Comments - 800hp Audi R8 by MTM

Published: Feb 23, 2013
Description: MTM is no stranger to the Geneva Motor Show, and this year its star attraction will be a tricked-out Audi R8 GT.At the heart of the polished chrome and matt-carbon colored supercar is a twin-turbo 5....
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A.J. Brady Feb 24, 2013
Why didn't they modify the original v10 and just add twin turbos?
Ryan Lopez Feb 24, 2013
Acid+gt5= this ugly Pos
Ray Moreno Feb 23, 2013
Ii read that comment and thought "what is this guy talking about surely this car couldn'! YUCK!..." lol. Agreed those rims just don't mesh well with the whole car and I'm a fan of shiny things, but that chrome doesn't go with the whole car.
Jason Brower Feb 23, 2013
I'm usually a fan of mtm's work, but this is just hideous. That chrome wrap, the clashing wheels, the fact it looks like it's rally stanced; it's just horrible.
Anh Prohibition Feb 24, 2013
Its actually naked polished aluminum body work not chrome
Lou Guerrero Feb 23, 2013
Someone played Forza too long and decided to build this
Ben Hislop Feb 23, 2013
Shield your eyes!
Jacob Mullner Feb 23, 2013
It's like MTM sat down at a meeting, made a checklist of all the things that they shouldn't use on an R8 but instead of discarding that list, they used every part of it
Scott Westphall Feb 23, 2013
I have alway felt R8s were the ugliest supercars on the market. This did it no favors.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 23, 2013
...I quite like it. That might make me an ambassador of bad taste, but still. Except the wheels, those suck.
Carlos Dorantes Feb 23, 2013
H8 Chromed cars!
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 23, 2013
Designer is winding us up
Garrett Murrell Feb 23, 2013
What the hell? The designer of this car was on acid
Joe Robinson Feb 23, 2013
On the bright side, the interior stays colder in hotter days.. Full on chrome.... gotta change
Aaron Sparks Feb 23, 2013
Good job MTM. You took a perfectly fine car and made a complete hash of it. Why not just stuff it in a tree? It'd look just as good.
John Hyland Feb 23, 2013
Looks good except for the ugly chrome
Jayce Madrid Feb 23, 2013
I cannot even begin to fathom how terrible this vehicle's exterior is.
Brock Zager Feb 23, 2013
Wouldn't look bad matte white on black rims and some carbon and take that spoiler off
Zeus Mocha Feb 23, 2013
Who cares this is a horrible exterior job. Probably the worst I've ever seen. If someone created this with the custom interior of the corvette a couple posts down this would be a total abomination.
Kai Andrew Carlson Feb 23, 2013
I don't like saying anything bad about this amazing car, so, I will have to go with that also.
Jonathan Romero Feb 23, 2013
Uuuu Shiny
Description: Impressive performance figures read: 0-62 mph in 3.0 seconds, 0-124 mph in 10.6 seconds and 0-186 mph in 26 seconds. Top speed is rated at over 225 mph. To handle all that power some serious upgrades ...
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Rico Turner Feb 23, 2013
MTM is usually on point, WTF?
Ben Hislop Feb 23, 2013
I think I can see myself in that body
Kyra Moes Feb 23, 2013
This car looks like a Frankenstein model, compiled from other manufacturers ideas.
Ethan Amo Feb 23, 2013
Good grief I hate chromed cars
Paul Dickey Feb 23, 2013
Looks awfully high off the ground.
Travis Bourdeau Feb 23, 2013
The front looks as if it was lifted a bit
Kai Andrew Carlson Feb 23, 2013
The shape draws me to it but at the same time the wrap and wheel option makes me want to slam my head into a wall. They should know better.
William Downs Feb 25, 2013
Waste gates aren't holes , those are more then likely intake ports for the turbos,
Drew Humphrey Feb 23, 2013
@Nawwaf is that enough capitalization
Zeus Mocha Feb 23, 2013
I mean gawd damn who could do this to this car. It's so damn fugly I want to burn it so bad. Not that I really would I would just take all that stuff off.
Jayce Madrid Feb 23, 2013
VV True that!
Max Laino Feb 23, 2013
Leave it stock besides the ponies
Michelle Hart Feb 25, 2013
Finish is poor, the bumper gap is to large.
Joe Hero Feb 23, 2013
I feel like this interior could grown on me, if the exterior was a burnt orange or something other than aids, it would actually look decent.
Joe Robinson Feb 23, 2013
*comfortable Yet, I think we all agree that the rest needs work..
Joe Robinson Feb 23, 2013
Great seats!! I love how they look light enough to be for racing, and has enough padding for a comfortsble ride
Jayce Madrid Feb 23, 2013
I would take the seats for my M5, but other than that, the color of the interior has terrible contrast.
Jared Oteri Feb 23, 2013
Color sucks but those seats are epic
Ray Moreno Feb 23, 2013
Orange ish bueno.