Comments - White-on-White Aventador on Vellanos

Published: Feb 23, 2013
Description: Let’s face it; the Aventador is a stunning car in any color. But there’s something especially attractive about a Bull wearing a white suit with matching shoes. Vellano Wheels is responsible for the a...
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Eli Bonner Feb 24, 2013
Why must there be articles of a car getting different rims...?
Daniel Carvalho Feb 24, 2013
Yes, indeed
Hay Dayz Feb 23, 2013
This angle will never get old.
Rob Clark Feb 23, 2013
Ooh, that's hot
Jacob Burford Feb 23, 2013
I'll take a stock Aventador in orange with the stock rims instead please!
Johnny Matias Feb 23, 2013
It's white on white. It's meant to be like that. If the rims were black it wouldn't be news worthy because everyone on earth does that.
Saqar Khudairy Feb 23, 2013
I love it, but not sure i would take it over an f13
Scott Westphall Feb 23, 2013
This car in my opinion is the first car more gorgeous than an Aston. This think is so wicked. (The white rims are nice too) Question, how does new wheels qualify this as "tuned"?
Wyatt Gordon Feb 23, 2013
Michael, Im sorry, how?!? Glossy Black wheels are the best!
Daniel Anglevik Feb 23, 2013
Oooooh I just saw heaven and the lord...
Michael Beach Feb 23, 2013
Black rims are tasteless. This looks good
Garrett Murrell Feb 23, 2013
Like the first tuned car that I seriously want
Greg Kenerly Feb 23, 2013
Sorry. White wheels belong on a Civic. If they were black it'd be awesome.
Brandon Chamberlain Feb 23, 2013
I like it, but prefer some black rims
Zeus Mocha Feb 23, 2013
So nice
Johnny Matias Feb 23, 2013
I think it's the best looking Lambo from every angle imaginable. I also like these wheels.
Tj Marten Feb 23, 2013
I actually love the back compared to other lambos
Joe Robinson Feb 23, 2013
Actually, the back doesn't look bad at all, it's just when you're looking at the car from a rear-side view, when the rear looks a bit odd.. I think it looks great thought!
Kyra Moes Feb 23, 2013
Whatever, I just wanna be naked in it...
Matt Piccolo Feb 23, 2013
Rims look a tad big
Matty Michaels Feb 23, 2013
@Jordan except you're constantly cleaning them.
Jordan Nishida Feb 23, 2013
White color wheels are better than black colored wheels
Daniel Anglevik Feb 23, 2013
This is the way you should take a picture of a Lambo not the way it normaly does from like 40cm from the ground. The Gallardo looks sooooo much better when its being photod from this angle nor from the standard 40cm of the ground. Amazing picture
Gary Smith Feb 23, 2013
Rims should be a little more concave.
Zachary Sindelar Feb 23, 2013
I like!
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 23, 2013
Beast! White on white
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Feb 23, 2013
Nothing looks better that an aston martin.
Tyler Wallace Feb 23, 2013
Looks Better then a Aston
Cody Gillard Feb 23, 2013
I quite like this
Wyatt Gordon Feb 23, 2013
I agree with Aaron. Honestly, I know they're overused, but PUR 4OUR's would look beast on this car.
Aaron Sparks Feb 23, 2013
I like the white on white but not the wheel design itself. I prefer fewer spikes. Multi-spoke wheels look conservative on this car actually.
Jacob Gardner Feb 23, 2013
I personally don't like it. It would look better with black rims in my opinion
Drew Humphrey Feb 23, 2013
I really like those rims
Cody Gillard Feb 23, 2013
I like how the rims aren't all white and that they have black mixed in with it doesn't overuse the white
Joe Robinson Feb 23, 2013
Unlike many rims out there, this one compliments the Lamborghini's sharp characteristic. Great job!