Comments - Ford Considering New Unibody Ranger?

Published: Feb 22, 2013
Description: The Ford Ranger that’s beloved by many in the US is gone with no immediate plans to replace it with the all-new Ranger that’s now on sale in Australia, Brazil and other global markets. That’s a real ...
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Trey Reilly Feb 28, 2013
Thanks Jorge..I'm glad you own a dictionary.
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Feb 23, 2013
Ford should bring back people like Anne Stevens to the ranks
Jorge Gonzalez Feb 23, 2013
Unibody means crossover? Really? I thought a unibody was any frameless car made out of one piece of stamped steel.
Trey Reilly Feb 22, 2013
Unibody means longer a "truck"
Nodnarb Ydil Feb 22, 2013
....will benefit us in the future. Besides, how many people with light duty trucks actually utilize the capabilities ? Most trucks are grocery grabbers and that's it.
Nodnarb Ydil Feb 22, 2013
They are only doing these things for the sake of money. If you can build 5 different vehicles off the same platform, that saves them money. And that, usually, warrants a better deal for the consumer. Sure there may be some shitty models, but it......
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
What Clinton said is saddening but true... Im gonna hate to see when they do that to the Mustang... Damn eco-pussy lawyers running Ford now... Only cool car they'll have left after they change (worsen) the Mustang is the Raptor
Matt Close Feb 22, 2013
Body in Frame with the EcoBoost 4 and the 3.5 v6, would be a dream of a truck!
Patrick Schalk Feb 22, 2013
That's so stupid. WTF Ford?
Zachary Sindelar Feb 22, 2013
I want a cheap truck that can at least pull a four wheeler or two and have overall high 20s mpg. Thats it :)
Clinton Burger Feb 22, 2013
They're just uniforming their platforms and engines.. It's like 5 years from now the models won't even be distinct from each other. They'll just look morphed, different priced versions of each other with identical engines
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
What a stupid idea
Tony Hernandez Feb 22, 2013
There they go, building shit out of cars! You'll think they learned from the Explorer already! I can see the YouTube videos know, people loading heavy stuff on their supposedly trucks and bending them in half!
Taylor Garry Feb 22, 2013
If its going to be unibody dont even bother, ford
Jack Howard Feb 22, 2013
Noooo, make it body on frame!
David Parenti Feb 22, 2013
Unibody means the frame is built into the body. Does not have frame rails. The previous rangers were all body on frame.
Ryan Lopez Feb 22, 2013
Sorry it's hard to explain here go on the Internet it will show you the prosa cons for each
Ryan Lopez Feb 22, 2013
A unibody is when there connected's hard to ex
Ryan Lopez Feb 22, 2013
Have a body on frame
Ryan Lopez Feb 22, 2013
Ok most truck
Matty Michaels Feb 23, 2013
@Jommel, looks photoshopped to me.
Johnny Matias Feb 22, 2013
It is.
Jommel Marcella Feb 22, 2013
It kinda looks old to me.
Description: According to Ford Truck’s marketing manager Doug Scott, who spoke with potential customers, there’s still a market for such a vehicle. Ford realized that it wouldn’t need a traditional body-on-frame c...
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Daniel Kapitan Mar 14, 2013
You guys seen the Pontiac g8 pickup the fg falcon ute is the ford version
Daniel Kapitan Mar 14, 2013
I'm not sure what the American market is like but if ford is thinking about producing a small pick up with shit all load and towing capacity... Maybe they can save some money and import the Ford FG Falcon ute we have in Australia...
Jorge Gonzalez Feb 23, 2013
Uni body truck, that's stupid. Must not be meant to do any real work.
Nick Hargrave Feb 22, 2013
I'm good with a Dakota or a ram 1500
Jesse Andersen Feb 22, 2013
Hahahahahaha, pretty much sums up why people never bought compacts. Not much good for anything but getting stuck.
Julia Landis Feb 22, 2013
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Johnny Matias Feb 22, 2013
Jesus that's hardly even 2 new jet skis. And it's gonna need to hold far more than 1000 to be worth buying.
Jimmy Bartolotta Feb 22, 2013
Pretty sure my Jeep has better numbers than that. It'll be a huge mistake to actually make the ranger with those stats
Michael Kozlowski Feb 22, 2013
I think my Altima can tow that much.
Lou Guerrero Feb 22, 2013
Man, those numbers are pretty weak.
Casper Christiani Feb 26, 2013
Look at my profile pic. I drive one. They are perfect and good fuel consumption. Great value for money and wouldn't trade it for any thing else.
Desmond Padilla Feb 24, 2013
Mike Bradnan Feb 23, 2013
Taylor J. Blake Feb 23, 2013
Looks too much like the explorer
Drake Nailon Feb 22, 2013
I agree, they should have had this here from the start. Why develop a whole new vehicle when one that fills the wants of the buyer is already in production? Stupid, I want this truck. Too bad they don't sell it in Canada.
Dillon Dixon Feb 22, 2013
I'm tired of this bloated truck look. It's a compact pickup, don't try to make it look big and bulky. The old ranger was perfectly sized and very practical. I don't want a crossover with a bed, I want a capable small truck.
Austin Marks Feb 22, 2013
Alex how am I stupid this looks just like the Honda only the Honda won't break down
Alex Bouckley Feb 22, 2013
Austin, you are so stupid
Ian Ragsdale Feb 22, 2013
We need to be able to get smaller trucks like this and still have a diesel option.
Austin Marks Feb 22, 2013
This trucks already in America it's called the Honda ridgeline
Ahmed Barrasali Feb 22, 2013
I thought they wont produce a new one ???
Alex Bouckley Feb 22, 2013
This would be a very interesting truck
Jordan Jackson Feb 22, 2013
Jordan Jackson Feb 22, 2013
I line it, bring it here!
Chase Fecko Feb 22, 2013
I think this truck would do very well in the states. It's great looking.
Zachary Sindelar Feb 22, 2013
I'd buy this! Promise high 20s mpg then I'm completely sold.
Milito Mayorga Feb 22, 2013
I'm in love with this truck
Bruno Nanber Uan Feb 22, 2013
In Italy we have this ranger
Greg Kenerly Feb 22, 2013
Hey there's a Ford badge on that Nissan Frontier.
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 22, 2013
Thats the truck i would drive
Ryan Riley Feb 22, 2013
I saw one of these testing in ohio.
Zachary Fix Feb 22, 2013
Just sell it here
Jake Dula Feb 22, 2013
Same here, bro. Gorgeous truck. We miss you, Ranger, please come home lol
Stephen Cobbs Feb 22, 2013
Not gonna lie im jealous other markets have this and America doesnt.
Trey Reilly Feb 22, 2013
I'm sure what you used was a fleet truck. No creature comforts. If ford builds the ranger iT should be a truck(body on frame). Not a ford fusion with a bed.
Alex Waller Feb 22, 2013
I had to use these trucks for 12 hours a day they sucked
Daniel Kenneth Babler Feb 22, 2013
I don't miss this at all
Jordan Nishida Feb 23, 2013
Looks good.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 23, 2013
Oh ok cool, thanks Nick.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
Oh wow... Thats miles out of my reach... Damn
Nodnarb Ydil Feb 22, 2013
Yeah the cost would be outrageous to be imported. I don't think you would be required to convert it to LHD though. I've seen several RHD vehicles here in the US
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
Nick, Im just curious, how much it would cost to import a Maloo to the U.S? do you have any idea about that, since you live in Australia?
Jared Palmer Feb 22, 2013
I am impressed that they use a separate bed/can design, it always bothered me about the Avalanche and Ridgelines.
Jordan Jackson Feb 22, 2013
Imagine a ranger "raptor", or whatever they would call it, I think that would be sick, especially with this design
Milito Mayorga Feb 22, 2013
Lou Guerrero Feb 22, 2013
SVT version/desert/jumps/pull/bitches
Jordan Nishida Feb 23, 2013
Actually I like this interior. I never was a big fan of new ford truck interiors
Jorge Gonzalez Feb 23, 2013
Someone needs to slap a 50 inch plasma in there, or LED if your into the newest tech.
Michael Moschonikolakis Feb 23, 2013
What was the direction, create the smallest GPS possible? My phone has a bigger screen!
Joe Robinson Feb 23, 2013
*dashboard, not bashboard.. lol Also agree with Douglas, the screen could be a bit larger at least
Joe Robinson Feb 23, 2013
The interior's actually not too bad.. I like the not over complex look of the bashboard. only criticism, the stripes are overdoing it a bit... else than that, solid interior!
Andrew Benson Feb 22, 2013
Very similar to the fiesta. Almost the same gauge cluster. I like it!
James E Caldwell Feb 22, 2013
Got to love a truck with a manual transmission!
Jommel Marcella Feb 22, 2013
The stripes on the seats make you go faster right? Lol.
Milito Mayorga Feb 22, 2013
Joshua Basse Feb 22, 2013
If you think that is small look at the ones from the recent Mazda CX-7 and Mazda 3
Jimmy Bartolotta Feb 22, 2013
Well guys will most likely be driving it... And lets be honest. We don't need maps lol
Douglas Goncalves Feb 22, 2013
Smallest navigation screen ever.