Comments - Lotus Unveils New F1 Car

Published: Feb 02, 2013
Description: With the unveiling of its new Renault-powered E21 racer, Lotus becomes the first F1 constructor to showcase its wares for the upcoming season. In line with minimal F1 technical regulation changes made...
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Zachary Maughan Feb 02, 2013
I feel I must agree, though more civilly, as Mclaren and Sauber have also unveiled their new cars. However, Carbuzz does their best to report F1 news, ease off them for being late.
Harrison Trapnell Feb 02, 2013
Well done, CarBuzz, on being 3 days later than everybody else!
Victor Castillo Feb 03, 2013
Janak Solanki Feb 03, 2013
Description: In short, they have made a quicker, more efficient F1 car that will hopefully help the flying Fin to finish on a higher podium come season's end. The controversial "duck-bill" style nos...
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Luke Walch Feb 03, 2013
Wow! Looks great hope they have a good season.
Lou Guerrero Feb 02, 2013
Trevor Brown Feb 02, 2013
No pictures of the joke steering wheel Lotus released? It had buttons for ice cream, tweeting, angry birds, sat nav, calling mum, even a Jenson button!