Comments - GTA Spano Headed for Geneva

Published: Feb 22, 2013
Description: Spanish supercar maker Spania GTA has dropped a couple of teaser images of its updated 2013 GTA Spano that will be unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. There doesn’t appear to be too many visual ...
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Paul Dickey Feb 25, 2013
Viper isn't supercharged this is.
Zaire Wilkins Feb 24, 2013
Does this use the vipers V10 like the devon GTX
Kyle Kloewer Feb 23, 2013
I like how the Viper has almost the same size engine with 300 less horsepower than this
Oleg Odessit Feb 22, 2013
I dnt even know what you meant by that in a first place, screw the rest
Brett Vincent Feb 22, 2013
I don't know why I used "of" and the ellipsis.
Brett Vincent Feb 22, 2013
A happy ending would of added +15 hp.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
That front fascia is really boring...
Description: Despite the improved performance, the automaker claims 0-62mph remains at 2.9 seconds and top speed at 217 mph. So along with the Ferrari F150 and McLaren P1, there’ll now be at least three 900 hp su...
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Quinn Rogers Feb 22, 2013
@Guillermo they say it will be around 800, like 790 or something
Guillermo Daniel Rodriguez Feb 22, 2013
What about the 918 Spyder? Is it not coming to Geneva then? And I though it was 900+ too?
Austin Sullivan Feb 22, 2013
Always is
Thibault Leroy Feb 22, 2013
Wow this is gonna be THE show of the year no doubt
Dan Bousquet Feb 22, 2013
that top speed and 0-60 are the same as the lamborghini aventador
Jake Judges Feb 22, 2013
And the wraith lol
Jake Judges Feb 22, 2013
And the spyker b6
Jake Judges Feb 22, 2013
And the new Lamborghini and the new pagani. Looks like a good show this year
Adam Thomson Feb 23, 2013
The badge looks like the youtube logo.
Ben Knorr Feb 22, 2013
interesting shape. back half looks really weird tho.
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 22, 2013
A lot of potential.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
I quite like it
Jayce Madrid Feb 22, 2013
I remember seeing this car around town. It looks WAY better in person!
Ahmed Barrasali Feb 22, 2013
Decent look, eye catching design.
Gray Conron Feb 22, 2013
Thibault Leroy Feb 22, 2013
@Justin oh yeah now that you say it, I cannot unsee that image haha
Justin Routh Feb 22, 2013
That emblem always reminds me of youtube
Andreas Köhler Feb 22, 2013
Backpart looks like foreskin some how..
Rico Turner Feb 22, 2013
I agree with Barry.
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 22, 2013
Or before them :/
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 22, 2013
Stop at the mirrors and it would look ok.
Luis Daniel Angilello Feb 23, 2013
It looks like a fiberglass kit done wrong
Jon Ashley Feb 22, 2013
I forgot how bad the lines were. No, thank you!
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
I don't like how the back rises up into a ducktail-ish shape without being a ducktail... But otherwise I like it
Jt Collier Feb 22, 2013
hate the oval doors and such. i really want to like this car but the side profile kills it for me
Ellis Yi Feb 22, 2013
I don't like how the design revolved around those ovals...
Noah Gavurin Feb 22, 2013
the front, back, and sides of this car are a little iffy
Zaire Wilkins Feb 24, 2013
The tailights on the chrysler ME-412. Has larger tailights
Nathaniel Martinez Feb 23, 2013
The shape of the taillights, the valley in between, and the spoiler bridge all hark me back to the Chrysler ME 412 concept.
Ellis Yi Feb 23, 2013
It looks cheap....when it's not
Flux Flow Feb 22, 2013
LMAO! @Austin & Zack
Oleg Odessit Feb 22, 2013
Thats unique
Matt Piccolo Feb 22, 2013
From the back it looks sick. But from the front the sides and rear quarter look odd. Maybe it was the silver in the earlier pics?
Austin Bride Feb 22, 2013
Quite a graphic car conception.
Zack Kennedy Feb 22, 2013
If a veyron put its pistons Inside an appolo and oil spilled all over its grill and it dripped into the the exhaust... This would be the baby that was made. Beautiful ;(.
Oscar Galvan Feb 22, 2013
A tiny bit
Julian Pilinci Feb 22, 2013
It looks better in this picture.
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 22, 2013
Not so much.
Jared Oteri Feb 22, 2013
The door and the swooping line leading to the back are giving me a veyron vibe. Thoughts?