Comments - BMW 328i by K3 Projekt

Published: Feb 25, 2013
Description: Miami-based tuner K3 Projekt has given its delivery car an overhaul, outfitting a 2007 BMW 328i with a range of striking visual upgrades and some modest performance boosts in the form of S1 coilovers...
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Fajar Satria Mar 28, 2013
I like it ...waw
Rick Ross Mar 08, 2013
Trent, you're so awesome. Tell us more stories.
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 26, 2013
Yea...the floor in front of me it going to be the color of the rims...
Trent Fiala Feb 25, 2013
How much would this thing cost? Too bad my like $3000 dollar shitbox crapolier would smoke it lol I have races plent of the 328i and whooped em so bad Haha I still would rather have this then my car though
Trent Fiala Feb 25, 2013
That rim color is sick!! Reminds me of the color that is on a bunch of stuff on my crapolier... Haha
Quinn Conner Feb 25, 2013
Roof rack is euro thing...not Honda thing. Lol
Jayson Lankster Feb 25, 2013
get that damn roof rack off !! this isn't some crappy accord.
Matt Piccolo Feb 25, 2013
I hate to say it, but I actually like the color combo. And I'm not normally one to like wheels that aren't silver, black or white (and sometime, sometimes gold)
Lou Guerrero Feb 25, 2013
Being a delivery car, shouldn't they put their logo and number on it? Otherwise its a missed advertising opportunity.
Drew Humphrey Feb 25, 2013
Looks really good. Just needs a bit of camber IMO
Laura Anne Feb 25, 2013
Patrick Joseph Feb 25, 2013
The hell with that? Come on.
Description: Other exterior changes include a new rear lip spoiler, HID headlights and fog-lights, a Yakima basket, and an OEM roof rack – a useful addition for any delivery car. Because while most custom cars pac...
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Chris Gaines Feb 25, 2013
at least the racks actually used on this car
Carlton Green Feb 25, 2013
They need more accents
Dylan Porteous Feb 25, 2013
I can't tell if I love or hate it
Laura Anne Feb 25, 2013
I'd drive it
Ben Taylor Feb 25, 2013
Patrick Joseph Feb 25, 2013
E90 preface lift is not a beauty in the first place. This is just downright bad.
Freddy Garcia Feb 25, 2013
Love it
Marco Tomaselli Feb 25, 2013
Simple but awesome. I'd take one
James Salaba Feb 27, 2013
BMW died when e46 seized production!
Ben Taylor Feb 25, 2013
It's a bitty dea, plus it's the old 3-series
Hay Dayz Feb 26, 2013
Don't worry Ben, your awesome. Even though your illiterate and a short bus occupant. Practice makes perfect.
Ricky Austin Bride Feb 25, 2013
Oh god I didn't realize its Ben.
Nick Schnee Feb 25, 2013
Learn how to type kid.
Ben Taylor Feb 25, 2013
This pic Is a bitty dea
Jacob Mullner Feb 26, 2013
At least the obnoxious wheel color distracts you from how small the brakes look now with those huge wheels
John Patten Feb 25, 2013
I'm sorry but those rims..