Comments - Cars That Won't Die: Bristol Blenheim 3

Published: Feb 20, 2013
Description: Even for a boutique British carmaker, Bristol is an eccentric company. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as its reputation for quality work has earned it a loyal following over the years, and that’...
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Leonard Pai Chidamwoyo Feb 22, 2013
The new one uses the v10 from a Viper with twin Turbos and over 1000 bhp.Well it's not new its over 10 yrs old now
Bebe Rivera Feb 20, 2013
So when y'all Gona add the 85 to 89 corrolla to the" cars that won't die list?
Andrew McNeal Feb 20, 2013
I've never heard of them. Interesting.
Philip Sloane Feb 20, 2013
It kinda looks like a early 2 door ford sierra crossed with a late ford Capri.
Zachary Sindelar Feb 20, 2013
I kind of like it.
Description: Much like BMW, Bristol started off as an airplane company, but unlike BMW, it wouldn’t be until after WWII that it would get into building cars. In fact, it could be said that WWII played an important...
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Description: Early cars were a sort of hodgepodge of copied BMW components. The first car, the 400, used a 326 chassis, a 327 body and a 328 engine. Nobody got all that upset about anything having been taken from ...
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Philip Sloane Feb 20, 2013
Capri front sierra rear. Can anyone else see it?
Ben Bright Feb 20, 2013
I like it.
Description: The Blenheim, currently in its fourth generation, is essentially an updated version of the 411, which started production in 1976. It has received some updates, but is essentially the same car it was 3...
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Anthony Perugini Feb 21, 2013
sounds like Harley riders
Steven Wilson Feb 20, 2013
$250,000 for a brand new, late '70's coupe? I'll hold out for a Rolls Royce Wraith.
Andrew McNeal Feb 20, 2013
Doesn't allow test drives? Hmm, I'm thinking of buying a $250k car and I can't even test drive it??
Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 20, 2013
Seen from orbit. ROFL. You forgot to mention that you'll see more Rolls on the road than Bristols. Rolls last a looooong time.
Description: That’s not to say the cars aren’t amazing. They very well could be, but objective information is not easy to come by. There is also a performance version of the Blenheim 3, known as the 3S. Bristol sa...
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Wyatt Gordon Feb 20, 2013
Chris, I remember that!
Chris Mallinson Feb 20, 2013
Google Bristol fighter s, viper v10 and gullwing doors
Ben Norton Feb 20, 2013
I wouldn't want to buy from a company that is so vague. I like to know a lot more about my car than "bigger camshafts"
Ryan Lopez Feb 20, 2013
Look at the gear nob it crap
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 20, 2013
Love an old auto 5 years between gear changes
Wyatt Gordon Feb 20, 2013
This dash very strongly resembles a wall. And Im sure there are no airbags and/or seatbelts, so have a crash in here, and you're basically head-butting a wall. Made of wood.
Adam Thomson Feb 20, 2013
Dat dash
Haoliang Li Feb 20, 2013
Description: Bristol recently ended up in the toilet, financially speaking (shocking, we know), and has been bought out by a bigger company. It’s possible that things will begin to change under new management, may...
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Adam Thomson Feb 20, 2013
I have to say this a good color.
Ashton Summers Feb 20, 2013
I see where all the money went. Into the tail lights.