Comments - Subaru Planning 3-Row Crossover

Published: Feb 21, 2013
Description: Unlike many other automakers during the economic recession, Subaru has actually been selling a record number of cars over the past few years in the US and other parts of the globe. Due to its ability...
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William Downs Feb 22, 2013
I think all the current models look great actually love Subaru, deffinatly gonna be my next vehicle
Wmg Chinchilla Feb 21, 2013
My biggest problem with Subaru is that they're not good looking. Other than that they actually make pretty fantastic cars... Perhaps hire a new designer.
William Downs Feb 21, 2013
That's why the best mod u can do for your Subaru is to crack the block and switch to upgraded pistons and gaskets, things will last your entire life with no problems after that
Antonio Falsetti Feb 21, 2013
Was probably a ringland failure. I wish Subaru would stop using this cast pistons and switch to a forged piston. That's the only thing keeping me from buying an Sti.
Malachi Monteiro Feb 21, 2013
2.5K on the new engine, 31.5k on the car total.
Malachi Monteiro Feb 21, 2013
I don't exactly remember, but I know I got a new engine, still have less than 2.5k miles on it.
Zane Turner Feb 21, 2013
You throw a rid?
Malachi Monteiro Feb 21, 2013
Actually I use all 6.5k RPM (no overreving), I just am traumatized from when engine Raped itself. (part failed and punched a hole in the Block)
Brandon Bairian Feb 21, 2013
I worry about people who baby their wrx and don't drive the rubber of the rims
Malachi Monteiro Feb 21, 2013
Speaking of Impreza, I worry everyday about my WRX, I think I drive it too hard…
Aaron Johnsson Feb 21, 2013
This was a bad idea
Description: But now that competing automakers are getting back on track sales-wise, Subaru recognizes that it’ll need new product in order to continue attracting new buyers without alienating current ones. Wards ...
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Jackson Michael Feb 21, 2013
Van is an ugly word
Nick Sti Feb 21, 2013
So they're making a van? The outback is the crossover/wagon
Description: Subaru also plans to offer more luxury features and its first hybrid model will debut later this year, although we don’t know for which specific model just yet. Lin also made reference to a new sports...
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Nick Sti Feb 21, 2013
2015 STI
Mike Bradnan Feb 21, 2013
Yes! Turbo the BR-Z
Little Walone Mar 15, 2013
TRY Harder Subaru! Good;)
Ron Vinson Feb 22, 2013
Come on! I like Subaru for their quirky attitude. Stealing Audi designs are not cool. Looks like a Chinese nameplate.
Ahmed Al-Essa Feb 21, 2013
Audi A5/A7 anyone?
Sam Reinsel Feb 21, 2013
I though this was the concept for their hybrid...?
Jay York Feb 21, 2013
Damn, it does look Audi ish! Love my STi though!!!
Jason Levy Feb 21, 2013
And it looks awesome
Jason Levy Feb 21, 2013
Front is a mix between hyundai and audi ( 2012 genesis coupe hood lines, 2013 genesis coupe grill shape, audi headlights). Don't believe me? Look for yourself haha
Barry Stewart Feb 21, 2013
They gonna make audi even richer after audi wins the copying infringement lawsuit!! Lmbo
Dylan Porteous Feb 21, 2013
Yea this is awesome, definitely way different than anything else Subaru has designed.
Chase Fecko Feb 21, 2013
I believe the new wrx and sti are suppose to look more like this car than the new 3 row crossover . A wrx based on this car would be sweet.
Jim Ricard Feb 21, 2013
Looks too good to be a Subie
David Mikolyzk Feb 21, 2013
That whole front is stollen from Audi. No wonder it looks so good.
Kohei Joshi Feb 21, 2013
This is one of the best looking car I have ever seen.. They should make this!
Taylor Greenfield Feb 21, 2013
Audi lights? Eeeh NO.
Omar Aboul-Houda Feb 21, 2013
It does not resemble the original 5-door. But it's still pretty cool
Matt Piccolo Feb 21, 2013
This is awesome! Good job subby
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Feb 21, 2013
Subaru should call this car the Subaru Audi?
Trey Villarreal Feb 21, 2013
Something about the blocky, low fascia gets me.
Trey Villarreal Feb 21, 2013
Nice front, very clean without being overly aggressive/sporty as if designers are trying too hard.
Tevaun Morgan Feb 21, 2013
Wouldn't mind driving this at all
Tyler Tarbox Feb 21, 2013
Ok this looks awesome
Mathew Cameron Hebb Mar 21, 2013
That back looks saweeet.
Little Walone Mar 15, 2013
Kieran Ward Feb 22, 2013
I LOVE this concept
William Downs Feb 22, 2013
Damn that looks nasty, and in a good way, Subaru keep this back side those taillights are very nice, much better the. Any of your current designs
Taylor Rosello Feb 22, 2013
Wow, I actually really like this!
Donovan Ybanez Feb 22, 2013
I'd hit it. Wait, wrong backside picture post.
Stefan Shand Feb 21, 2013
That looks so sexy holy!
Tyler Wallace Feb 21, 2013
Um ok
Trent Humphrey Feb 21, 2013
Tyler, when you find a GTR wagon, please notify me.
Tyler Wallace Feb 21, 2013
GTR back
Malachi Monteiro Feb 21, 2013
One of the best back ends I have ever seen on a car
Puneet Dass Feb 21, 2013
Dat ass
Taylor Greenfield Feb 21, 2013
Keep this back end for the production car!!!
Jackson Michael Feb 21, 2013
Back end looks crazy cool
Anders Schrøder Feb 21, 2013
Put in normal doors, tone down the diffuser, raise the car a bit more and fix the overly aggressive exhaust pipes. Then you got yourself a winner. It would destroy Audi, BMW and merc as long as the interior would be just as well designed.
Jd Vickers Feb 21, 2013
Back end looks alot like the new Lexus hatchback
Matt Piccolo Feb 21, 2013
Trey Villarreal Feb 21, 2013
Nice for a hatch, I'd like to see it as a standard 4-door sedan.
Jason Levy Feb 21, 2013
Minus the exhausts because the opening is too large for those pipes
Jason Levy Feb 21, 2013
Love it