Comments - VW Announces Finished XL1

Published: Feb 21, 2013
Description: It’s been over a decade since Volkswagen announced its intention to build a one-liter car - an automobile that would use less than one liter of fuel to travel 100 kilometers. The challenge resulted i...
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Donovan Ybanez Feb 22, 2013
Sorry, I meant VW, not Audi. Well whatever. Porche, Geo, Nasa, Nice job whoever did it.
Donovan Ybanez Feb 22, 2013
Hmmm. I wouldn't mind removing the rear wheel covers and consider buying one even if I lose 20 mpg in the process. Would still be nice on the wallet. Props to Audi on the acheivement.
Jackson Michael Feb 21, 2013
What the hell is Jesse's problem he's being a dick but not making any sense at the same time
Freddy Garcia Feb 21, 2013
Wow Jesse be a dick it's his opinion
Jesse Andersen Feb 21, 2013
Dustin must've saw me coming with the next sentence. This car is gaaaaaaaaaaaaay. While that's cool and all it looks lame, it's weak and no one who likes cars would like to drive one of these. Karl Benz is rollin in the grave right now.
Nodnarb Ydil Feb 21, 2013
Yeah, I would love a car like this. But they will probably ask for 30-40k for it. If not more.
Dustin Schoenith Feb 21, 2013
They should be proud of themselves. I want one. Be warned, btw, there are a lot of ignorant people and comments to follow
Jackson Michael Feb 21, 2013
Congrats to them this really is a breakthrough
James Salaba Feb 27, 2013
Anthony Perugini Feb 22, 2013
it looks like when they started 10 years ago they said "okay. lets get the design out of the way first" and they havnt changed it since
Joe Paul Feb 22, 2013
Wow, dug into the Subaru parts bin for those side windows.
Petro Maalouf Feb 22, 2013
Not bad
Vincent Chen Feb 22, 2013
Just give me the freaking back wheels and I'll buy it
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 21, 2013
It's like a new Delorean. Haha
Phillip B Jong Feb 21, 2013
Make it look good so that people actually buy it. Sure its an accomplishment, but split windows, covered wheels, and a back end that looks like a massive sad face? Let's get real.
Logan Bartnick Feb 21, 2013
This looks exactly like the futuristic cars in old 70's- 80's movies. It still looks better than a Prius though.
Dustin Schoenith Feb 21, 2013
Love it. How much will they be
Malachi Monteiro Feb 21, 2013
Interesting windows.
Jeremiah Goins Feb 21, 2013
Reminds me of Robocop.
Tobias Mersinger Feb 21, 2013
I'd buy it.
Kyle Christenson Feb 21, 2013
They hide the rear wheel to increase aerodynamic efficiency
Julian Pilinci Feb 21, 2013
This car has one big purpose, so don't expect it to have the looks of a Pagani or the performance of Agera... just saying.
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 21, 2013
Yeah i dont see why they hide the rear wheel
William Downs Feb 21, 2013
I really like the front but everything from the front wheels back looks so boring and plain
Nick Schnee Feb 21, 2013
Really? I actually think it's pretty awesome, I like the retro-futuristic look of it. Plus it's just vehicle to move people from A to B, it doesn't necessarily need good looks.
Matt Piccolo Feb 21, 2013
Jared Oteri Feb 21, 2013
No thanks.
Description: Inside the svelte, wind-cheating shape and lightweight chassis sits a plug-in hybrid powertrain that pairs a 47hp two-cylinder turbodiesel with a 27hp electric motor mated to a 7-speed DCT. The XL1 in...
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Jason Brown Feb 22, 2013
Just checked the C&D article i remembered reading, they estimate around $50,000 per. Not sure how they came up with that number considering the extensive use of carbon fiber in and out of the car...
Jason Brown Feb 22, 2013
Another thing, have you ever driven a Prius in snow on a slightly sloped hill with standard tires? It just can't make it up, you have to get special tires which significantly reduce the fuel efficiency, I wouldn't doubt this car to be the same.
Jason Brown Feb 22, 2013
So if you are thinking by the time this car makes it to full production, what are the true savings? Or at what point can you break even? At this point in time, this car wouldn't make sense.
Jason Brown Feb 22, 2013
Chris, that's a good thought. But you have to factor the stricter EPA laws coming soon and cars need to be more fuel efficient than that. In addition the US will pass Saudi and Russia for Oil production soon so that might reduce the cost of petroleum
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 21, 2013
Uuuh I think there are trucks that do 0-60 in 12.7 seconds lol it's not like crazy slow
Curtis Dougan Feb 21, 2013
Shut up Matt, it's a ultra economic vehicle not a veyron ss. 12.7 is better than I thought it would be considering it was originally supposed to be around 60 seconds
Matt Piccolo Feb 21, 2013
0-60 in 12.7? I don't care how fuel efficient it is, that's unacceptable. We're not in the 80's vw, this is 2013
Sam Reinsel Feb 21, 2013
It wasn't VW that said that, i believe it was some Chinese Newspaper, and VW kinda said "yeah... that'd be cool but there's no way to do that" :/
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Feb 21, 2013
Any word on pricing for these yet? I think a couple years ago when VW first mentioned the idea, the wanted to be able to sell it for less than $1000.
Ashton Summers Feb 21, 2013
@Anders. George and Leo probably have theirs pre-ordered already.
Zane Turner Feb 21, 2013
Rather go with a Tesla Model S with 200+ miles in solely electric power.
Nick Schnee Feb 21, 2013
There would be no point to this car if it cost a lot.
Anders Schrøder Feb 21, 2013
Impressive. I think this could be the new Prius for Hollywood types and them ordinary people. Hope the price won't be too high.
Alejandro Alvarez-Mejia Feb 27, 2013
I've never seen such a hideous thing.
Joe Paul Feb 22, 2013
It looks much better if you close your eyes.
Austin J. Bower Feb 21, 2013
Looks much better from the front than the back!
Sam Reinsel Feb 21, 2013
Sam Reinsel Feb 21, 2013
Yeah, that's what I'm hoping for. If they car make, say, a 100mpg Jett's or golf based on this tech, I'd be sold.
Trevor Brown Feb 21, 2013
The difference is that instead of going 260 mph, this gets 260 mpg. It's still an incredibly innovative vehicle, and some of the tech could soon trickle down to make Jettas and Golfs more efficient.
Trevor Brown Feb 21, 2013
I think this thing's pretty damn cool, like a supercar built for efficiency instead of performance. It's a unique looking low production vehicle made out of carbon fiber, with the lowest drag coefficient of any car ever built.
Joe Paul Feb 22, 2013
Notice the flux capacitor where a rear window should be. With that said, who really needs rear windows when everything on the road will be passing your ultra low drag enviro car. Enviro car was just overtaken by that snail and his slug buddy. The slug actually flicked the driver of enviro car off. Nice job slug.
Ethan Amo Feb 21, 2013
I hate future cars
John M Weishahn Feb 21, 2013
They really went to extreme lengths to make this car aerodynamic. See the cameras where side-view mirrors usually go?
Malachi Monteiro Feb 21, 2013
They can save the planet in the right lane.
Daniel Eads Feb 21, 2013
They actually make make Eco cars ugly so they will grab your attention. The uglier they are the better they sell. The people who buy them want others to know they are saving the planet.
Malachi Monteiro Feb 21, 2013
I don't give two shits how ugly it is, if a lot of people buy them (use less gas) more for us and our sports/super/hyper cars.
Stefán Gauti Stefánsson Feb 21, 2013
Omg sooooooooooooooooo ugly!!!!
Jackson Michael Feb 21, 2013
Sam's right these have insanely low drag coefficients
Sam Reinsel Feb 21, 2013
They make them aerodynamic, not ugly. The car isn't meant to be pretty, it's just meant to get 260mpg.
Curtis Dougan Feb 21, 2013
I think it's damn awsome and people will think it's a lambo or somthing
Chris Bullock Feb 21, 2013
I think it looks great.
Matt Piccolo Feb 21, 2013
Why is it that when hybrid tech is incorporated into a vehicle, automakers assume that means the car has to b ugly? Volt... Prius.... Insight.... Leaf.... This.... Even hybrid versions of normal cars. Sonata hybrid, etc.
Jason Levy Feb 21, 2013
Puked in my mouth a little bit
Adam Thomson Feb 21, 2013
It's ok guys this car will maybe be canceled
Trey Reilly Feb 21, 2013
Oh how the snootie "Prius" market segment is going to eat this s#@t up
Matt Piccolo Feb 21, 2013
Damn that's ugly
Trevor Brown Feb 23, 2013
No these are butterfly doors, they're also on McLarens... I think Aston calls theirs Swan doors or something like that
Wyatt Gordon Feb 22, 2013
Daniel, actually butterfly doors are what Aston has, where they open normally but slightly upwards.
Joe Paul Feb 22, 2013
Ok, all you negative enviro haters need to get on board with how this beast will save the planet. Wow is it stupidly ugly. Aztec designers smiling, that their place of shame is being taken.
John-Michael Cunliffe Feb 22, 2013
They make it aerodynamic as possible to save fuel etc then put big heavy doors like that on ?
Daniel Eads Feb 21, 2013
Actually their butterfly doors, and if the production version has them it will be awesome!
Stefán Gauti Stefánsson Feb 21, 2013
It has f***ing scissors!!
Joe Paul Feb 22, 2013
Seats are made from the butt fur of dung beetles woven together with monofilament fishing line and then stretched across circa 1950 yard chairs. This baby is plush and inviting.
Nodnarb Ydil Feb 21, 2013
Yeah if my car managed 260mpg, the interior could be made of tape and paper and I wouldn't give a damn. But this interior ain't all that bad anyhow
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Feb 21, 2013
Considering it gets over 260 miles per gallon I think this is pretty awesome.
Daniel Eads Feb 21, 2013
Look at that sporty flat bottomed steering wheel!
Trevor Brown Feb 21, 2013
It's simple, lightweight, and efficient. Nobody complains about Lotus interiors being plain, this is designed similarly to be as light as possible.
Matt Piccolo Feb 21, 2013
Looks like its from a sub-compact car it's so plain
Julian Pilinci Feb 21, 2013
Very plain interior though...