Comments - 2014 Kia Soul Spied in Sweden

Published: Feb 23, 2013
Description: As one of its best-selling models in the US, Kia is keen to keep a strong momentum with the Kia Soul. So while it’s only been a year since the Soul received a facelift, these spy shots show the Korea...
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Jordan Jackson Feb 24, 2013
We're the hamsters there too? Lol
Zachary Sindelar Feb 23, 2013
I guess there doing well enough to pull it off every year.
Tom Purcell Feb 24, 2013
I'd love to see one of these burn.
Joel Pascual Feb 24, 2013
It's my dream to destroy one of these with a sledgehammer
Ben Bright Feb 23, 2013
Lol you're probably right.
Clay Williams Feb 23, 2013
This actually isn't the new KIA soul, the guy who owned it was just so ashamed he had to disguise it.
Description: The typical Kia grille has moved up a bit, the air intake has enlarged and sprouted siblings, while squarer headlights are topped by LED stripes. The single interior shot reveals the dash has also be...
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Rocky Rocker Feb 24, 2013
I do love this little Unit and was hoping to hear that Kia might bring the Soul out with an AWD unit. I've heard rumors, but that's it, rumors. I know of many I have talked to, would like to see this as an AWD, and am sure Kia would sell even more. Kia, R U
Bobbie Dalia Feb 23, 2013
Match box literally
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 23, 2013
Still looks boxy
Mohammed Abdulaziz Ghandoura Feb 24, 2013
With such a bulbous nose, I declare the new Soul the official cow an chicken mobile...take note,CN
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 23, 2013
He freaking out