Comments - Audi Reveals A3 E-Tron for Geneva

Published: Feb 21, 2013
Description: The Geneva Motor Show will not be without its hybrids and EVs this year, and Audi is coming with one of its own. Technically dubbed a concept, the A3 e-tron appears almost ready for production. If yo...
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Taylor Greenfield Feb 21, 2013
150 + 100 is 250, not 204. Why not give it's full potential if there's no competition in the market?
Frankie Ferreira Feb 21, 2013
That's same as all audis base 2.0t. Epic
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 21, 2013
Not bad at all. I quite like it.
Gray Conron Feb 21, 2013
Not bad.
Description: If the math doesn't add up, remember that electric and internal-combustion motors seldom peak at the same levels. Torque from the electric motor has actually been limited to protect the six-speed dual...
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Adam Beiersdorfer Feb 21, 2013
Yes, because every single person in this world wants or needs the RS3 version... Audi gets to build powerful cars like the R8 replacement by having ones like this... Learn your product and what purpose it serves before you harp on a fwd platform...
Ben Norton Feb 21, 2013
Pretty practical for a daily driver though.
Chris Gaines Feb 21, 2013
fwd = fail without dignity
Description: Based on the A3 Sportback, the e-tron has a few styling tweaks as well, namely in the grille (bisected by 14 horizontal slats), the hidden exhaust pipe (it does, after all, still have a gasoline-burni...
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Petro Maalouf Feb 21, 2013
Lovely hatch but i'd take a golf instead just because of the price
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Feb 21, 2013
Everything is ok but the navigation screen looks wierd!!