Comments - Daytona Crash Leaves 11 NASCAR Fans Injured

Published: Feb 24, 2013
Description: Considering the numerous safety standards in place today, it’s still possible for motorsport bystanders to get injured. Car racing will always be a serious sport and drivers aren’t always the sole vi...
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Colby Church Feb 25, 2013
Accidents happen.
Justin Routh Feb 24, 2013
You might be on to something! Two fences would stop a car while increasing visibility!
Chris Huff Feb 24, 2013
Usually tires engines and cooling systems dont fly through fences
Keir Andre Nelson Feb 24, 2013
It's not every day you have engine blocks flying at you from a crash. People must understand that a lot of safety innovations have come from previous accidents or mistakes.
Kyle Malcomson Feb 24, 2013
Hope the spectators all make it through ok
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 24, 2013
Lol @ Wyatt & I don't think another fence will stop an engine block.. Just saying
Andrew Spad Feb 24, 2013
I believe it vas 28 injured fans
Phil Johnson Feb 24, 2013
Because two chain link fences will definitely stop an engine block...
David Parenti Feb 24, 2013
Just having a fence is a large improvement from the ways of the past.
William Downs Feb 24, 2013
NASCAR takes safety extremely serious and things like this can't be avoided, shit happens u can't plan for everything and to date nothing has gone threw the new fence system till now.. And NASCAR will take the car and fence parts and figure out how to improve it.. Cost is not a concern for nascar
Will Will Feb 24, 2013
Money? And it's not that it will cost a million dollars to equip a grandstand with better safety equipment, maybe a hundred thousand or two, and with the number of spectators attending such events the additional cost will be quickly earned back.
Will Will Feb 24, 2013
Its so easy to prevent people from getting injured from such accidents. Why cant they have higher fences, stronger fences or even double fences ( a fence after a fence)? Is cost the reason why? If so, are the lives of spectators less important than
Blake Antil Feb 24, 2013
How was Mary injured? A TIRE hit her in the FACE!
Wyatt Gordon Feb 24, 2013
Dammit, who turned right?
Jake Judges Feb 24, 2013
It's 28 fans carbuzz and 2 were hit by the engine and are critical
David Parenti Feb 24, 2013
I thought it was 28 fans. 14 seriously injured and sent to nearby hospitals. 14 fans treated at the tracks infield.
William Downs Feb 25, 2013
Not to mention a good chunk of those injured have already spoken out saying no big deal... As Colby said, its a Motorsport and anything can happen... NASCAR fans know when they go to a race that shit like this is a possibility. No one died and because of this accident NASCAR will examine it and improve the system at every track making the sport safer..
Colby Church Feb 25, 2013
@Kyle Shit happens dumbass. It's a risk you take when going to a race. Just because people were injured doesn't mean it wasn't a great crash to watch. Crashes are spectacles in racing, that's why we watch them over and over in replays. Shitface.
Neil Puri Feb 24, 2013
Neil Puri Feb 24, 2013
His seat was file with poo
Justin Routh Feb 24, 2013
"Shit hold my beer"
Jack Dransfield Feb 24, 2013
I'd love to know what flag man was thinking at this moment.
Jake Dula Feb 24, 2013
Rofl, that flag carrier must've had a unibutt right then lol
Kyle Malcomson Feb 24, 2013
@ Colby don't be such a cunt what if it had been a friend or family member of yours who had been hurt
Colby Church Feb 24, 2013
That's awesome. Haha
Ashton Summers Feb 24, 2013
The main reason for NASCAR.
Ryan Lopez Feb 24, 2013
It most likely looks like a rabbits nose
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 24, 2013
Flag mans butt puckered tight.
Adam Thomson Feb 24, 2013
Description: Fellow drivers behind him began to pile up which quickly culminated in Kyle Larson’s car being sent directly into the fence that separates spectators from the track, the aftermath of which left six pe...
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Cindy Ngo Feb 24, 2013
Camaros and Shelbys?
Cindy Ngo Feb 24, 2013
Chris Gaines Feb 24, 2013
so... who won!
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 24, 2013
What's the name if it?? I wanna watch it
Michael Riley Feb 24, 2013
Anyone seen the video of the crowd view yet? Saw it yesterday, tire landed maybe 3 feet from the camera holder.
Geoff Novak Feb 24, 2013
That sucked. Hooe everyone is gonna b ok.
Aaron Crisp Feb 24, 2013
Saw this on ESPN this morning, even if you're a NASCAR fan you have to watch this... Crazy, crazy accident.
Description: The conditions of the remaining five, although less serious, was not given.
Larson’s No. 32 car was left without a front end due to the accident and driver Tony Stewart ultimately won the race. But...
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Ian Barger Feb 24, 2013
Wow that was a crazy crash.
William Downs Feb 24, 2013
No he went to the winners circle and talked but he was all chocked up and didn't even care that he won, he just kept talking about the fans, very respectful man
Aaron Crisp Feb 24, 2013
Yeah he didn't comment or go to winners circle or anything. Cool dude. Very respectful.
Justin Johnson Feb 24, 2013
As much as he is a jerk, he's the best "racer" on that field. A true driver.
Michael Mayfield Feb 24, 2013
Good sportsmanship
Dale Schroeder Feb 25, 2013
What got me is that the hood tether still held. If that had gone up in the stands too it could have gotten even worse than it already was.
Cindy Ngo Feb 24, 2013
William Downs Feb 24, 2013
Was in the wall not the stands
Jake Judges Feb 24, 2013
His engine is in the stands
Cindy Ngo Feb 24, 2013
Crashed car in plastic
Jake Dula Feb 24, 2013
Bah, it's just cosmetic, no problem.
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 24, 2013
I'm surprised no one said " that'l buff out yet"
Andrew Spad Feb 24, 2013
And a bit of duct tape
David Lee Feb 24, 2013
All you need is a bit of wax and a microfiber cloth.
Drew Humphrey Feb 24, 2013
*Insert generic "that should buff out" comment*
Chris Huff Feb 24, 2013
V hahahaha
Jake Rorke Feb 24, 2013
Have you tried turning in off and back on again?