Comments - McLaren 12C Chimera by FAB Design

Published: Feb 23, 2013
Description: Swiss tuner FAB Design has followed up its highly acclaimed Terso widebody kit for the McLaren 12C with a less dramatic program dubbed the MP4 Chimera that will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. Key...
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Max Müller Feb 24, 2013
MiP 2...
Noah Schlegel Feb 24, 2013
beautiful car I want one they should build and new f1
Adam Thomson Feb 24, 2013
FAB design GTFO and leave those poor Mclarens alone!
Jacob Burford Feb 23, 2013
Just keep the MO4 as it is!
Austin Bride Feb 23, 2013
Why the roof scoop? It's not even connected to anythingv
Zeus Mocha Feb 23, 2013
Well more like ugly cosmetics day
Zeus Mocha Feb 23, 2013
Is today ugly tune job day?
Justin Routh Feb 23, 2013
Front was way better before
Ryu Tsuchiya Feb 23, 2013
Scott Westphall Feb 23, 2013
I don't think the kit looks bad (minus roof scoop) but it sort of is an answer to an unasked question. None of this is needed... So why mess with it?
Drew Humphrey Feb 23, 2013
The scoop looks nonfunctional
Jack Howard Feb 23, 2013
Why do tuning companies even mess with this car? They designed it that way with a purpose and then tuning companies come and screw it all up.
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 23, 2013
Just no. This looks horrible.
Garrett Murrell Feb 23, 2013
Dear FAB Design, STOP RAPING MCLARENS they look like crap
Greg Kenerly Feb 23, 2013
I love a good looking wheel as much as the next guy. I imagine these are light as a feather. I'd sacrifice a little form for function if I owned a McLaren.
Jt Collier Feb 23, 2013
remove the roof scoop and its fine!
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 23, 2013
Better looking than original .. Except for the rims
Description: Other new additions include a wind splitter atop the roof, visible carbon-fiber side skirts, a carbon rear diffuser and a triple-flow exhaust system for the new rear apron that gives the 12C an additi...
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Cindy Ngo Feb 24, 2013
Nice wide kit car
Matt Piccolo Feb 23, 2013
Looks like a kit car
Kyle Malcomson Feb 23, 2013
They really made a mess of that
Ryu Tsuchiya Feb 23, 2013
really ruined!!!!
Malachi Monteiro Feb 23, 2013
How the normal back should look like.
Joe Robinson Feb 23, 2013
Especially impressed by the design of this car.. For many car manufacturers, getting the rear design seems to be a challenge, but McLaren nailed it!! The only thing that needs to come off, or at least be modified, is that roof scoop.. Else than that, what a BEAST of a car!!
Austin Bride Feb 23, 2013
Rims are bad
Jaylen Burley Feb 26, 2013
back is awesome
Jacob Burford Feb 23, 2013
Prefer stock in everyway!
Ryu Tsuchiya Feb 23, 2013
ugly as"s" hell!!!
Joe Robinson Feb 23, 2013
Brian, I don't know about you, but this looks pretty sick
Brian Howard Feb 23, 2013
Looks Asian now
Nick Sti Feb 23, 2013
Love the rear bumper.
Austin Sullivan Feb 23, 2013
They are fine, wonderful actually
Joe Robinson Feb 23, 2013
Dude, I think the lights look just fine
Brian Howard Feb 23, 2013
Ruined the lights
Tin Nguyen Feb 23, 2013
Nick Sti Feb 23, 2013
Why bother putting on a roof scoop? It isn't need for speed