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Published: Feb 24, 2013
Description: Motorsports are useful to manufacturers in a few different ways. They can serve as a crucible for the testing of new technologies or as a marketing tool to strengthen an automaker’s image. But some a...
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Paul Dickey Feb 26, 2013
Uh oh look out nick. A 13 yo girl is threatening you.
Haoliang Li Feb 24, 2013
@Jack A Ford Fanboy?
Rico Turner Feb 24, 2013
Totally agree with Justin.
Justin Routh Feb 24, 2013
Always loved ferrari. But i hate the fanboys and alot of owners are dicks, kinda my same problem with bmw
Ryan McLean Feb 24, 2013
McLaren should be next
LarryandStephanie Espana Feb 24, 2013
At least they should!
Haoliang Li Feb 24, 2013
Porsche and Honda are gonna appear in this series.
Kris Woodis Anley Jun 30, 2015
550 Mondial
Andrew Semak Feb 24, 2013
I'll take the Maserati
Ryan Lopez Feb 24, 2013
This is a awesome pic wow
Description: Scuderia Ferrari was founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari in order to race cars built by Alfa Romeo. The team also predates the existence of Formula 1, although this is now primarily where its energy is di...
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Wyatt Gordon Feb 24, 2013
And like a hundred of those wins were Schumy in his glory days
Description: The first Ferrari-badged cars would appear in 1947, and the first GT car in 1949. Formula 1 would get its start in 1950, and Ferrari would win a pair of World Championships in 1952 and 1953 with drive...
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Dylan Bruder Feb 26, 2013
Mazda has to be high on that list
Zane Turner Feb 26, 2013
But Tobias, the Turbo S and 458 aren't in the same class. Apples to apples would be more like a 458 and a GT3RS
Tobias Mersinger Feb 24, 2013
Rly, who cares about the Ring? I sure don't and I'm german...
Tobias Mersinger Feb 24, 2013
Match a 458 to a 911 Turbo S, the fancy ass prancing horse will be destroyed, in both acceleration and braking... Porsche is king...
LarryandStephanie Espana Feb 24, 2013
Yes, in the world of car Marques that made their name in Motorsport Porsche is king. Ferrari just happens to make it look sexier. But Porsche is king. #1 Porsche, #2 Ferrari, and Mclaren #3?, Honda # 4?, and Ford # 5? Any other order? Let me know
Jörgen Nilsson Feb 26, 2013
Definitely not Magny Cours.
Ricky Young Feb 24, 2013
Paul Richards
Walker Carroll Feb 24, 2013
I think it's magny cours
Ryan Lopez Feb 24, 2013
Is that spa?
Ryan Lopez Feb 24, 2013
And they still make more money
Chris Gaines Feb 24, 2013
Ferrari meets NASCAR
Description: It would be famously dethroned by Ford, never to take an overall win at Le Mans again, but that doesn’t mean it would never dominate a motorsport again. By 1999, McLaren had become the most successful...
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Dylan Gomes Feb 27, 2013
i still think that Ayrton Senna is the best F1 driver, especially during his short racing career R.I.P.
Description: In the 2002 season, Schumacher had the championship clinched after the 11th of 17 races, and won by the biggest points margin the sport had ever seen. That is, until Vettel’s 2011 season. Of course, w...
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Dylan Gomes Feb 27, 2013
2011 was one of the most boring F1 seasons IMO
Zane Turner Feb 25, 2013
458 Challenge is NOT the successor to the 430 Scuderia. C'mon CarBuzz.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 24, 2013
Yeah, what happened to that 458 "Monte Carlo" thing?
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 24, 2013
That doesn't make any sense. The 458 challenge is a race car thats not street legal but the scuderia is a street car.
Lou Guerrero Feb 24, 2013
If its going to be ruined by pebbles, it shouldn't be on a race track.
Jacob Burford Feb 24, 2013
Wow! Gorgeous car!
Roggina Froggina Feb 24, 2013
That back tire is off the track. That's freakin scary in a couple hundred grand Ferrari.
Ryan Lopez Feb 24, 2013
Makes me wish I was there
Lou Guerrero Feb 24, 2013
What ever happened in the following seconds may be boss or bush league.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 24, 2013
Ive just fallen in love
Ryan Lopez Feb 24, 2013
New cars aren't the same
Description: These make for both serious track day cars as well as cars for privateer teams in motorsports. Ferrari is still quite a presence in F1 as well. Red Bull might currently be on top, but Ferrari is very ...
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Drew Humphrey Feb 26, 2013
Why is the picture stretched?
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Feb 24, 2013
That F40
Jacob Burford Feb 24, 2013
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 24, 2013
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 24, 2013
The blue mirrors look finny
William Downs Feb 25, 2013
Looks are all personal preference, not something that can be proven
Zeus Mocha Feb 25, 2013
Ahh please make a track oriented version of the Italia with exterior cues from this
William Downs Feb 26, 2013
I'm not a fan boy cause there are a lot of cars I like more then the corvette, just cause I defend it against your false claims doesn't make me a fan boy, I'm just a gear head correcting your false claims with proven facts and actually expierence
William Downs Feb 25, 2013
.... Really cause even the people that I know that owned Ferrari didn't think they were the best... A great car yes, but the best... Far from it, but u have never driven anything u only read so your opinion hold next to no value what so ever... Obviously your completely biased for farrari cause according to u nothing is better then a Ferrari... But u have fun being in that imaginary world by your ...
William Downs Feb 25, 2013
Farrari have a better interior, .5 sec better 0-60, cost more, break more... Vette and viper are cheaper to buy, cheaper to maintain, more reliable, proven faster on the track... So what exactly makes the Ferrari superior ?
William Downs Feb 25, 2013
Hahaha except the vette and viper don't wine by .5 of a second, they win by a dmfew seconds and a few seconds on the track is a huge difference... .5 sec better 0-60 doesn't make it a better car, not in theeast bit, and u have still yet to give any facts on how a Ferrari is better then a vette or viper... Just your own biased ass opinion
Jacob Burford Feb 25, 2013
Jeez! Every article is a comparison between a Ferrari and a Vetta, two different cars with different goals! I hope there is at least one day this weak without this argument!
William Downs Feb 25, 2013
And I'm not saying the vette and viper are the best either, never have, I just respect them a lot more then ferrari
William Downs Feb 25, 2013
.5 of a second is far from superior acceleration, and then take into fact that it couldn't accomplish that time without its fancy computers, vette and viper 0-60 is from pure mechanical engineering.. Sure a Ferrari is a great car, but there far from the best
William Downs Feb 25, 2013
You'll never notice that difference just so u know, and why does it seem u always gotta try and spark a fight on every article
Zeus Mocha Feb 25, 2013
Yea but the vipers and vettes do and do it pretty well.