Comments - McLaren SLR by RENNtech

Published: Feb 02, 2013
Description: While the SLS AMG occupies top spot on the Mercedes lineup, its predecessor, the SLR McLaren, remains a firm favorite with the aftermarket community, with this latest project, based on the roadster, c...
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Rekawt Nawzad Feb 15, 2013
Hi sport
Ben Taylor Feb 03, 2013
Yellow looks ugly why not black..grey..white..silver
Gray Conron Feb 03, 2013
Yellow is a hard color to perfect on a car. These guys were *that* close with this tuning job.
Howard Ding Feb 03, 2013
Why did they have to do this to such a car?!
Jon Wheel Feb 03, 2013
Nathan HAS TO BE joking.
Jackson Michael Feb 03, 2013
Come on Nathan at least read the title
Paul Rodriguez Jr Feb 03, 2013
I dislike the convertible but the black roof would look great on a hard top. Especially with the yellow paint. Me gusta
Nathan Alexander Orlando Kelly Feb 03, 2013
Hate the style of this SLS AMG. Pleasing color scheme but overall a crap exterior.
Ryan Lopez Feb 03, 2013
Is the exhaust coming out the fender awesome
Stephen Ishard Feb 03, 2013
Disliking convertibles now makes you faggy apparently
Austin Sullivan Feb 02, 2013
@Jonny your maturity just amazes me.
Justin Harris Feb 02, 2013
Where the heck do they get all these extra slrs?
Jonny Carter Feb 02, 2013
Faggy Americans this looks lush!!
Brian Lewis Feb 02, 2013
@colby. I agree. Hate the convertible
Jordan Smith Feb 02, 2013
Eh. I don't like the yellow, should be silver or black. The rest looks good though.
Colby Church Feb 02, 2013
Damn, it was looking good until I saw it was a convertible. That ruins the whole car for me.
Spiros Manessis Feb 02, 2013
Black n yellow, black n yellow ...
Zachary Hollopeter Feb 02, 2013
I'm surprised that it looks rather nice in yellow
Matt Piccolo Feb 02, 2013
I thought I'd hate yellow on this, but this looks sick
Trey Villarreal Feb 02, 2013
This is a luxury tourer, not a civic -_-
Mason Schelb Feb 02, 2013
Love the wheels and the paint
Rishi Sawla Feb 02, 2013
Yellow for an SlR ?????yellow ???
Description: The result is new output figures of 750 horsepower and 735 pound-feet of torque for the 5.4-liter V8, up from 617 hp and 580 lb-ft. Other visual enhancements include a set of ADV05 Deep Concave wheels...
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Ryan Lopez Feb 03, 2013
How what???
Wyatt Gordon Feb 02, 2013
They should've been clever and gone with 722 HP. Even though Im all for the more power, the better
Walter Robinson Feb 03, 2013
I disagree. Stock is ugly. Save the blacked out lights, this is so much better.
Howard Ding Feb 03, 2013
Stock looks 100000x better.
Spiros Manessis Feb 02, 2013
Matt white with black rims pls .
Jason Smith Feb 02, 2013
This says one thing to me - sideways....
Mason Schelb Feb 02, 2013
Always loved the exaust
Ben Taylor Feb 03, 2013
I'm glad the SLRS don't have strait up doors like the SLS's
Gray Conron Feb 03, 2013
Yea I agree
Howard Ding Feb 03, 2013
Those black lights look cheap.
Gray Conron Feb 03, 2013
Blackout lights are GROSS on a car like this.
Howard Ding Feb 03, 2013
Please take those lights away..
Jon Wheel Feb 03, 2013
The rear lights are sweet, why would they black them out? Smh and whatnot.
Dylan Bruder Feb 02, 2013
They didnt ruin it though yellows not my color
Mason Schelb Feb 02, 2013
Nice rear lights