Comments - Cars That Won't Die: Lada Riva

Published: Feb 21, 2013
Description: You’ve probably never thought of the US automotive market as being lucky for having gotten the Yugo, but it was a damn S-Class compared to the Lada Riva. Ok, that might have been a slight exaggeratio...
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Oscar Oconor Feb 21, 2013
Hey i live here in miami and i saw 2 lada there are good cars, sad that to get parts to fix it you have to order them at the internet.
Massimo Amodeo Feb 21, 2013
just remember that in the 70s the fiat 124 was pretty competitive at the montecarlo rally, and that its engine was pretty modern. not so bad, after all.
Drew Humphrey Feb 21, 2013
Sort of an oxymoronic terrible but so many were sold.
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 21, 2013
Some would say due to it lasting so long with not many styling changes it is the best looking car in the world
Lou Guerrero Feb 21, 2013
Haha, an S class
Esam Mohammad Feb 21, 2013
We still have a lot of these in Syria !
Dwight Isaac Feb 21, 2013
We had a lot of these in Jamaica
Ruslan Maravskiy Feb 21, 2013
It's lada 2107
Description: The history of the Riva starts in 1966. Fiat had just debuted the small 124 model, and would enter into an agreement with the government of the Soviet Union to allow license-built versions to be built...
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Description: It made just 58 horsepower, but weighed only 2,105lbs. Given the fact that Fiat’s own reputation for build quality when it came to the original 124 was pretty appalling, the VAZ-2101 was just bad, not...
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Description: Production was also no longer limited to Russia, as the Ukrainian version was built by ZAZ, as well as a versions for what was then West Germany (not a typo, it was west). These cars were pretty terri...
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Description: In 2010, the sedan model was discontinued, followed in 2012 by the wagon. But that’s just in Eastern Europe. If you want a brand new version of a Soviet redesign of an ancient Fiat, you’re in luck. Th...
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Rql Lm Feb 23, 2013
Thomas Vesterling Feb 21, 2013
@Rql Lm the third (shortes one) is for the center difflock
Quinn Conner Feb 21, 2013
Tall lever, gear selector Front most short lever, diff locking of all 4 wheels (4wd) Rear most lever, hi lo range for 4wd
Logan Delony Feb 21, 2013
Watch out Rolls Royce, we've got some competition over here.
Patrick Joseph Feb 21, 2013
The seats are probably ripped out of the factory.
Ashton Summers Feb 21, 2013
The third lever is special hammer to hit transmission for when syncros get jammed -- said in soviet accent. Lol, gearbox probably has no syncros.
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 21, 2013
My gueas is engage 4wd low ratio box high ratio
Adam Thomson Feb 21, 2013
WTH three Transmissions?????
Rql Lm Feb 21, 2013
This is a lada "Niva" interior, I did my homework, ofcourse. But I'm still wondering, there's a gear and a 4x4 lever, what's the third one for?
Jason Ware Feb 21, 2013
Whooooo. Look at that. 58 horses of pure beast
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 21, 2013
Ohh look at that powerful engine piece of art grrrrrr!!!!
Description: It’s that particular blend of Soviet influence on a car that is now nearly 50 years old and comes from an era when Fiat was itself a joke when it came to things like reliability. It is a perfect storm...
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Jake Dula Feb 21, 2013
Finally a car to make my Fiesta look like a Veyron ROFL
Ryan Lopez Feb 21, 2013
For that money you can have a blind fold on and pick something better
Patrick Joseph Feb 21, 2013
Damn right not cheap enough. Who in his right mind would rather have a brand new lada rather than a brilliant second hand car?
Ashton Summers Feb 21, 2013
Well, it's Egypt. No since having a nice car. It will be banged up in less than an hour after delivery... In fact it will be banged up prior to delivery. Trading paint is the national pass time there.
Lou Guerrero Feb 21, 2013
Not nearly cheap enough
Ryan Lopez Feb 21, 2013
Now it looks like a fiat but still crap
Drew Humphrey Feb 21, 2013
I actually like that.
Greg Lewis Feb 22, 2013
Mad max!
尤品敦 Feb 22, 2013
It looks like E30@
Lou Guerrero Feb 22, 2013
A three legged blind man can see its an intercooler (air to air is usual turbo FYI). I'm wondering how they cool the engines radiator. This wasn't built with hard driving in mind.
JP Burr Feb 21, 2013
That is sick
Jason Ware Feb 21, 2013
That's an intercooler which means that little thing is supercharged. Shaved door handles, ridiculous wing. What's just as funny is the karate kids rising sun on the celica in the background. 3 gold stars if he has the headband to match
Mohamed Alhasan Feb 21, 2013
It looks better than the stock
Jim Ricard Feb 21, 2013
Phil Johnson Feb 21, 2013
That would be an intercooler...
Drew Humphrey Feb 21, 2013
@Adam I was thinking the same thing!
Lou Guerrero Feb 21, 2013
Radiator cooling?
Adam Thomson Feb 21, 2013
This one looks so bad that it looks cool.
David Jagiello Feb 22, 2013
In its natural habitat.
Jason Ware Feb 21, 2013
Looks like a Siberian tiger attacked the top of the back seat
Lou Guerrero Feb 21, 2013
Siberian Tiger interior option
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 21, 2013
The only Way to get rid of an old lada