look behind you when you brake but in front ;)
Mike Conrad Feb 25, 2013
Visibility must suffer with that spoiler up.
Peter Skorokhodov Feb 25, 2013
far too expensive