Comments - Beauty Rides in Twin-Turbo Vette

Published: Feb 25, 2013
Description: High Tech Corvette’s videos are always worth a watch. They tend to include hugely powerful cars - like this eight-second twin-turbo Chevrolet Corvette – and beautiful, well-endowed models. This lates...
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Description: Apparently the rain put paid to doing a serious run in the twin-turbo Vette. The car's massive wheels failed to keep traction with the slippery surface, so another video is expected in the near future...
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Logan Delony Feb 27, 2013
Those are some nice turbos there
Steve Liollio Feb 25, 2013
Lmao Lou... Amen to that!
Patrick Schalk Feb 25, 2013
Holy crap those waste gates are ridiculous.
Ricky Austin Bride Feb 25, 2013
Wow she's actually beautiful and not just a pair of boobs with a god awful face attached
Lou Guerrero Feb 25, 2013
Twin turbos look great.
Tyler Wallace Feb 25, 2013
Not enough bouncy
Tara Fitria Feb 25, 2013
Anyone have any idea about the bottom end if this motor?
Mason Protsman Feb 25, 2013
what fell out of the exhaust pipe
Jimmy Janik Feb 25, 2013
That thing is filthy awesome
Brian Johnston Feb 25, 2013
There is one of her in a bikini and a twin turbo lambo.
Colby Church Feb 25, 2013
Damn rain.. Oh well, Corvettes and boobies are always a win in my book. :)
Jared Oteri Feb 25, 2013
Lol breaking all traction whatsoever In third gear
Jorge Gonzalez Feb 25, 2013
Damn, I wish I had one like that in my passenger seat.
Ken Scheetz Mar 18, 2013
It's amazing how those Boobies can flatten out under full torque. It's all in fun
Omar Aboul-Houda Mar 08, 2013
Omar Aboul-Houda Mar 08, 2013
@george lol
Omar Aboul-Houda Mar 08, 2013
/\ /\ / \ / \ |____| |.___| \----------------/ \__________/
James Henry Feb 27, 2013
And nah I've been on here since the first days of this app starting but good try. Maybe I think smileys should be used in texting and not writing on a picture :-) <--- gay
James Henry Feb 27, 2013
LOL your all so mad
Graham Young Feb 26, 2013
She superhot definitely like a 9.95
Aaron Crisp Feb 26, 2013
James I agree! :) Smiley faces are so gay :3 ;) :D 8D 8) (: (: (: (: :-) :o) :-D :0D :) :) :) :) :) >:) :) :D
Jorge Gonzalez Feb 26, 2013
Since everyones attacking James, James you a bitch. That's all.
Johnny Matias Feb 25, 2013
I think James should delete this app and never look back and the rest of us will be perfectly fine. There are other places to get car news where people are as immature as you.
Zane Turner Feb 25, 2013
Exactly right.
Steve Liollio Feb 25, 2013
I mean just look at that mirror pic... Definition of cool
Zane Turner Feb 25, 2013
Nah Jack, you see, I'm already cool, super cool in fact. Therefore I don't need to tag along to be "cool". ;]
Car Guy Feb 25, 2013
Anyways she has a nice pair of twin turbos there
Patrick Schalk Feb 25, 2013
Haha Jack are you still living in opposite land? BTW James comment wasn't an opinion. He was just being a dick. And people called him in it. You should take notes.
Aiden Bass Feb 25, 2013
I bet she has a great...... sense of humor...
Zane Turner Feb 25, 2013
Can't tell if debdoub is being sarcastic, or just hasn't seen Jacks usual comments...
Debdoub Tin Feb 25, 2013
Bless you Jack, I wish more people think like you & learn love & respect.
Gray Conron Feb 25, 2013
ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ Hey why not
Tyler Tarbox Feb 25, 2013
@James. It's all about first impression here and you've not started out well lol
Matt Piccolo Feb 25, 2013
Ahah James, since ur new here, I'll give u a bit of advice. Don't b an ass, it won't get u far with the people on this app ;-)
Jack Howard Feb 25, 2013
Oscar, those boobs look like eyes.
Oscar Galvan Feb 25, 2013
(^-^) \( •)( •)/ /___\ | |
Brad Henson Feb 25, 2013
( . Y . ) 8)
Kyle Rawn Feb 25, 2013
Well since everyone else is doing it, :)
Ben Knorr Feb 25, 2013
v lol
Tim Preisinger Feb 25, 2013
:) :D -.- -_- (>o_o)> <(o_o<) ~(o_o)~
Matt Sutton Feb 25, 2013
Someone hand james some aloe. I hear its best for burns. :)
Laura Anne Feb 25, 2013
Who trolls CarBuzz to check for smiley faces? Sounds like ur the fag bag licker ;)
Matt Sutton Feb 25, 2013
Matt does. And since you seem new here, shut up.
Shaniqua Latisha Feb 25, 2013
You do James
James Henry Feb 25, 2013
^^ who uses smileys on car buzz fagg
Scott Helge Feb 25, 2013
She has 2 fantastic air bags
Matt Piccolo Feb 25, 2013
No Tara, if that was the case, the top would have fallen off before she got in the car. :-)
Colby Church Feb 25, 2013
Hahaha Tara. If that were the case, her top would never fall off. :) Vette interiors aren't all that bad like people make out. Especially the 09-13 models. They have suede and stitching, all that. Just not as nice as most exotics.
Tara Fitria Feb 25, 2013
I know there's a joke about hoping that her top has the same build quality as the interior of the vette.