Comments - Abarth 500 Burns Rubber in Durex Ad

Published: Feb 21, 2013
Description: If you’ve ever wondered just how low the profile could get on the tires for a performance-oriented automobile, Durex may have the answer for you. Sure, it makes a different kind of rubber altogether,...
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Patrick Schalk Feb 21, 2013
They're the type of condom you buy if you want to bust it and get a girl pregnant.
Jake Knickmeyer Feb 21, 2013
They're the type of condom that you buy when the only store close to you is a gas station.
Patrick Schalk Feb 21, 2013
Durex condoms suck.
Description: It’s worth a watch and a laugh, even if your idea of burning rubber may be a little different. Check out the footage in the clip below.
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Graham Young Feb 22, 2013
Yeah could've gone without the noise is too but that girl is super super hot
Chris Kuyumdzhyan Feb 21, 2013
Now you have to show your dad the ad
Johnny Matias Feb 21, 2013
And Fiat
Johnny Matias Feb 21, 2013
Sitting in the bathroom with no headphones and the family outside. Thanks Carbuzz.
Rohil Chauhan Feb 21, 2013
How do I send this video to my girl lol
Malachi Monteiro Feb 21, 2013
Would be a better ad without the orgasm noises.
Frederick Perez Feb 21, 2013
Nice paint