Comments - M1 is a BMW Fan's Unicorn

Published: Feb 22, 2013
Description: To this day, the BMW M1 is the only true supercar the German automaker has ever made. The upcoming i8 plug-in hybrid will only be the company's second supercar. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro with en...
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Stray Kots Feb 22, 2013
Oops, BMW, not all German automakers* lolz
Stray Kots Feb 22, 2013
XD "the German automaker" was a reference to all BMWs. The importance of this car is privy to all BMW fans, though its legacy is important to anyone with a fast four door car. That's due to recycling that racing engine and "M" badge
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
Why do people say unicorn? Why not something cleverer, like Yeti, or sober Charlie Sheen?
Ashton Summers Feb 22, 2013
The only thing this doesn't have I common with a unicorn is that there be no rainbow coming from its arse.
Flux Flow Feb 22, 2013
If its kinda or anything like a unicorn, you'll NEVER see one... in person at least.
Eric Anthony Feb 22, 2013
Because their rare & tha likeliness of seeing one isn't very high. Kind of like a unicorn.
Mason Lampe Feb 22, 2013
Or the Audi R8? Or Mercedes SLS? There's plenty of German supercars!
Mason Lampe Feb 22, 2013
What about the Gumpert?
Caleb McCoy Feb 22, 2013
Why a unicorn?
Description: Even after all 456 units were made, the technology tricked down to more mainstream Bimmers. Here British car video team XCar takes a look at what's become a classic for fans of both supercars and BMWs...
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Jordan Nishida Feb 23, 2013
To much lamborghini in this bimmer
Lou Guerrero Feb 22, 2013
The story goes like this. BMW engineered the car, Lamborghini had the facilities, they ran into money trouble and closed factories, BMW got screwed over.
LarryandStephanie Espana Feb 22, 2013
LarryandStephanie Espana Feb 22, 2013
@ Colby, they were working hand in hand, kind of like subaru and Toyota and if the deal would have broke down before it was finally produced, even though it was already engineered. That's what happened. Learn your history before you correct someone e
Justin Johnson Feb 22, 2013
Ugh, Lamborghini is affiliated with this car. As a matter of fact, they were supposed to build it, but BMW visited their facility and changed their mind. They took the design and built it at their own factory.
Samuel Reid Feb 22, 2013
"Designed by Giugiaro and engineered by Lamborghini" ....
Colby Church Feb 22, 2013
No, it was engineered by BMW. Lamborghini is busy engineering their own cars, they don't have the time to engineer a super car for another automaker from a different country.
Liam Day Feb 22, 2013
It was engineered by Lamborghini
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 22, 2013
Lambo much? BMW
Justin Johnson Feb 22, 2013
I always thought it was ugly but I love it
Jordan Nishida Feb 23, 2013
Ugly wheels
Ryan Cardone Feb 23, 2013
Those rims are straight up Matchbox/HotWheels car esqué.
Justin Johnson Feb 22, 2013
Chris, the one from about seven years ago? I thought that car was atrocious, just me though
Chris Gaines Feb 22, 2013
have you guys seem the m1 homage concept? it's an i8 with a real engine.. that's what they should be building!
Matt Piccolo Feb 22, 2013
I've always found the back awkward
Matthew van der Linde Feb 22, 2013
Or the V12 they use in the 760Li
Matthew van der Linde Feb 22, 2013
They ought to borrow a V12 from their sister company rolls royce and put that in a new M1
Mikey Jenkins Feb 22, 2013
Such a beautiful car I think they should re make it like this but with today's technology and see what happens :)) Imaging this with a 1m or m5 engine in