Abarth 500 Burns Rubber in Durex Ad

Just how small a space can you fit a Fiat 500 into? Durex, of all companies, tries to answer in its own way.
If you’ve ever wondered just how low the profile could get on the tires for a performance-oriented automobile, Durex may have the answer for you. Sure, it makes a different kind of rubber altogether, but its latest advertising spot features more cars than anything else. The spot features a Fiat 500 Abarth parking (with apparently hyper-sensitive parking sensors and a box of Durex Ultra Thins in the cupholder) squeezing in between an Audi TT and Land Rover Freelander.
It’s worth a watch and a laugh, even if your idea of burning rubber may be a little different. Check out the footage in the clip below.

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Abarth 500 Burns Rubber in Durex Ad

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