Comments - Weekly DFA: These Guys in Syria

Published: Feb 24, 2013
Description: The civil war currently happening in Syria has reportedly claimed up to 60,000 lives. It’s a fight that doesn’t seem to end. But despite all of the bloodshed, we happened to come across this video ta...
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Description: Just because there’s a civil war doesn’t mean it’s cool to slam into a couple of dudes on a motorcycle. War isn’t funny but this moment of driving stupidity is downright hilarious.
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Ishan Dogra May 10, 2013
And the guy with the mic is like 'lets continue bitch'
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Mar 01, 2013
Allah yehdeek
Omar Aboul-Houda Feb 26, 2013
@hovie, nawaff said something like "shame on you why laugh?" I'm not to good in interpreting. Lol.
Esam Mohammad Feb 26, 2013
Long live Assad
Justin Ryan Feb 25, 2013
I literally laughed for 5min. @Chris M.
Jared Arthur Feb 25, 2013
Lmfaoooo @ Sean's comment
Sean Gillespie Feb 25, 2013
Derka derka derka derka BLAM!
Shannon Sims Feb 25, 2013
Omg what it this world coming too
Angelo Baclay Feb 24, 2013
Hey! Focus in the interview !
Patrick Joseph Feb 24, 2013
Minor. It's only a guy on a bike getting hit by a pick up. Where were we?
Ashton Summers Feb 24, 2013
Well if they drive in Syria like they do in Egypt, then it probably is a normal everyday thing.
Drew Humphrey Feb 24, 2013
I like how the reporter nudges him
Andrew Spad Feb 24, 2013
Lorenzo Gabriel Hadaway Feb 24, 2013
This is the funniest video ever. Watch and pay attention to everybody reaction It's like nothing happen.
Chris Mallinson Feb 24, 2013
Who just scribbled on your post below
Aaron Crisp Feb 24, 2013
Hahaha, glad they're alright. Plowed their asses.
Will Will Feb 24, 2013
Its just amazing how that soldier reacts as if he saw nothing.
Greg Kenerly Feb 24, 2013
Watch it without sound. This guy barely flinches and then gives a Fonzy thumbs up. Ayyyyyy!
Bert Kelly-Johnston Feb 27, 2013
are made without any real thought and are not representative. Some people here choose to be insulting on the basis of differences in age, nationality, education, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation ... Don't give credence to such irrationality.
Bert Kelly-Johnston Feb 27, 2013
@Omar, I follow what you mean. All I'm saying is its not about Arab or whatever. The stupid - my view - comments are made about anyone who can be distinguished. They happily put down the 'other'. I'm not defending the comments, just saying they
Omar Aboul-Houda Feb 26, 2013
@bert, he is right tho. Many of y'all criticize us for our mistakes and feel sorry for yours. Just sayin'.
Bert Kelly-Johnston Feb 26, 2013
@Mohammed please don't read too much into it. Some people seem to enjoy criticising others on Carbuzz. I don't actually think they care much who they criticise (e.g. Canadians, who many in the world have difficulty distinguishing from Americans).
Mohammed Abdulaziz Ghandoura Feb 25, 2013
It seems that any thing out of the Arab world is an invitation to ridicule and gloat...why do you hate us so much?
Bert Kelly-Johnston Feb 25, 2013
@Jack; how would that happen??
Aaron Crisp Feb 24, 2013