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Published: Feb 20, 2013
Description: We live in a world of hacking. Whether it’s coming from the Chinese army or some 15-year-old kid, corporations and governments everywhere are finding themselves in embarrassing and chaotic situations...
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Jack Howard Feb 21, 2013
Paul Dickey Feb 21, 2013
Wasn't the New York Times hacked by the Chinese army?
Jack Howard Feb 20, 2013
Not to mention our fucking government.
Rodrigo Allen Feb 20, 2013
Facebook, Apple, and BurgerKing have all been attacked recently. Kind of scary.
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 20, 2013
Should have changed it to Land Rover
Aaron Crisp Feb 20, 2013
It was probably Zer0 C00l.
Description: Instead of posting bad language and random tweets, the hacker(s) replaced the automaker’s logo with Cadillac’s. A Cadillac ATS was pictured as well along with this post (among many other ramblings): "...
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Nick Hargrave Feb 22, 2013
If you ask me the kid is pretty dumb
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Feb 21, 2013
Ha I think it's funny, good on him for not swearing and stuff, but putting something thats pretty funny
Justin Routh Feb 20, 2013
Hahaha thats funnny what he did with the caddy stuff
Alex Bouckley Feb 20, 2013
What a loser
Juan Carreño Feb 20, 2013
It's funny how the guy was "challenge accepted".
Ashton Summers Feb 20, 2013
Hackers are job security for some people, even if they are lower than the scum between the legs of a rat.
Henz Herrero Feb 20, 2013
I think if the us govt employed these good hackers, they can use them better on intel.. Jst my .02
John Patten Feb 20, 2013
I hate hackers, I'm 15 I I know how to, but there's no reason to, it's none of my personal business to hack anyone.
Craig Lafey Feb 20, 2013
People seriously need to get a life. F'in losers. Have nothing better to do than hack an account on twitter.
Brian Howard Feb 20, 2013
Hate new backend
Alex Mamczur Mar 26, 2013
My dream off roader