Comments - Top 5 Custom Ferrari FFs

Published: Feb 22, 2013
Description: When it first broke cover at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Ferrari FF’s unique Pininfarina-styled body polarized opinion. Over time, people have warmed to the "all-weather" Ferrari and we’ve come a...
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Description: As with all Wheelsanmore projects, new alloys were the main thrust of its FF transformation. Its set of 6 Sportz2 ultra-light forged alloys were selected for the sporting brake, staggered at 21 inches...
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Mamah'e Radit Hermawan Feb 25, 2013
Mobil merse
Thomas f May 19, 2013
boring desien
Navid Nadji Tehrani Feb 24, 2013
@justin... I agree the 360 wasn't the best looking, but I think anything with a hatchback should be reserved for lower end cars. The FF in my opinion is a disgrace to the Ferrari name. I'm a Lamborghini guy anyway... So I might be biased.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Feb 23, 2013
Guys you are crazy! The ugliest Ferrari is the 612.
Manny Portas Feb 22, 2013
These things are ugly, they do look a lot better in person and the spec. are insane but still rocking that 458!!!
Jacob Burford Feb 22, 2013
The FF looks a lot better live!
Ashton Summers Feb 22, 2013
No, the ugliest Ferrari has to be the 308 Dino or the 400gt.
Justin Santinelli Feb 22, 2013
@navid I disagree... What about the 360??
Navid Nadji Tehrani Feb 22, 2013
Ugliest Ferrari ever made.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
I still don't like these. They do look better in person though (saw one at the Portland Expo Center motor show) Ill give them that.
Carlton Green Feb 22, 2013
FF is gonna be timeless unicorn in like 10-15 years watch
Jeff Manuel Feb 22, 2013
I'd take the panamera over this
Description: As with any Ferrari model, most FF buyers are bound to opt for Rosso. Resale red, they call it. So metallic brown, strange as it may seem, was always going to catch our eye. Oddly, the color’s popular...
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Johnny Matias Feb 22, 2013
And the DMC Aventador.
Johnny Matias Feb 22, 2013
It looks amazing on Audis and Mercedes
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
I don't get it. Brown is, very likely, the ugliest color imaginable. So why is it popular exactly?
Jt Collier Feb 22, 2013
ooh.....does not work on this....
Jacob Burford Feb 22, 2013
Horrible color!
Philipp Kentner Feb 22, 2013
no...just no
Blaise Harned Feb 22, 2013
I am not a fan of the ff, like at all
Jt Collier Feb 22, 2013
howdy ho
Gray Conron Feb 22, 2013
That color combo=NO THANKS!!!!!
Steve Liollio Feb 22, 2013
Such an ugly car imo
Description: A custom KTM X-Bow was specially prepared for the Monaco gendarmerie and a Lamborghini Gallardo used by the Italian state police, so when this FF popped up in Beverly Hills we weren’t overly surprised...
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Thomas f May 19, 2013
ya don't go kn high speed chases because if they cradh
Jt Collier Feb 22, 2013
i agree woth wyatt. and i actually kind of like this colour scheme. even the wheels
Ashton Summers Feb 22, 2013
To protect and serve... Well to make sure BVLGARI doesn't get robbed or to keep TMZ from crowding outside the William Morris building.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
I think the red would look a lot better if the calipers were black.
Drew Humphrey Feb 22, 2013
Gray Conron Feb 22, 2013
I'd laugh at the cop if he drove a car with those rims.
Jon Strahs Feb 22, 2013
Oh god that red on the wheels looks horrendous
Description: Ferrari tuning specialist Novitec Rosso offers extensive upgrades for the FF made up in the main by aerodynamic carbon-fiber bodywork components fine-tuned in the wind tunnel. The parts include a fro...
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Thomas f May 19, 2013
uses to many tires
Colby Church Feb 23, 2013
Pretty sexy.
Tyler Wallace Feb 23, 2013
This is my fav one I must say
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Feb 22, 2013
Eliminate the patch of black before the rear bumper and its perfect.
Johnny Matias Feb 22, 2013
@Rohil I love you. But it's actually intersections... Perhaps his mom intersected with his dad at an intersection if ya know what I mean...
Adam Thomson Feb 22, 2013
Best one
Greg Kenerly Feb 22, 2013
Best one out of the group.
Rohil Chauhan Feb 22, 2013
Parker you must have been born on a highway because that's where most accidents happen
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 22, 2013
Parker youre a mistake
Ben Norton Feb 22, 2013
I actually love this car. It's very practical for that rich guy that also has some kids or something
Parker McClinton Feb 22, 2013
Fuck this car is so whack. Ferrari's biggest mistake.
Jt Collier Feb 22, 2013
novitec always gets it right
Dan Ruth Feb 22, 2013
All of this cool work done, and they end up slapping it on a yellow ferrari? Racing banana
Clinton Burger Feb 22, 2013
Really.. Why in a tire yard
Description: German Tuner DMC upgraded the Ferrari FF to an awesome 876 hp and 636 lb-ft of torque by adding twin superchargers, a new intake manifold, enlarged fuel injectors, a massive intercooler, high-flow air...
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Roggina Froggina Feb 22, 2013
Twin superchargers? That's nuts.
Johnny Matias Feb 22, 2013
It's even bigger than his...
William Downs Feb 22, 2013
90mm equals 3.543inches.. So u have the same size
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
Erich, mine's 4 inches.
Thomas f May 19, 2013
cooled pone
Jt Collier Feb 22, 2013
the body kit makes it look slightly inebriated and/or disabled
Jacob Burford Feb 22, 2013
I'll have this one because of that paint job!
Drew Humphrey Feb 22, 2013
Best one