Comments - Leno Drives Restored Datsun 510

Published: Feb 20, 2013
Description: Nissan used to be called Datsun, just in case anyone didn’t know. And like Nissan today, Datsun built some truly wonderful sports cars, specifically the iconic 240Z, which first went on sale in the U...
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Alex Renaud Feb 21, 2013
I have a 1970 that I have been restoring since 1999. It has yet to see the road on my watch, but I'm thinking the summer of 2015 will be its time.
David Lee Feb 21, 2013
@Ryan ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm THE NEXT PAGE.
Marlo Viray Jueco Feb 20, 2013
Every time I see an episode of JLG, I always get shitty at how he cuts people of mid sentence. So rude with a veil of "nice guy"
Jordan Smith Feb 20, 2013
They're sweet little cars. I'd love to have one. They have such a classic shape, sorta like the BMW 2002, that I just really like.
Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 20, 2013
I had one of these, a 73 I think. Great little car. You could toss it sideways, and drive down a gravel road at a 45 degree angle, rowing between second and third gear. Of course you had to use the driver's side window instead of the windshield to see where you were going... Did it once with passengers. They nearly filled their pants! Never heard grown men scream that way since.
Ryan Faber Feb 20, 2013
umm wheres the video link??
Description: The 510 was quite innovative for its time, partly due to its independent suspension which gave it solid handling both on and off the track. This particular 510 has quite a lot of aftermarket parts, b...
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Alex Renaud Feb 21, 2013
And there's something to be said about tuning a carbureted engine by ear - if you've never done it, I highly recommend you give it a go.
Alex Renaud Feb 21, 2013
I like that this fella kept the car period correct (save for the colour). Too many guys drop SR20s and other FI engines into 510s, and that doesn't sit very well with me.
Jon Ashley Feb 20, 2013
Love the color. Read about an 81' corolla in modified mag that had a similar blue color, the over fenders, and wantanabe mag wheels. I really hope to do a nice project car like these someday. huge jdm fan, great video.
Byakka Hirakawa Feb 20, 2013
Im envious of jay like a mother fker But hes a true car guy Unlike haft the bltches on here, lol U gotta love all car for wat they r
John M Weishahn Feb 20, 2013
That was a great segment. One of my favorites from Jay's Garage.
Phil Johnson Feb 21, 2013
...The Skyline GTR came out around the same time...
Zaire Wilkins Feb 20, 2013
@tara this is a GT-R. Just the beginning
Drew Humphrey Feb 20, 2013
Such a good car
Jim Ricard Feb 20, 2013
The original tuner car
John M Weishahn Feb 20, 2013
Matt Piccolo Feb 20, 2013
Awesome car!
Carlos Dorantes Feb 20, 2013
Beautiful time machine. Love it!
Tara Fitria Feb 20, 2013
Wow...I love these little cars, poor mans gtr
Daniel Levy Feb 21, 2013
Looks alot like the fiat abarth 131
Carlton Salmon Feb 20, 2013
Gorgeous little car with clean lines. Love the Voodoo Blue paint too.
Cory Allen Feb 20, 2013
David Gray Feb 20, 2013
Really looks like the first generation Skyline.....
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 20, 2013
I just made this in Forza 4
John M Weishahn Feb 20, 2013
The 1970s have gotten a pretty bad rap as automotive decades go, but there were some real gems like this one.
Matt Piccolo Feb 20, 2013
That's awesome
Vlad Lukyan Feb 21, 2013
Reminds me of the lada
Tara Fitria Feb 20, 2013
Really well done