Comments - BMW 4 Series Spied Testing with Audi A5

Published: Feb 20, 2013
Description: It’s been a while since we last spied a BMW 4 Series coupe prototype. This time it was caught winter testing with an Audi A5 – one of its main competitors – looking strikingly similar to the 4 Series...
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Ameer Balkore Feb 22, 2013
Ray,you just don't have any reason to hate BMW
Michael Fasanello Feb 20, 2013
Why bother making head and rear lights or any of this for this for that matter? We know what it will look like. A bigger 3, wanna be 6. And it will most likely be beautiful.
Jr Dawkins Feb 20, 2013
BMW is the most affordable well crafted automobile in my opinion. They are fast, handle extremely well, and strong. Who cares if they are calling the coupes 4 series now? It's not like they didn't have coupes before...
Jared Oteri Feb 20, 2013
And we never have problems. They don't call it the ultimate driving machine for nothing
Jared Oteri Feb 20, 2013
Any bmw is an extremely well built machine. I would know my father has an e39 m5 and an x5. I have a 128 myself. My father also worked for bmw for 6 years in sales so if you don't buy a bmw because its a bmw then that is just silly.
Ray Liu Feb 20, 2013
I won't buy a BMW just because it's a BMW
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
Thanks Jared,that's just the thing
Zachary Sindelar Feb 20, 2013
I can't keep up with all the changes and switches they do, its like they are competing with their selves.. Kind of like how Chevy and Pontiac did. IMO.
Jared Oteri Feb 20, 2013
You are wrong. BMW is such a large company and they are using it to target every single type of car buyer. Model expansion is good for business because it only adds to the types of customers they will bring. A bmw is a bmw and people will buy for that
Shane E. Clarke Feb 20, 2013
I agree w nick big time, the m3 is all i ever liked from bmw, that and there s1000r :), but its german so it has to be good!
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
I say no,they are only getting better
Nick Sti Feb 20, 2013
Anyone else agree BMW is headed in the wrong direction? They're diversifying way too much, have many pointless models, and styling is getting out of hand. The M3 is the best creation, but now it's an M4 because of their silly model change up.
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
Really good
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 20, 2013
Looks good
Description: For instance, the exhaust tips indicate the test mule is being powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six that currently resides in the 2013 BMW 335i coupe: the car the 4 Series will succeed. The ...
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Joel Pascual Feb 20, 2013
I don't think Xdrive will ever outperform quattro.
Description: These are said to enhance aerodynamics by routing air from the intakes to the outside of the front wheels. The BMW 4 Series coupe is expected to arrive later in the year, so we’ll have to wait until t...
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Ameer Balkore Feb 22, 2013
BMW knows BEST
Michael Nascimento Feb 21, 2013
Yeah. The 3 series coupe and convertible will be the 4 series. And the 1 series will be the 2 series now.
Gavin Jaunky Feb 21, 2013
So is this just the new name for the new 3 series coupe?
Ameer Balkore Feb 22, 2013
BMW designs are showing that they are one family
Adam Beiersdorfer Feb 21, 2013
@ David... Haha... Most cars in that Price point look at an A5 and go... Well $@&! How do we compete against that?
David Mikolyzk Feb 21, 2013
BMW must look at the A5 and think "damn our cars are boring."
Gazel Hebbert Feb 21, 2013
I'm actually in love with the f30 and very soon to be the f32. I think it's BMW's best design yet personally.
Clinton Burger Feb 21, 2013
I actually am, I like the 3 but it's too small and I think the 6 is too big. Thank you for fulfilling my desire, BMW
Zaire Wilkins Feb 20, 2013
Who is actually excited about a stretched 3-series coupe
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 20, 2013
Im sure audi are very happy to see that they are looked up to in awd technology by one of there largest competitor
Curtis Dougan Feb 20, 2013
Ameer- nice rant! Too bad it makes no sense
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
The car is really nice since the cross tour did not sell.This is BMW and that is Honda
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
The M6 is a car to have
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
The reason is because plenty jerks have one
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
Excuse me this car is not pointless,because nobody is fortunate at least least the unfortunate ones get a ride.As for we the fortunates the need the M versions
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
I love the 5,what am I saying I LOVE BMW
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
Please don't call Mercedes here strictly BMW LOL
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
They are not graphics bro,go do a research
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
Or at my house
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
I will take the 4 please
Adam Beiersdorfer Feb 20, 2013
I'll take the A5 pls...