Comments - Shocking! Something in Russia Didn't Crash

Published: Feb 20, 2013
Description: We’re so accustomed by now to seeing Russian dash cam videos that always seem to end badly one way or another. Bottom line: drivers in Russia are seemingly impatient risk-takers who drive too fast wh...
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Dale Pedrick Feb 20, 2013
Makes me wonder what we missed out on during the cold war
Douglas Goncalves Feb 20, 2013
Drunk motorcyclists, drunk drivers, helicopter landing on busy road, road rage, tank crossing busy road, idiot in a refrigerator being pulled by car, and meteorites! Never a dull day in the former Iron Curtain!
Description: Shockingly it didn't end up crashing smack into the ground. The pilot of this contraption first fills it up with gas and actually manages to stay alive. Amazing.
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A.J. Brady Feb 20, 2013
Bc traveling by tank is to normal.
Toby Kessler Feb 20, 2013
They don't show the end...
Ashton Summers Feb 20, 2013
Lol, guy in the ultra light taxi's out of there like it is nothing.
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 20, 2013
Considering its the most dangerous country to fly in i don't see how they are allowed in to european and us airspace. Commercially when the former most dangerous country is band
Aaron Crisp Feb 20, 2013
That's awesome!
John Patten Feb 20, 2013
In soviet Russia space explores you
Ashton Summers Feb 20, 2013
Like two tiny ones on each side. 250lbs of thrust each.
Daniel Eads Feb 20, 2013
Yeah, they don't make ultralights with jet engines.
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 20, 2013
Most likely a jet engine would cost considerably more and engulph you
Ashton Summers Feb 20, 2013
That hair is too close to a spinning prop for my comfort. Id use a jet engine instead.