Comments - RENNtech SL65 Black Goes First Class

Published: Feb 22, 2013
Description: It’s been almost three years since Mercedes tuning maestro RENNtech revealed its aftermarket program for the SL65 AMG Black Series that boosted power to 865 horsepower and 1,000 pound-feet of torque....
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Ashton Summers Feb 22, 2013
With that much torque, your home garage better be a tire shop.
Brandon Metzger Feb 22, 2013
Holy torque! One of my all time favorite cars.
Facundo Planas Martinelli Feb 23, 2013
So much better looking that the current one!
Lucas Raggio Feb 22, 2013
One of my favorite cars
TJ Mikle Feb 22, 2013
Description: Effectively the job entailed adding some choice black elements to the grey exterior. All MB and RENNtech emblems have been blacked out, taillights and side markers have received a black tint, while a ...
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John Patten Feb 22, 2013
Nxs so damn true
Lucas Raggio Feb 22, 2013
I'm liking the black roof
Colby Church Feb 23, 2013
Kinda boring... Could be better.
Blake Antil Feb 22, 2013
Agreed. It would be nice to see the whole car blacked. I'm just glad they didn't just do the hood. I hate when people only change the color of the hood.
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Feb 22, 2013
Sean: No, just no. Have you ever been anywhere near a cls?
Justin Routh Feb 22, 2013
The black on the hood and side gotta go. It just doesnt work on a mercedes imo
Sean Gillespie Feb 22, 2013
ONLY good looking merc PERIOD
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 22, 2013
You guys act like this is rice or something
Lucas Raggio Feb 22, 2013
I like the roof and the spoiler but I could live without the rest of the wrap
Ryan Luellen Feb 22, 2013
It'd a been cooler if the blacked the whole car just my opinion.
Tevaun Morgan Feb 22, 2013
Not really bad but would look better if they left it how it was like the first pic
Rico Turner Feb 22, 2013
This was not well thought out...the stripe down the side is the worst part of this "design". It's as if they started wrapping the thing and ran out part way through. Yuck!