Comments - Audi S4 by TAG Motorsports

Published: Feb 25, 2013
Description: California-based tuning house TAG Motorsports is no stranger to the four-ring brand, being one of the first aftermarket firms to trick out the 2013 spec S4. One of its customers recently bought the l...
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Tyler Tarbox Feb 25, 2013
@Matt. Yes actually. The new Audi Allroad is hideous. But other than that all Audis are beautiful
Laura Anne Feb 25, 2013
Always loves the lights & lines of the body
Marco Tomaselli Feb 25, 2013
Those rims are H-O-T! Sexy sexy car :o
Matt Piccolo Feb 25, 2013
Is their a car Audi makes that isn't beautiful?
Joel Pascual Feb 25, 2013
Love this car
Drew Humphrey Feb 25, 2013
Love the S4. One of my favorite cars
Tyler Tarbox Feb 25, 2013
Looks awesome. Always loved white/black color combos
Barry Stewart Feb 25, 2013
Damn, now that's elegantly murdered!!
Description: The customization began by adding a set of 19-inch P43SC alloys by HRE Performance, blacking out the front grille and fog light surrounds, and adding matte black window trim. Performance modifications...
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Fitz Michael Sep 05, 2013
S4 turbocharger? Mine got a supercharger.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Feb 25, 2013
@frankie, an A4 tfsi 2.0 engine makes 200 hp stock, give or take, with a stage 2 tune, exhaust, intake, and a diverter valve they push just south of 300hp, anything over 300 hp it's be best to upgrade more things such as fueling, turbo, and clutch
Dylan Winters Feb 25, 2013
Not turbocharged. Supercharged. So sick of these writers making errors.
Frankie Ferreira Feb 25, 2013
An a4 with some key mods would make the same horsepower. Why buy an s4? Would be sick if they still offer the de-massaged v8 the s5 used to have before switching to v6
A.J. Brady Feb 25, 2013
That 3.0 V6 is supercharged in all the cars it is placed in. Come on CarBuzz.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 25, 2013
S4 only makes 333 horsepower? I thought it was more
Ryan Patrick Clauson Feb 25, 2013
@john was gonna say the same thing
John Colantino Feb 25, 2013
The S4 is supercharged, not turbocharged.
Barry Stewart Feb 25, 2013
Closes thing to an "RS-4" we can get here!