Comments - What's Pagani Planned for Geneva?

Published: Feb 21, 2013
Description: Over the past couple of weeks, Italian boutique supercar workshop Pagani Automobili has released a pair of videos, asking "Can you decipher the clues?" in their titles. We’re glad to accept the chall...
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Brady Jacoby Feb 22, 2013
I don't think the Zonda R had a radio, why would the Hauyra R have a high end radio? I'd say a Haurya roadster/tricolore/S/targa. Something along those lines!
William Downs Feb 21, 2013
Ohh god imagine that sound An R model would make
Colby Church Feb 21, 2013
I hope Chris is right, that's what I want to see.
Chris Penza Feb 21, 2013
Huayra R?
Jacob Burford Feb 21, 2013
I love Pagani, but I will be surprised if it is a completely new car!
Wyatt Gordon Feb 21, 2013
I imagine its a Roadster version of the Huayra
Blake Antil Feb 21, 2013
I hope it's a new car too @Caleb but I doubt they would have two brand new cars released this near to each other.
Caleb McCoy Feb 21, 2013
I hope it's a new car
Julian Pilinci Feb 21, 2013
That's an interesting question that I like.
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 21, 2013
Not so much
Description: What we don’t know beyond that could fill volumes, but the question at hand is whether Pagani is fitting Sonus Faber equipment to the Huayra, or collaborating on building a stand-alone audio system. I...
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Johnny Matias Feb 21, 2013
It's likely a partnership with Sonus Faber to create a Pagani hi-Fi system. It wouldn't be the first time a exotic car manufacturer has done something like it. Ferrari has speakers, Lamborghini has laptops with Asus etc.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 21, 2013
I think Pagani will use the audio systems to enhance the engine sounds.
Jason Brower Feb 21, 2013
That's my guess. There's so many iterations if the zonda, why would pagani not do the same for this car? I'm guessing it will probably have some aerodynamic refinement, a little bump in power, and maybe some new audio/interior.
Brad Henson Feb 21, 2013
Special edition pagani?
Andres Felipe Terreros Dorado Feb 21, 2013
Carbon fiber speakers
Jay Kolvenbag Feb 21, 2013
Ryan, comment of the day
Wyatt Gordon Feb 21, 2013
Paganicandy (Skullcandy lol)
Melvin Cerrillo Feb 21, 2013
David Dietz Feb 21, 2013
Pagani Huayra by Dr.Dre
Alex Bouckley Feb 21, 2013
Haha ryan
Ryan Faber Feb 21, 2013
whatever it is, its named after ME!
Zeus Mocha Feb 21, 2013
You could play music now?
Joel Hayes Feb 21, 2013
Description: We’ll have to wait for more info to say one way or another, but for now you can check out this pair of video teasers and see if you can pick up something we haven’t.
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Ryan Luellen Feb 22, 2013
Made a good point the car sounds so good why would you need a radio? And it has to be loud to cover that engine
Amer Tawil Feb 22, 2013
Its probably more then just the best sounding speakers
Trent Fiala Feb 21, 2013
Exactly!! Why are people so excited about carbon fiber speakers? Nothing new lol My subs cones are made out of carbon fiber, nothing new lol I think they should do stuff with Focal not Hi-Fi or whatever it is called Focal would be way better
James E Caldwell Feb 21, 2013
Driving a supercar that sounds this good, there are few opportunities to listen to music.
Johnny Matias Feb 21, 2013
Yeah it's new audio and a partnership stand alone hi-Fi system for sure. It looked like that guy was applying some sort of black wooden backboard for a tower speaker of some sort. The speakers are obviously carbon fiber, also not a first.
Ashton Summers Feb 21, 2013
It's going to be a Pagani SUV.
Andres Felipe Terreros Dorado Feb 21, 2013
Carbon fiber speakers!
Stephen Cobbs Feb 21, 2013
Too early for a new model.
Nick Schnee Feb 21, 2013
Carbon fibre and stiching? New iterior options for sure.
Drew Colton Wilder Feb 21, 2013
Sure would be nice to see another new model come out, not just a different version
Chris Huff Feb 21, 2013
I think its gonna be a lightened version of the huayra. Like the mercy SV
Noah schlegel Feb 24, 2013
yes I would by that zonda
Jay York Feb 22, 2013
Ashton Summers Feb 21, 2013
Nothing is cooler than a car with ailerons.
Derrick McCarthy Feb 21, 2013
It's one of those cars that grew on me, I wasn't sure at first.. But now I KNOW I would trade my left nut for it.
Jacob Burford Feb 21, 2013
Couldn't agree more!
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 22, 2013
Its weird and ugly And absolutely not suitable for 1.7 million car
Jdm Jerry Feb 21, 2013
It looks like a steam punk rocket ship
Kyle Kloewer Feb 21, 2013
Why is that knob thing in the seat
Phillip B Jong Feb 21, 2013
I definitely like the exposed shifter linkage!
Jacob Burford Feb 21, 2013
wild, not while
Jacob Burford Feb 21, 2013
A bit wild, but I like it! Matches the cars while personality!
David Munasinghe Feb 21, 2013
@ Tom. It's not a Crown Victoria. You need both hands on the wheel.its a hyper car , not a grandpa cruiser. Lol
Mohamed Alhasan Feb 21, 2013
What's not to like ? , looks great I just feel sorry for the person who sits in it during the summer after its been sitting in the sun
Jt Collier Feb 21, 2013
this has to be my favorite interior on a car, expertly crafted
Dillon Dixon Feb 21, 2013
Yeah, it's a sequential or a paddle shift. I would love to run this car with that sequential shifter. Feel like a racecar driver!
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 21, 2013
I like pie
Matthew Mckernan Feb 21, 2013
@Noah, I'm pretty sure you can shift via the paddles or that gear lever in the center console, I don't think there is a clutch however.
William Downs Feb 21, 2013
Nope they add weight and just something else to go wrong, personally I find them pointless, not that hard to pull a lever and move the seat
William Downs Feb 21, 2013
@ denial.. That's the lever to move the seats forward and back, no useless electric seats here
Felix Rhett Feb 21, 2013
@noah bingo. You need both hands on the wheel to change gears.
Daniel Kenneth Babler Feb 21, 2013
In the drivers seat is that an air vent for you balls?
Noah Gavurin Feb 21, 2013
uh, guys, thats not a manual transmission, those are paddle shifters
Jared Oteri Feb 21, 2013
This car costs as much as a couple nice houses if you don't drive with two hands on the wheel your crazy!
Elias Harb Feb 21, 2013
Trust me if u drive this car, ur gna want to put both hands on the steering wheel :p !
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 21, 2013
Try putting it on the steering wheel when you're not shifting :).
Tom Mcleod Feb 21, 2013
The only thing that disturbs me is the apparent lack of any real armrest. I hate when my right arm is just hanging there holding the shifter. That surprises me a great deal and its something I've never really noticed..
Jorge Gonzalez Feb 22, 2013
Put you're fob in the fobgina.
Kyle Kloewer Feb 21, 2013
Funny key
Johnny Matias Feb 21, 2013
@jack I just died. And actually yeah in theory they aren't good for your man parts.
William Downs Feb 21, 2013
Only if there on full power and your sitting on them for hr's on end like that, other then that there harmless
Nick Schnee Feb 21, 2013
Seat heaters are pretty unhealthy for your genitals... fact
Justin Di Nardo Feb 21, 2013
The car shaped key thing is kinda silly
Esam Mohammad Feb 21, 2013
Hate the silly key !
Matt Piccolo Feb 21, 2013
That's awesome
Freddy Garcia Feb 21, 2013
Love the key
Chris Huff Feb 21, 2013
Traction control, a/c, seat heaters,
Donte Perino Feb 21, 2013
What are all of those?
Johnny Matias Feb 21, 2013
Those look incredible. I wonder how efficient carbon fiber is for cones?
Wyatt Gordon Feb 21, 2013
Beats by Horacio
Christopher Melendez Feb 21, 2013
carbon fiber speaker! nice
Zane Turner Feb 22, 2013
Yes, it's a global brand. Our Hardee's is Carls Jr. However the only "fast food" I eat is Subway and the occasional Little Cesar's Pizza. So if you're going to try to pin me on constantly eating bad fast food, it's not going to work.
Zane Turner Feb 22, 2013
1 I'm not fat 2 I don't have Hardee's where I live 3 your making yourself out to be what everyone dislikes, not my fault. Be mad. That's my goal kiddie.
Sean Holcomb Feb 22, 2013
@jack a 3.3 0-60 isnt that slow
Zane Turner Feb 22, 2013
I think we can conclude Jack is a young, McLaren fanboy who surfs the web for big words and stats and try's to make himself look like a big shot. :]
Ashton Summers Feb 21, 2013
It's all about 0-150.
John Darwin Price Feb 21, 2013
Jack, 0-60 times don't tell the full story.
Kyle Kloewer Feb 21, 2013
Love the four exhaust
Jake Dula Feb 21, 2013
Jack, jack, jack... What are we to think of you? You practically had an orgasm in the comments for the McLaren P1 and all but said it was gonna be the best car ever, and then you bash a car which will likely be only a few tenths of a second behind the P1 in performance terms? What the crap is wrong with you?!
Jt Collier Feb 21, 2013
230 mph and faster around the topgear track than an atom V8 isnt fast enough? ok then..
William Downs Feb 21, 2013
Mmmm pure titanium goodness
Louis Valdivia Feb 21, 2013
Damn those exhaust be sexy< 3