Comments - VW Golf GTD Revealed

Published: Feb 21, 2013
Description: Another member has joined the seventh-generation Golf family, with the new Volkswagen Golf GTD revealed ahead of its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show. VW claims it’s "the most powerful GTD ever"...
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Jacob Burford Feb 21, 2013
Good old Volkswagen diesels!
Jason Brower Feb 21, 2013
If they bring it to the US it will be amazing as a car to slam. Good mpg = money for other mods, and tons of torque means you can pull yourself off of speed bumps.
Frank De Trana Feb 21, 2013
USA bring it here!!!!!
Frederick Perez Feb 21, 2013
Impressive torque
Cindy Ngo Feb 22, 2013
Where's the GTI?
Petro Maalouf Feb 22, 2013
I've seen and tested a normal 1.4tsi highline model couple of weeks ago its something better then the last gen and i think it is the best in this category
Jacob Burford Feb 21, 2013
Like the clean design lines! Can't wait to actually see one in person!
Adam Thomson Feb 21, 2013
Love the new headlights
Description: When paired with the front-driving six-speed manual, it manages 56 mpg (on the US combined cycle) - an improvement of 12 mpg over the older model - and with the six-speed dual-clutch DSG it drops to 5...
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Frank De Trana Mar 01, 2013
56 has to be a typo
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 21, 2013
Think its EU gallon size the blue motion models get up to 80mpg
Sam Reinsel Feb 21, 2013
Well, it's a small diesel car, something no one ever brings here to the US. Diesel isn't as popular here :/
Ashton Summers Feb 21, 2013
56mpg?!?!?! Is that a typo or for real? If so, the Prius is so stuffed!
Description: It also boasts dual chrome tailpipes, 17-inch alloys, wider side sills, a diffuser element and large roof spoiler, while riding on a sport suspension. Inside, the new GTD is kitted out with tartan pat...
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John M Weishahn Feb 21, 2013
At under 40k it's hard to find a car that offers that combination of fuel economy and sport driving potential. Add a world-class interior and all the creature comforts and the price looks quite reasonable.
Logan LeMonnier Feb 21, 2013
Almost 40k US dollars! Hopefully it might be cheaper here
Jacob Burford Feb 21, 2013
Very slow! Probably faster than what you drive!
Tyler Wallace Feb 21, 2013
Still very slow
Frank De Trana Feb 21, 2013
This over gti for sure!!!!
Carlos Dorantes Feb 21, 2013
SOLD !!! my next daily driver, no questions!!! I'll keep the gas-guzzling S5 though.
Frederick Perez Feb 21, 2013
Front looks mean- nice!!
Ashton Summers Feb 21, 2013
The only thing you wouldn't get in the GTD from the GTI is the nice sound it makes when revved... Even if the noise the GTI makes is just as fake as the noise in the M5 and M6.
Petro Maalouf Feb 21, 2013
Loved this generation, i made a test drive on the 1.4tsi model highline , its great and lovely , and now a gtd will be great because the 4 cylinder engines made by VW are awesome
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 21, 2013
Better than previous
Jake Judges Feb 21, 2013
I would buy this over a gti personally
Petro Maalouf Feb 21, 2013
Look at this shape .... Das Auto
Kieran Ward Feb 22, 2013
Hate these taillights
John M Weishahn Feb 21, 2013
We'll probably get the TDI version, but not GTD. You can always buy the TDI and then mod the suspension and ECM. Minus the trim bits it'll be the same car.
Frank De Trana Feb 21, 2013
They better import it to the USA. I'm serious.
Petro Maalouf Feb 22, 2013
As always the golf have the best interior in its price range and the must solid one
Johnny Matias Feb 21, 2013
And they're wearing them again now...
John M Weishahn Feb 21, 2013
Plaid interiors first appeared in the original GTI. It was the 70s. People were wearing plaid pants then.
Jacob Burford Feb 21, 2013
Solid interior!
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 21, 2013
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 21, 2013
Why would you buy auto when manual is better
Matt Sutton Feb 21, 2013
I love v-dubs, but that plaid always makes me turn the other way. Give grandma back her curtains already.
Curtis Dougan Feb 21, 2013
Cuz it's retro and awsome
Austin Bride Feb 21, 2013
Why do they insist on the plaid
Drew Humphrey Feb 21, 2013