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Published: Feb 24, 2013
Description: After some images of the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee were leaked online a day ago, Jeep made the wise decision to release some pictures of its own of the new SUV. And its design is interesting, to say...
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Nathan Cook Mar 14, 2013
This is an ugly design, why ruin the jeep family
Jose Fernando Vega Feb 27, 2013
Jeep. No way. Is ugly.
David Junior Frost Feb 26, 2013
looks like a dumb bug and some fat person sat on the front end
Johnathan Gayle Feb 25, 2013
Pontiac Aztek reborn?
Troy Messom Feb 25, 2013
2013 SRT8 best jeep ever!!!
Aaron Johnsson Feb 25, 2013
The image of the Aztek flooded my mind as well
Dominique Byrd Feb 24, 2013
This just upset me.... WHY?...
Luis Mele Feb 24, 2013
That's ........... :(
Patrick Doan Feb 24, 2013
The new Jeep sneezed
Dale Fredriks Feb 24, 2013
Can we please just have the last Cherokee SRT8 forever?
Oknad Mitchell Feb 24, 2013
Are those high beams on top, head lights in the middle, and fog lights on the bottom?
Paul Arnold Feb 24, 2013
It's an embarrassment to the original cherokee in my opinion.
Balraj Momi Feb 24, 2013
Such a disgusting grill...
Jimmy Bartolotta Feb 24, 2013
Not enough fire in the world to kill this thing....
Ahmed Al Shorouqi Feb 24, 2013
Why Jeep why? the ugliest object on earth. terrible
Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 24, 2013
Two words : Pontiac Aztec
Michael Fasanello Feb 28, 2013
Holy crap, they ruuuiined it!
Matt Burgess Feb 26, 2013
How can they take one of the most durable SUVs ever made and bring it back and make it look like this. Disappointing :(
Jacob Wilkerson Feb 26, 2013
Looks like a bunch of Asians gathered around it and started hitting it with an ugly stick.
Tom Ippolito Feb 25, 2013
John it shows they are willing to take risks which in my opinion is good news I love jeep and I'm not a huge fan of this but Im glad they aren't sitting on the butts and taking some bold risks in their designs I bet it looks better in person
John R Palm Feb 25, 2013
How do you go from the gorgeous Grand Cherokee , to this design? Goes to show you American car companies are still not listening to the consumers.
Edgar Jauregui Feb 25, 2013
ahhhh! Kill it! Kill it please!
Mike Klare Feb 25, 2013
The Aztec is starting to look good This even makes the Juke look good
Dale Schroeder Feb 25, 2013
Eh, switch out the two-piece headlights for more conventional ones and it'd be fine.
Tanton Stoneman Feb 25, 2013
Yeah, the Aztec definitely springs to mind. I think this is worse!
Nick Mallett Feb 25, 2013
The reason no one likes this, (besides the hideous look) is that it's called a cherokee. Any auto enthusiast knows what a jeep cherokee is. And the difference between grand cherokee and cherokee.
Tn Ng Feb 25, 2013
Reminds me of the Aztek
Tanton Stoneman Feb 25, 2013
Good luck selling that in America.....
Jordan Jackson Feb 25, 2013
They can keep the grill and everything under it, but change the headlights. Please. Jeep?
Bryce Becker Feb 25, 2013
Why didnt they just take the compass and put real doors on the back then call it the cherokee
Ahmad Al-Ashqar Feb 25, 2013
@Pablo Hersame: looooooool man your comment just made my day!!
Christopher McSween Feb 25, 2013
Needs work. More importantly, can it pass the ELk test?!
Cory Allen Feb 25, 2013
I hope jeep reads through this carbuzz post and has an emergency redesign!
Carlos Dorantes Feb 25, 2013
Iron iron car! Seriously what an ugly pos!!
Ryan Yee Feb 25, 2013
Couldn't they have made a mini grand Cherokee? I mean the gc looks great... This, does not.
Ryan Lopez Feb 25, 2013
Holy shit 106 comments
Tyler Chess Feb 25, 2013
I like it a lot. Very different
Justin Sachs Feb 24, 2013
Feel bad for the person driving it
Zane Turner Feb 24, 2013
Chris Mallinson is clearly a frustrated individual.
Christopher Alex Mohamed Feb 24, 2013
Looks like a deformed animal who's eyes were developed properly.
Luke Munchrath Feb 24, 2013
Looks like a grand Cherokee and juke made love.... And this is the offspring
Justin Routh Feb 24, 2013
All i can do when i see this is laugh and hope they dont sell any.. Come on jeep dont do this to yourself
Stephen Wood Feb 24, 2013
Charlie D'Amato Feb 24, 2013
I think I can poop, I think I can poop ungggh unnnnnnghhhhh!!!
Chris Mallinson Feb 24, 2013
Zane, hope you fucking die...!!
Cindy Ngo Feb 24, 2013
Not. Cool
Pablo Herasme Feb 24, 2013
" They said I could become anything.... So I became asian"
Zane Turner Feb 24, 2013
Looks like a Grand Cherokee with downs.
Ellis Yi Feb 24, 2013
I dunno...I don't think it's that bad...only criticism is the headlight situation
Chris Mallinson Feb 24, 2013
Look at me I'm Chinese!!!
Ashton Summers Feb 24, 2013
If I worked at a car wash, I would purposefully use battery accident instead of soap and steel wool as a towel.
Andrew Hossann Feb 24, 2013
Kyle Kloewer Feb 24, 2013
It's also the ugliest car ever
Jay York Feb 24, 2013
Hmmmm....yeah, no thanks.
Zeus Mocha Feb 24, 2013
Well once I found it it's the liberty I can believe it is the real deal and yes it is quite a looker -___-
Jimmy Williams Feb 24, 2013
Guarantee they change this front end within a year. Still upsetting that a Cherokee is a crossover, but after the inevitable facelift this will probably be a fairly decent crossover, for what it's worth.
Alex Bouckley Feb 24, 2013
I can't express how ugly this looks
Scott Helge Feb 24, 2013
I'm not a Jeep fan to begin with, but I actually think this looks good.
Michael Page Feb 24, 2013
Jeep kia
Nick Mallett Feb 24, 2013
The grand cherokee and cherokee are and have always been 2 different jeeps. The grand cherokee was offered in 1993. And the cherokee was a trim of the wagoneer. The cherokee was '84-'01. And the liberty replaced the cherokee. Jut FYI for y'all.
Tyler Wallace Feb 24, 2013
@mason the specs will be Good we all kno that were talking about the design you obviously like it
Tyree J Brown Feb 24, 2013
Ugly! Looks like an Azteck
Swarun Kulasekaran Feb 24, 2013
Are the grills ON the hood? That's weird
Tj Marten Feb 24, 2013
I LOVED the current Grand Cherokee. They just took a step backwards
Avery Lukan Feb 24, 2013
And also, after following Ralph Gilles' Twitter feed for a couple days, I can almost verify that this is real. Go check it out if you're not sure.
Avery Lukan Feb 24, 2013
I'm a huge Chrysler fan, but wow, this just looks like the Nissan Juke and Pontiac Aztek morphed with the new Grand Cherokee. Can't say I'm a fan.
Eric Chau Feb 24, 2013
Someone liked the Nissan juke front style
Samuel Reid Feb 24, 2013
When your foglights are bigger than your headlights, there's a problem.
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Feb 24, 2013
Serg you are right!! This thing is UGLY!!!!!
Serg Karchevsky Feb 24, 2013
3 head lights on each side A ton of grills Ugly
Anthony Scalise Feb 24, 2013
Honestly I'm not a jeep fan, but I think it looks okay
matthew barrett Feb 24, 2013
@Zeus, it is eye catching though
Zeus Mocha Feb 24, 2013
Oh wait this isn't the Grand Cherokee >.> haha it's still not my cup of tea though.
Kyle Reinders Feb 24, 2013
The fuck is that jeep was doing good but thay jest fucked that up
Zeus Mocha Feb 24, 2013
officially from Jeep*
Zeus Mocha Feb 24, 2013
officially from keep and if it is, it's probably a joke. Or at least I hope it is.
Zeus Mocha Feb 24, 2013
I don't think anyone cares for it's specs. It's a Grand Cherokee the performance specs are probably good. Everyone here is criticizing it's design. This is probably the most hideous looking SUV I've seen. Frankly I don't believe this is from
matthew barrett Feb 24, 2013
This car really makes a huge impact, and looks classy in this deep blue colour. It's nice to see some innovation from the car industry for a change
Mason Christopher Thomas Feb 24, 2013
Will grow on them. And jeep hasn't released all the specs yet. Didn't your parents teach you to NOT judge a book by its cover. So people please, stop with all the hateful comments, and wait till we know the whole car.
Mason Christopher Thomas Feb 24, 2013
I think people need to realize that cars today are moving on. Companies can't keep looking back, they need to look ahead. And people need to except that. This headlights are going to be like the new vettes tail lights. People will hate them but it
Gabriel Ramirez Feb 24, 2013
Damn, just when I thought Jeep was stepping it up. This SUCKS aha
Ryan Todd Feb 24, 2013
It burns to look at this
Walter Alexander Thomas Feb 24, 2013
This is the production model. Dude
Justin Barter Feb 24, 2013
My god that is hideous. This makes my M135i look like Salma Hayek...naked.
Sean Gillespie Feb 24, 2013
Epic fail
Will Will Feb 24, 2013
Goodness gracious me, this IS ugly.
Chris Chavez Feb 24, 2013
Looks dumb.
Aaron Crisp Feb 24, 2013
According to Allpar this isn't the production model, it'll have common headlights and a more Jeep like grill.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 24, 2013
This is horrible. The current Grand Cherokee is nice but this just sucks
Sam Koutros Feb 24, 2013
Wrong Direction!
Paul Smolin Feb 24, 2013
Zaire Wilkins Feb 24, 2013
How the hell did they jump from the 2013 refresh to this??
Jordan Nishida Feb 24, 2013
What? Why would they do that to the Jeep, the Previous jeep looked better than this
Jack Howard Feb 24, 2013
How is this supposed to replace the Liberty? The Liberty was pretty capable offroad with a straight axle in the back but this, this is shit.
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 24, 2013
I wont say any thing till i see it really
Oscar Galvan Feb 24, 2013
Justin Johnson Feb 24, 2013
Thinnest lights ever
Jerrod Swenson Feb 24, 2013
A good glob of mud can take out your headlight? Great for offroading
Pierre E Jean Feb 24, 2013
How ugly
Leo Ivanko Feb 24, 2013
Biggest fail ever
Mariano Soní Feb 24, 2013
Aztek of the decade...disappointing
Patrick Joseph Feb 24, 2013
This isn't a jeep. Whoever designed this doesn't know what a jeep is all about. Death penalty for that man I say.
Cory Allen Feb 24, 2013
Alright, back to the drawing board.
Alex Bouckley Feb 24, 2013
This is disappointing. It looks like a Juke...
Drew Humphrey Feb 24, 2013
I drive a Grand Cherokee and this is a disgrace to the name.
Jitendra Patel Feb 24, 2013
im seeing a nissan juke ugly
Scott Westphall Feb 24, 2013
Looks like an electric razor on wheels. It's pretty awful. Really awful actually.
Tyler Wallace Feb 24, 2013
They should kno this isn't going to work
Jake Dula Feb 24, 2013
Look! It's smiling! ... I think it needs braces... Really big braces
Patrick Schalk Feb 24, 2013
WTF. That's all I have to say
Julian Pilinci Feb 24, 2013
I was really liking the Cherokee every time I saw one on the road, and also thought the this was the best American (Off Road) SUV. Now what the hell is this?
Taylor Rosello Feb 24, 2013
Jeep!!! Why???!!!!
John Hyland Feb 24, 2013
It would look ok if it didn't have the ugly split headlights
Luiz Gustavo P. Farina Feb 24, 2013
Nissan juke and Pontiac Aztec looked like this
xenozonda Feb 24, 2013
angry birds bad piggy!!
Jacob Wilkerson Feb 24, 2013
Ugly stick
Jacob Wilkerson Feb 24, 2013
Holy smacked with an
Daniel Frisco Feb 24, 2013
Updated version of Isuzu Vehicross and Nissan juke combined to make one fugly Jeep .
Aaron Sparks Feb 24, 2013
It's like they took a Grand Cherokee and stuck it in the oven and waited for it to start melting and shrinking. Good luck Jeep salesmen everywhere; you have your work cut out. We salute you.
Ivan Rudnitsky Feb 24, 2013
Fugly is an understatement
matthew barrett Feb 24, 2013
Damon I didn't read the article, it is based on the Dart. That's my only criticism of Fiat- they recycle their platforms a lot (the Fiat 500 is based on a 2003 Panda, so it's now effectively 10 years old)
matthew barrett Feb 24, 2013
Wow I really like this. It's really unusual but classy at the same time. Isn't it based on the giulietta/dart? I guess that explains why it's fwd.
Matt Piccolo Feb 24, 2013
If I didn't know any better I'd say it was the new Pontiac Aztec. Common jeep. This thing looks like an abomination
Luke Purdy Feb 24, 2013
Argh kill it with fire before it lays eggs!
Gray Conron Feb 24, 2013
Someone give me a sharp object...... I need to cut out my eyes after seeing this
Paul Gladman Feb 24, 2013
why did they switch it AGAIN in the first place?
Rob Clark Feb 24, 2013
Mike Tyson once said he built his brand up to amazing heights & then tore it right down just for a public reaction... This is what I have to think is Jeeps goal with this new Cherokee; not to mention it's fwd on top of that. Way to sell out!
Gray Conron Feb 24, 2013
Looks like it has buck teeth.
Milan de la Rocha Feb 24, 2013
Wow that looks like crap...and jeep was doing sooo well
Redge Diakité Feb 24, 2013
It's hooooooorrrible it looks like a pig damn
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Feb 24, 2013
This is the new 'Pokemon' model!
Nelson Alexander Feb 24, 2013
I saw this yesterday and thought someone was trolling me. Wtf is jeep thinking
Jonathan Romero Feb 24, 2013
It's like it's Asian now!... No offense to Asian people lol
Thibault Leroy Feb 24, 2013
Looks like an alien
Devin Saint Enzo Feb 24, 2013
This is probably the ugliest jeep ever
Joe Talerico Feb 24, 2013
Jeep guys DON'T like narrow headlights!!
Jens-Kristian Gram Larsen Feb 24, 2013
the headlights ruin everything
Tobias Mersinger Feb 24, 2013
Japanese much?!
Adam Thomson Feb 24, 2013
Eeeewww!!! Why jeep???
Description: Jeep has so far not released any specs but previous reports suggest that the Cherokee rides on the same Alfa-Romeo platform that underpins the Dodge Dart. So in other words, this means the new Cheroke...
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Torqueingcock Thekeymaker Dec 09, 2013
Love this Jeep. It has all that I need. :)
Rocky Rocker Feb 24, 2013
You got to be Kidding!!! What the heck happened to a Right Proud Power Machine. This looks so bad, I can assure that all of the other manufactures are laughing their heads off. I mean, "Really"? Someone is sure to get fired over this most hideous embarrassment of this new (suck wind) reality concept of a "JEEP".
Drew Humphrey Feb 24, 2013
So you get a compact sedan chassis and FWD on a Jeep. Jeep saved Chrysler by not taking these steps, and now they've been corrupted.
Tyler Wallace Feb 24, 2013
Why just chnge the front and not the bacc too
Anton Zhukov Feb 24, 2013
Yet the wrangler sales seem to be doing just fine. The terrible sales of the compass and patriot, nobody wants car based SUVs from jeep. People still want real SUVs with real capabilities.
Jimmy Bartolotta Feb 24, 2013
It's really not hard to increase the current Liberty's mpg. Literally it's a 5k lbs brick powered by an underpowered and outdated v6 with a 4 speed. I'm lucky to get 17-18 on the highway.
matthew barrett Feb 24, 2013
It's a shame that it's fwd, but that's what Jeep needs to do to survive. Fuel prices are getting very expensive- especially in Europe. The UK 's prices will increase in March yet again.
Alex Renaud Feb 25, 2013
It's not *that* bad. It has grown on me since yesterday.
David Brier Feb 25, 2013
Make fun of it all you want. This Cherokee will sell very, very well.
Jason W. Evers Feb 25, 2013
Looks amazing!
Stephen Wood Feb 24, 2013
Maybe when dirt covers the entire front, it'll look better
Stephen Wood Feb 24, 2013
It's so fugly
Dave Rain Feb 24, 2013
This is the face you make when you need reading glasses.
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 24, 2013
@wyatt thats racist lol
Tyler Wallace Feb 24, 2013
They already dug up pontiacs grave with the SS and the G8 and now the Pontiac Aztec
Tyler Wallace Feb 24, 2013
Yea why would they do some of the stupid moves I can't believe this thee basing it off a dart and its gonna be FWD fiat is raping the the excecs at Jeep and SRT
Tyler Wallace Feb 24, 2013
Fiat is behind this lmao hell ya
Wyatt Gordon Feb 24, 2013
Asian headlights
Walter Alexander Thomas Feb 24, 2013
It is crazy. But when I first saw it I said it was down right discussing. Now something about the front speaks to me.
Nick Mallett Feb 24, 2013
Do people forget that the liberty was to replace the cherokee in 2001? So they are simply trying to bring back the people that bought the Cherokees... Not gonna happen with this thing. Bad move jeep. Bad move.
darrellbell24 Feb 24, 2013
there are no words in the English Language to describe how ugly I think this is.....I could have designed a better version out of grass
Zaire Wilkins Feb 24, 2013
I blame fiat
Jérôme Sieber Feb 24, 2013
In Europe the Liberty is Cherokee since the first generation
Tyler Ray DeFord Feb 24, 2013
If I understand correctly the Cherokee is just a new name for the new Liberty. The Grand Cherokee is another model. Still, what the heck is Jeep thinking?
Jake Dula Feb 24, 2013
Maybe Jeep doesn't know they have an Off-roading reputation, that would explain why they seem so eager to ruin it.
Tony Hernandez Feb 24, 2013
There they go with that car platform crap again! First the Explorer then the Pathfinder and now the Jeep! I think it's an insult calling this P.O.S a Cherokee!!!
Vince DeMasi Feb 24, 2013
Why would it be fwd? And based on the dart platform? So does that mean that the Cherokee is turning into a big patriot, I just don't understand why jeep would do this to a good car
matthew barrett Feb 24, 2013
The more I look at it, the more I like it
Matt Piccolo Feb 24, 2013
Guys, uhhhh, I think Jason needs a doctor... Call 911!!!!!!!
Jason W. Evers Feb 24, 2013
Looks good!
Nick Mallett Feb 24, 2013
Looks like a updated version of the Pontiac Aztec. And we know what happend to Pontiac. (Rip) but they shouldn't put the cherokee name on it.
Milan de la Rocha Feb 24, 2013
Reminds me of the Pontiac Aztec, which was one of the worst cars ever made~
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Feb 24, 2013
Looks like something out of a Pokemon cartoon!! Lol
Ben Koch Mar 02, 2013
Who designed this and thought it was a good idea!?
Brandon Carr Feb 25, 2013
Those headlights ruin everything
Michael Henderson Feb 25, 2013
I can understand why they took a picture on the beach, it does look like some wierd, ugly fish that has just swam out of the ocean. Hideous looking thing.
Jacob Burford Feb 24, 2013
Way to soft looking for a Jeep!
Michael Riley Feb 24, 2013
Reminds me of Halo somehow. Like a covnenant wraith. hahaha
Dave Rain Feb 24, 2013
Looks like it needs glasses, almost like its squinting to read small text
Dave Rain Feb 24, 2013
Gawd this thing is bad, lmao. Tired mash up of old, outdated or undecided design characteristics
Chris Mallinson Feb 24, 2013
Must be designed by the same guy that penned the Fiat Multipla
Ashton Summers Feb 24, 2013
It's like a circumcision gone wrong.
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Feb 24, 2013
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Feb 24, 2013
Noo, please n
David Ramos Feb 24, 2013
Looks like a KIA korean trash. I guess this is why Italians never really had a market in the US xept for high powered cars. They put out ugly cheap cars
Geoff Novak Feb 24, 2013
Those lights look straight from the new ford fusion. I hate this car already. And im a big chrysler fan
Ethan Amo Feb 24, 2013
I'm not a hater of this car but I will say this: it looks like a more sophisticated Nissan juke
Theo Hubbard Feb 24, 2013
Know what they should do? Build the boxy looking Cherokee that we all love and put a modern interior in it. Boom. Problem solved.
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 24, 2013
Ok Its ugly
Mark Fei Ling Feb 24, 2013
If they enlarge the headlight, this will be much like a Q7
Jerrod Swenson Feb 24, 2013
No name badging yet. Hopefully they back down and call it the Liberty again.
Julian Pilinci Feb 24, 2013
If it didn't say "Jeep" in this picture, I would never know it was a Cherokee. Here it looks much like an ugly Mazda CX7, and that's not good at all for Jeep!
Curtis Dougan Feb 24, 2013
They made the front so polarizing (and ugly) and the side Is so bland and looks like a Chevy traverse!!
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 24, 2013
How can you not intentionally screw something up that bad?
Luke Purdy Feb 24, 2013
Even the grill is bonkers
Waleed Alshahri Feb 24, 2013
I am not worrying about how it looks,,because I might get used to it. but, what drives me crazy is that why they make it FWD. it is really annoying that most car manufacturers are moving to FWD.
Benjamin Hardaway Feb 24, 2013
I like it, looks way better than the liberty.
Nick Schnee Feb 24, 2013
I kinda like it... Still not quite sure.
Keith Fennelly Feb 25, 2013
Looks like a Ford, Kia & Jeep had a love child which was then beaten repeatedly with a baseball bat.
Tyler Wallace Feb 25, 2013
It looks like it has 2 blacc eyes
Ray Garcia Feb 24, 2013
This is not a good look in an american market. The hood looks like it got squashed..squwooshed?
matthew barrett Feb 24, 2013
@Tyler, I haven't been to the bathroom for a while. Maybe that explains it?
Peter MacNeil Feb 24, 2013
What a mess!! Square fender openings on a attempted curvy design, just to name one mistake. The accountant needs to be fired, actually fire all the execs. who signed off on this, zero sense of balance or taste. Like the headlights, but the rest of the vehicle doesn't go with those modern shapes.
Eduard Konko Feb 24, 2013
this cars looks like it came out of a camels ass. it they make this garbage i will punch someone becuz of how absolutly ugly this alien looks!!!
Tyler Wallace Feb 24, 2013
@matthew your full of shit
Kevin Lavier Feb 24, 2013
Why? Why!!??!?!?!? I mean its not ugly but the headlights throw me off too much. Maybe if they were just a LITTLE better
matthew barrett Feb 24, 2013
I agree with both of you, the way the Cherokee is styled polarizes opinion, which I think is a positive sign. I think it shows Jeep is getting it's confidence back, and is beginning to innovate. Personally I think this looks better than any SUVs/crossovers available in Europe, and could be a huge success story for Jeep.
Walter Alexander Thomas Feb 24, 2013
Drake. I will have to agree. Some people like different. Just about every car you find today is going luxury or is trying to appeal to the mass. But having something a little unusual just can be attractive.
Drake Nailon Feb 24, 2013
If a buyer wants an off road vehicle Jeep has lots of those. This vehicle will fulfill the needs of those who want something bold, something different without having to give up all the other SUV traits. I think it was a smart move by Jeep.
Drake Nailon Feb 24, 2013
If I did not know that this was a Jeep I would love it. Knowing that it is a Jeep I still like it, it's bold and to be honest, it will fulfill most buyers needs better than a more off road biased vehicle would.
Nick Mallett Feb 24, 2013
Ya know, the grand cherokee from '93 and the '13 you can see a resemblance. There's no resemblance between this and the XJ. I own a '90 xj and love it. This, they need to kill this before it can lay eggs.
Matt Piccolo Feb 24, 2013
No rear pics? Maybe the rear is marginally better
matthew barrett Feb 24, 2013
SUVs, meaning Fiat had to base it on their largest in-house platform (the giulietta platform)
matthew barrett Feb 24, 2013
@ Tyler, other 'controversial' cars have been successful. The BMW X6, a truly ugly car, has sold over 150,000 units worldwide. Also, if you look at Land-Rover, they are beginning to produce more 'Soft-Roaders' (Evoque, LR 2 fwd). This is essential as the average buyer is increasingly looking for efficiency- hence the front wheel drive drive drivetrain and small proportions of the Cherokee. Also th...
Cory Allen Feb 24, 2013
I hope, since its driving in this picture, that its headed for the fires of Mordor.
Tyler Ray DeFord Feb 24, 2013
@Matthew a controversial car that won't sell. Jeep should be the tough inexpensive Lad Rovers. I. bet that car is stuck in the sand.
Matt Sutton Feb 24, 2013
Am i correct to assume that the grand cherokee was spared in this whiskey fueled design idea? If so, good. Leave that alone.
matthew barrett Feb 24, 2013
I can't explain it, but it would be pretty boring if everyone liked it. I think it's nice to see jeep isn't afraid of making a controversial car.
Jommel Marcella Feb 24, 2013
Ugliest jeep ever built, why do you even like it?
matthew barrett Feb 24, 2013
I must admit, I find this really attractive
Kieran Ward Feb 24, 2013
The side profile is waaay to plain compared the the front! Overall... Not that good
Ruben Radilla Feb 24, 2013
Why would you put Nissan juke style lights on a jeep ... I understand the r8 led fad but not this
Kev Berkel Feb 24, 2013
Reminds me of an Isuzu or something. I always wonder how this crap makes it to production level.