Comments - Super EV Showdown: Bike vs. Car

Published: Feb 02, 2013
Description: We'll be honest and admit outright that we're not huge fans of EVs of any kind. Whether it's a car or motorbike, we prefer our vehicles to be fueled by the liquefied fossil remains of d...
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Ruslan Yevdaev Feb 06, 2013
I want this car
Ruslan Yevdaev Feb 06, 2013
Wow really nice
Bany A Lubana Feb 03, 2013
Is nice
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 03, 2013
Looks like tron
Stanzel Washington Feb 02, 2013
It's the survolt concept.
Justin Johnson Feb 02, 2013
That looks like a GSXR
Will Will Feb 02, 2013
Bugatti should take some pointers from this...except the part about it being ev.
Brian Johnston Feb 02, 2013
Yes like the veyron and alpine had a baby
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 02, 2013
I kinda like that car
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 02, 2013
@sam I'm pretty sure the veyron has two roof scoops
Sam Oglesby Feb 02, 2013
Yes I remember the veyron having bloody great holes everywhere and a roof scoop
Connor Scanlon Feb 02, 2013
I thought that as well
Liam Day Feb 02, 2013
That looks a bit like a veyron ss
Bader Al Ajeel Feb 02, 2013
No mtt superbike?
Description: The Survolt concept has a 62 kW battery pack that produces 300 horsepower, giving it a Vmax of 162 mph and a 0-62 time of less than five seconds. The Agni Z2 electric superbike has a 50kW battery that...
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Travis Goldie Howell Feb 04, 2013
Attractive lol wut?
Ben Taylor Feb 03, 2013
Lets have a look
Jon Dustin House Feb 03, 2013
Anyone else stop watching this after you found out it was two ladies and assumed it would be boring and pointless?
Graham Young Feb 02, 2013
Cat fight !!! LOL...
Colby Church Feb 02, 2013
@Jason Look up the Killacycle. It's electric and goes 0-60 in less than a second. There's a video on YouTube of the creator crashing it after accidentally releasing the handbrake during a burnout. Electric has lots of power potential.
Jason Smith Feb 02, 2013
I can see a future for electric/hybrid cars but trying to squeeze decent power to weight ratios out of this technology for bikes - I don't think so. They are where hybrid cars were 10 years ago and having ridden many super bikes - it's all about the noise and mind bending acceleration.
Justin Johnson Feb 02, 2013
Disappointed. Expected a 3 sec 0-60 time, instantaneous burnouts, etc.
Ben August Feb 02, 2013
I think this is the 2nd time they have shown this on Carbuzz.
Roberto Ortiz Feb 02, 2013
Superbike!?? With just 65 hp! Wtf?
Dylan Bruder Feb 02, 2013
Sam Oglesby Feb 02, 2013
That wasn't a race that was a slow cruise around a race track
Connor Scanlon Feb 02, 2013
That was the most boring race I think I've ever seen
Brendan Bell Feb 02, 2013
It only looks like they're going fast but when you take out the music, you realize that theyre only going 20 mph
Gray Conron Feb 02, 2013
Awesome car but its lifespan is prob 10 years with the battery problem so it can't compete with traditional supercars.
Andres Felipe Terreros Dorado Feb 02, 2013
Love this Citroen!
Jake Judges Feb 02, 2013
Crazy car
Ruslan Yevdaev Feb 06, 2013
That's cool
Jake Spellman Feb 04, 2013
That's a cool looking kitchen
Justin Johnson Feb 03, 2013
Mike if you'd like to see men, there are other sites.
Justin Johnson Feb 02, 2013
The best part about this article...
Brian Lewis Feb 02, 2013
I didn't expect that...
David Lee Feb 02, 2013
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 02, 2013
And female rider
Tyler Wallace Feb 02, 2013
Female driver