Comments - Chris Harris Drives the Cayman S

Published: Feb 22, 2013
Description: Just watch him drift. The newly redesigned Porsche Cayman S is just that awesome. Auto writer and presenter Chris Harris is in complete agreement that the new Cayman is a fantastic machine. Not only ...
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Dylan Bruder Feb 26, 2013
I wish he'd do more non porsche reviews that's all I see from him anymore
Jacob Lerklint Feb 23, 2013
@jenni, whats wrong?
Jacob Lerklint Feb 22, 2013
Chris harris is great
Jens-Kristian Gram Larsen Feb 22, 2013
Before i always saw Top Gear, but i started seeing Chris Harris's video's more because they alot more serious and you learn more and he's a better driver than the guys at Top Gear.
Description: This unfortunately leads to a lack of steering feel, but as our host notes, we’re stuck with the technology for now. But here’s the thing: Harris thinks current Cayman S owners should upgrade to the n...
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Michael Henderson Feb 23, 2013
He needs his own TV show. His opinions seem more kind of genuine than those on top gear
Ben Knorr Feb 22, 2013
v agreed. he's the best. :0)
Ryan Faber Feb 22, 2013
hes got to be one of the best car journalists of all time. I really enjoy listening and agree with just about everything he says.
Dillon Dixon Feb 22, 2013
Great review for a great car. I can only imagine the joys of driving the Cayman like that. Watching that video makes me want to go out and buy one right now.
Ferniand Silvia Feb 22, 2013
Chris Harris, thanks for this. I feel like I've driven the car after watching this film. Job well done. As for the car itself, extremely impressive. Love the styling, noise, interior, and presence it now has. It demands and earns big respect, imo.
Ashton Summers Feb 22, 2013
The noise this thing makes!
Dylan Bruder Feb 26, 2013
I do like the cayman it's a nice little car
Jacob Burford Feb 24, 2013
@Tony It is available with a Manuel!
Tony Hernandez Feb 23, 2013
Love the way it looks, just wish it had an actual gear box.
Adam Thomson Feb 23, 2013
The new Cayman looks and is much better than the old one!
Mike Bradnan Feb 23, 2013
I never considered the cayman as a dream car. NOW I do!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 22, 2013
Love the shape in the back so natural and aggressive.
Jacob Burford Feb 22, 2013
Love this car! Looks good, and combine comfort and performance like a Porsche should! The only thing that would stop me from buying one is the new F-Type Jag!
Ryan Faber Feb 22, 2013
I was thinking the same thing when watching the vid Tj
Trey Villarreal Feb 22, 2013
Well why I say weekend warrior for middle class because they will have an economy car for a dd and since this is an arguably expensive car for middle or lower-middle class, this is for the weekends. A wealthy person could have an Aston or Maserati as a weekend car and use a cayman as a DD.
Ferniand Silvia Feb 22, 2013
Absolutely beautiful. From the exterior to the engine to the interior. For that price, I can't think of anything that comes remotely close. A true, pure quality, mid engine sports car. Thank you Porsche.
Michael J Solimene Feb 22, 2013
U mean the opposite? A dd for middle class n weekend warrior for wealthy who could afford another vehicle? This to me would b a dd. A weekend warrior something more along the lines of gt3 $$
Trey Villarreal Feb 22, 2013
The kind of car that can be a weekend warrior for middle class, or a DD for the wealthy.
Tj Marten Feb 22, 2013
Love that sidevent
Trevor Brown Feb 25, 2013
He obviously has no idea what he's talking about? Maybe he just doesn't have the same opinion as you...
Chris Gaines Feb 25, 2013
downshift of perfect upshift than a cold-calculated pdk. all the manufacturers are so focused on incremental performance increases that they forget that 99% of the driving will not be at the limit where computer shifts are warranted
Chris Gaines Feb 25, 2013
did you have a bad experience with a manual or something? cuz you obviously have no idea what were talking about. and this car is not about safety, it's about driving pleasure. I find a 6 speed gives me infinitely more of that hitting a perfect
Hay Dayz Feb 23, 2013
PDK is safer, more responsive and all around better. I've driven both and with all that power and the way OTHERS drive around you... I want my hands at 10 and 2 at all times.
Mike Bradnan Feb 23, 2013
I too like the pdk.
Adam Thomson Feb 23, 2013
I like the PDK more IMO
Jacob Burford Feb 22, 2013
Agree with all of you!
Ethan Amo Feb 22, 2013
I couldn't give a flying f**k about how fast the PDK shifts, the manual is a must on a Porsche
Chris Gaines Feb 22, 2013
I feel like out of all the remaining manual equipped cars, this one neeeeds one to complete it's personality
Steve Liollio Feb 22, 2013
So beautiful..... Minus the PDK of course