Comments - The Latest Russian Dash Cam Debacle

Published: Feb 22, 2013
Description: Nothing should shock you anymore when it comes to Russian dash-cam videos. We've seen everything from crashing passenger planes to cows falling out of a truck through the lens of these cameras. Could...
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Description: Today comes this latest showcase of Russian roadside assistance when the drivers of these two cars somehow get into a bit of an argument. One comes to the "discussion" packing heat but forgets to put ...
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Guo-Sheng Huang Feb 25, 2013
Does he know how to use that gun? It might be too complicated for him:)
John Atnip Feb 23, 2013
It would be so hard to take this guy seriously. I bet the guy in the car just started laughing hysterically. It's hard to instill fear when you're an idiot haha.
Walter Alexander Thomas Feb 23, 2013
Man that is so stupid. I hope that guy lose his gun.
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 23, 2013
Man who's about to shoot me your Infiniti is rolling away quick save it
Tony Flaherty Feb 23, 2013
He said, see this gun I know how to use it but I don't know how to apply the handbrake. Dumb fuck should have been run over.
Jorge Gonzalez Feb 23, 2013
Lmao Tyler, Dude you play too many video games haha.
Jesse Andersen Feb 22, 2013
Was really hopin for the camera to just film two pieces of lead going through the windshield followed by a getaway driver.
Aaron Sparks Feb 22, 2013
LOL Ashton!!
Frederick Perez Feb 22, 2013
So mad/rushed to get down he Forgot to apply the handbrake of his SUV
Johnny Matias Feb 22, 2013
I'm gonna go ahead and assume the driver of the car with the dash cam did something else to piss off the Infiniti guy.
Dylan Reece Feb 22, 2013
Stay classy Russia
Michael Riley Feb 22, 2013
Well less dramatic then I thought it would be.
Zaire Wilkins Feb 22, 2013
Did he have a silencer on his gun
Carlton Green Feb 22, 2013
Lmao at this whole section
Ashton Summers Feb 22, 2013
The guy with the infinity was just being a Good Samaritan. He was saying in Russian. "You left your gun at Starbucks, I've come to return it."
Will Will Feb 22, 2013
I was expecting a passing truck to hit the infiniti. That would've been fun to watch.
Greg Kenerly Feb 22, 2013
Tyler. Awesome translation.
Julian Pilinci Feb 22, 2013
Someone understand what they're saying?
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Feb 22, 2013
Leave it in drive for a quick get away
Rodrigo Allen Feb 22, 2013
Asshole deserved to be run over. It really would make the world a little bit safer.
Greg Lewis Feb 22, 2013
Yeah, I agree, why doesn't more people get run over? If your life is threatened, you're justified in using lethal force. (Maybe different in Russia) is it really that bad there?
Zeus Mocha Feb 22, 2013
Guy illegally cuts me off stops me and walks out with a gun towards me all being recorded. I would have ran his ass over so nicely don't care if it was in the US or Russia.
Ada Onwukaike Feb 22, 2013
They said Russians !! Wait.
Tyler Ghormley Feb 22, 2013
English translation: "hey nico it's roman... Lets go bowling!:D
Ryan Luellen Feb 22, 2013
The don't even play baseball lmao that comment killed me hahah
Jon Strahs Feb 22, 2013
Andrey Lobko Feb 22, 2013
Welcome to Russia. That's why when I moved here I was shocked at how people talk s@(t at one another. There the conversation can end suddenly and with a bullet or a baseball bat... and they don't even play baseball in Russia.
Malachi Monteiro Feb 22, 2013
Every single nice car in Russia is driven by a Dickbag.
Mark Fei Ling Feb 22, 2013
Remind me of good old days on GTA4
Seroga Kononov Jan 21, 2014
Every one here is acting tough but if a pissed off Russian came at u with a gun, I'm pretty sure u would choose ur words carefully
GregmAz WAr Apr 28, 2013
Jorge Gonzalez Feb 23, 2013
If you won't use it, don't tote it.
Carlos Dorantes Feb 22, 2013
D-bag, shoot on site
Ahmed Barrasali Feb 22, 2013
Dangerous Russian Mafia guy -_-
Denise Stewart Feb 22, 2013
Is that a gun
David Gomez Feb 22, 2013
Only in soviet Russia ....
Drew Humphrey Feb 22, 2013
Look at his face. Just douchey on douchey
Dale Schroeder Feb 22, 2013
Wow, these Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots are very realistic looking!
Carlton Green Feb 22, 2013
In communist russia, getaway car, gets away from you!
Michael Beach Feb 22, 2013
In mother Russia..'s pretty shitty.
Michael Demus Feb 22, 2013
Bang bang!!